Letters from the issue of May 20, 2010

Yuppie Rambo Attack

Kudos to Kudo: After reading "District C-9" (Francisco Alvarado and Gus Garcia-Roberts, May 13), I think this guy Kudo went through all the proper channels and brought his info to all the right county and state agencies. Then they slammed the door in his face. The people calling this guy a media whore are jealous. The attention is on him because he's the one person who has done anything about illegal slaughter in this county. These animals are brutalized. This is the first time in my 55 years in Miami that anything has been done to end this. Should Kudo be arrested for trespassing or investigating? Please, he should be given an award.




A modest proposal: Kudo, are you married? If you're not, wanna get married? You are awesome! I am the same way when it comes to animals. You have to fight extremism with extremism. Screw those Third-World bastards.

Carol Ann

A trespasser: Kudo is a criminal and should be arrested. He treats the law with the same respect as those breaking it. No matter your reasoning, he is wrong in his unlawful tactics. I see no difference between him and the rancheros.


An animal lover speaks: Thank you, Kudo. God bless you. You don't mention dogfighting. Did you come across that as well? What about horse tripping? Bestiality goes along with all that sickness. This is what happens when anti-animal cruelty laws are too weak and not enforced. This country needs to understand that those who abuse animals are also abusing people. Even if law enforcement doesn't consider animal protection a top priority, it must realize that crime against animals is related to many other criminal activities.


Interlopin': If you break the law in order to catch others breaking the law, you are just as guilty. Furthermore, you must educate yourself properly on whom you are targeting, because your personal opinion does not constitute illegal transaction. You should be arrested for trespassing. You are not a law enforcement officer and should govern yourself accordingly. I suggest all the farms being targeted by this man should file a restraining order against him for harassment, stalking, and trespassing and get legal advice about the many other rights and laws he is violating. Two wrongs don't make a right; that is why we live in a country with a legal system and a line of command. If you don't agree with the laws, Mr. Kudo, vote and speak, but do not overstep your boundaries.


Welcome to Amerika: Thanks, Kudo, for doing what law enforcement and other local government agencies don't seem to want to do. It's time these criminals realize this isn't Cuba or Haiti or Colombia. In this country, we have laws against this kind of criminal behavior, and people should be made to pay the price if they don't want to follow them. Or they can go back to their country and take their barbaric customs with them.

Julio H.

Rekers to Rikers

McCollum to Folsom: In response to "The Last Temptation, Part II" (Brandon Thorp and Penn Bullock, March 10): Why doesn't self-hating, Family Research Council-ing homophobe George Alan Rekers simply take the "gay cure" he championed as a board member of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)? Once straightened out, the good doctor would not only regain his exalted status in society but also validate Bill McCollum's transfer of $120,000 of taxpayer money to him in consideration of his "expert testimony" in support of the ban on gay adoption in Florida.

Gregory Shaw

New Times to the calaboose: What you have done is just another example of the dirty trick of those unprofessional journalists like those from the trashy National Enquirer. If you are hoping to be praised or get a Pulitzer Prize, forget about it. The way you did it will only sack your career. Plus it totally violated Rekers's privacy. I hope someone will find a way to sue you and the Miami New Times. How could you sacrifice someone's life for your ambition?



There were several reporting errors in "The Spy Who Left Me" (Francisco Alvarado, April 1). There were four Brothers to the Rescue survivors; Ana Margarita Martinez is seeking writs of garnishment against eight Cuban charter companies, not suing them; it was Juan Pablo's younger brother, not the eldest, who escaped by raft; Martinez's daughter Sasha is 26 years old, not 24; Martinez moved to Miami in 1978, not 1979; and she did not grow up with her half-brother, who is not her mother's son.

Last week's story, "The Last Temptation, Part II" by Brandon K. Thorp and Penn Bullock incorrectly stated George Alan Rekers's marital status. He is married.


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