Letters from the issue of May 13, 2010

Losing His Religion

Casting stones: Outstanding work on the story about anti-gay activist George Rekers and "Lucien" the rent boy ("The Last Temptation," Penn Bullock and Brandon K. Thorp, May 6). This is valuable information about a man who hurt so many with his hypocrisy.



George Alan Rekers

Get out of that closet: There's no surprise here. Evil closet cases like these guys project their own longings and desires that they see as perverse. So they punish anyone else who feels the way they do, hoping to find some sick kind of expiation. Won't work, Rekers! Come out and apologize to the millions of people you damaged.

Alan A. Katz

Wise guys: While I appreciate the hypocrisy, the snide tone of this article is completely unprofessional. This sounds like a blog post rather than an article from a news organization with any journalistic standards.


Truth and consequences: Great reporting, New Times! However, what a disgusting specimen of humanity you caught (almost) in the act. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling, yet these homophobes are completely shameless. Kudos for catching him before he does even more harm.


Dig deeper: Don't you think it's a bit unfair to crucify someone based on supposition and hearsay? Before knowing the true facts about a situation, I think you should investigate a lot more closely.

Chase Harman

Watta show!: This stuff is just too good. I swear I couldn't make this up if I tried. I find myself not knowing whether to be outraged or laugh hysterically.

Annie Bryce

Tellin' it: Aaaaa-men! Go, Baptists! Aaaa-men! Oh, dear God, let the homos be gone... but not my little Lucien... oh, no, Lord... he is so young and so well equipped with that eight-incher... oh, Lord... can I get an Amen?... Aaaa-men... Aaaa-men... oh, Lord, I'm so straight... oh, yes... Aaaa-men!

Furry Dude

Vocabulary test: Thank you for including words like tumescent. And thank G-d I have a dictionary on my computer. Elevating prose is a rarity. Please continue engaging your readers.


Accept Christ: I simply ask that people not judge Christianity by those claiming the name Christian, but by Christ himself. Humans fail; Christ did not. Please don't assume Christianity is about what we as humans make it. Get a Bible, pray for discernment, and read it for yourself without preconceived notions. God will reveal the truth to you, and if a change is in order, make it! God will give you the power to do so.


Sexual healing: I wouldn't assume there is sex or that Rekers is gay. He sounds crazy enough to order a "rent boy" just so he can preach to him. I think he is a dumb homophobe, but I think he's being more honest than you think he is. Lucien was very vague, and I don't know why that is. If I were a gay escort, I wouldn't feel the need to lie for some Christian nut.


Next generation: Wow — fun and games until that last part about Rekers's kid and other foster children. Everything he preaches about open and well-adjusted gays being unfit to adopt is crap, but I shudder to imagine a self-loathing, hypocritical closet case like him as a father.


Gays against gay marriage: This article suggests strongly that a person cannot have same-sex sexual tendencies and be part of the pro-family movement. That assumption, while not stated, underwrites the entire article and is one I reject.


Extra! Extra!: This is absolutely priceless. Thank you, New Times. I will make it my goal to spread this story far and wide! ROFLMAO! Let me start by posting it on the Fox News Facebook page. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it.

David. L. Wylie

Men's club: Just freaking awesome. Maybe Rekers can start some sort of "coalition" with Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, Robert Allen, Larry Craig, Ed Schrock (beginning to see a pattern here), Roy Ashburn, and Bruce Barclay. Some sort of "Hate Gays, Love Men" group.


Need bellhop: Thank goodness for this story, because I've been looking for someone to carry my bags this summer.



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