Letters from the Issue of May 22, 2008

Best or No?

In response to "Best of Miami" 2008 (May 15): I've noticed a trend in your yearly "Best Of" editions, especially when it comes to the restaurant listings. Whatever the "hot" restaurant or "restaurant-of-the-moment" is in a given category at the time of publication, it appears that particular place always wins the "Best" designation. This is bestowed regardless of longevity (a measure of success), long-term reputation, or quality. Instead, as long as Restaurant XYZ is trendy, it seems to win. What a joke, and what an insult to the many establishments in this county that have withstood the test of time, have loyal patrons, and churn out quality food.

Such variance year to year (it's always a different restaurant ... there seem to be no repeat winners) strips your list of all validity and relevance. I feel sorry for the nonlocal readers who pick up "Best of Miami" 2008, because what they are reading is mostly inaccurate and nothing more than a synopsis of what's hot and not in this fickle town.


Best of Miami

Brad Wilkes


Regarding Best Movie Shot on Location (Pencil Fighting: The Life and Times of Team Balderdash): Team Balderdash rocks! I love everything about this movie. Congrats to all involved, especially Fro, Ethan, and Ricky Bigai. May you win many more awards and continue to make great movies!

Veronica Alsina

Via web commentary

Best Set Design to Michael Amico for Summer Shorts? Seriously, a show in the round with almost no discernable set? That is insulting! I like Mike — he's very good — but one Wizard of Oz house doesn't make a great set.

Tom Washborn

Via web commentary

In response to Best Musical Comeback (The Eat): Right on, right on, right on, right on!!! Many thanks from a longtime Eat fan.

Charlie Pickett

Via Web Commentary

Erik Fabregat's Best Actor nod for Animals & Plants is much deserved. I don't go to the theater in Miami often, but when Fabregat is in the cast, I do. He is one of a few who raise the critical mass of the talent pool in this community.

Peter Confalone

Via web commentary

Best Book by a Local Author (South Beach: The Novel): I loved it. It is my favorite book of the year. It made me want to go back in time. It is an amazing love story.

James Regan

Via web commentary

José El Rey (Best Local Solo Musician, 2008) will eventually rule the world. Miami is just the first stop.


Via web commentary

Love 'Em and Lawyer 'Em

As a lawyer, I am offended by the obvious abuse of the court system by another lawyer in Isaiah Thompson's "Love Is No Contract" (May 15). I have never seen a more clear case of abuse-of-process and malicious prosecution, and I hope "Oriyenta" countersues this fool.


Via web commentary

I am a lawyer. I am so offended by the actions of Lance Stelzer that I e-mailed your article to the Florida Bar ethics committee. I'm not kidding. Who the hell is this idiot, anyway? I've been a lawyer here for a long time and have never heard of him. Neither has anyone else I've asked. I suspect he's a rather incapable lawyer, and this type of baseless, vindictive litigation only further reduces the image of lawyers in general.


Via web commentary


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