Letters from the Issue of May 29, 2008

Best? Give It a Rest

Another great "Best of Miami" issue (May 15), with a few exceptions, but one glaring fairy tale of note: Best Criminal Conviction of the Past Year. Do you honestly expect us to buy this souped-up crock-o-crap?

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle is a political blowhard, tooting her insultaphone for all to hear. Victor Carabello and his five gang-banger cronies, responsible for the vicious kidnapping, rape, and murder of innocent Ana Angel, are still alive, breathing, and enjoying three meals a day at our expense. Sentenced to death? When? Ten years from now? Why isn't he already dead? For sure, Ana is. It's clear to all that they did it, because they all confessed, turning on each other like cannibal rats.


Best of Miami

Caraballo et al. forfeited their rights when they not only raped Ana but also forced monumental anguish, infinite suffering, and inextinguishable misery on her family and a myriad of others. Why don't you do something useful — like legislate immediate punishment for criminals such as Caraballo and those who emulate him? Upon conviction and sentence, how about taking him and his cronies out back, kneeling them down, giving them a minute to pray, and shooting them in the head — all with national media cameras rolling? You hypocritical justice-mongers are nothing more than a collective of chicken-shit cowards, spewing political rhetoric as if it's the cure instead of the band-aid it really is and always will be.

Natalie Longurl


Best Spanish Radio Personality: Javier Ceriani? I can't believe you chose this guy! He's the worst thing I've seen and heard on the local media in years, and a total clown (no disrespect to the real ones). I understand he's popular among Cubans, because their standards are really low and they love him for helping some get free, but making him a "Best of Miami" winner? C'mon!


Via web commentary

Regarding Best Indian Restaurant, Mint Leaf: I just tried this restaurant for the first time. I am from New York City and I am used to eating on East Sixth Street in Manhattan, an Indian restaurant row. The appetizers at Mint Leaf were very good, but the main course and dessert were very poor. Not recommended to authentic Indian cuisine lovers.


Via web commentary

Strange Love

I am very distressed at "Love Is No Contract" by Isaiah Thompson (May 15). I am concerned about three things: (1) the obvious abuse of the court system by attorney Lance Stelzer, (2) that some judge permitted these cases to have a life span of more than a brief moment, and (3) that some other lawyer must have actually represented Stelzer in these bad-faith, frivolous lawsuits. Of course, these are probably just Stelzer's lawyer-friends, who had an equal disregard for the pain and hardship they would be helping Stelzer inflict upon the woman who had the misfortune of ever meeting the guy. A letter writer last week said she forwarded the article to the Florida Bar ethics committee. Someone ought to get the files and make the same complaint with regard to whatever attorneys worked on behalf of Stelzer. It is very sad, but it took two or even three low-life lawyers to pull this crap off. This very seriously offends the general reputation of the bar.

William C.

Via web commentary

Fight the Fat

In reference to Isaiah Thompson's Riptide story "Blowing Up" (May 8): As a substitute teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I have noticed and dealt with many children's obesity. I commend Charlie Filpes for educating his students about healthful eating habits, because he is making a difference. The school board, along with Tallahassee, cares nothing about nutritional education. If we want to make a difference, we must unite with loving, caring individuals such as Mr. Filpes.

Melikah Suarez



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