Letters from the Issue of May 21, 2009

The Great Native American Debate

Those kids stink: Gus Garcia-Roberts's May 14 story, "Renegade Road," has much more information than the Miami Herald. I am shocked with the police records that describe the occupants of the car with the four Indians. No wonder they weren't speaking. They were trying to cover up as much as possible. All Kent Billie does is get into trouble and the fact he just went to court in April on another incident proves it. Now I see why the Indians were hush-hush. They tried to make him out as an innocent victim, but the truth is that he has a record of drinking, drugs, and speeding. Shame on you, Miccosukee Indians. The state attorney will get to the bottom of this.



Miccosukee Indians



The Furrys deserve better: My heart goes out to the Furrys for all of their pain and unanswered questions. May they finally feel at peace. This story is a compelling read. To the irresponsible Miccosukee boys: May justice be served, one way or another. God will decide.

Sharyn Peach

Fort Lauderdale


New Times doesn't get it: You should not write anything if you don't have both sides of the story. All you are printing is lies. You are no better than most of the people in charge of this nation.

Mary Tiger



The Great Mayoral Debate

Money means nada: Francisco Alvarado's May 14 story, "No Cash in the Coffers," describes a fascinating race. Without the high rollers to buy votes, we may actually see the most popular candidate elected. Hope this is true for the elections in 2010.




The Great Clevelander Debate

I'm cuter and smarter than you: I went to the Clevelander last weekend. Not to talk my act up, but the fine ladies in the club usually flock to my table. Elyse Wanshel's May 14 article, "Back to the Future," paints the place as a drug-infested orgy. This couldn't be further from the truth. Maybe it's just how it came across to me, but I didn't like this piece of literature.

BamBam Bigalow



And, Oh Yeah, Barry U

He's drumming up support from upstairs: I am proud of Mr. Jones's academic achievements as described in Natalie O'Neill's May 7 story, "A Noose and a White Sheet." But I am extremely proud of his efforts in the fight against racism and injustice. It is disturbing. We cannot imagine the level of stress and challenges he encountered there. Mr. Jones persevered over ten years of injustice at that institution. Let us support him in his fight against this monster that segregates society. May God give him the courage to overcome. His efforts will be in vain without our support. Let us spread the word by forwarding this article to everyone we know.

Andrew Varciana

Montego Bay, Jamaica


She has a plan: The people who are in charge of this university know what's going on. It's like an unspoken word, and if you get caught, you're on your own. But I can't understand why African Americans spend their money where they are not wanted. If more African Americans supported their own or those who have graduated from a black historical college or university, they would be in better shape. This is my opinion.

Linda Meri



Reputation precedes us: It has become known among black and Hispanic college students, and not just those attending Barry, that the university has a problem with racism. I actually heard about this problem from peers in social situations. Barry is known for faculty being harder on its minority students than whites. I have also heard that FIU has this problem.


Miami Gardens


She's been there too: I worked at Barry University for more than ten years. The treatment of minorities was unfair and unjustified. Management assigns all the work to minorities but in turn promotes relatives, friends, etc. (all whites). Racism and nepotism are normal practices at Barry.

Rose R.



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