Letters from the Issue of May 1, 2008

Plastic: Far from Fantastic

Thanks for your reality check, Tamara Lush, in your April 24 Riptide article ("Mama's Got a Brand New Bum"). I'm from Salt Lake, and our lovely town was just voted the vainest city in America. And, yes, that is just plain embarrassing. I am a regular mom who is not a fan of body transformations. I prefer true beauty. Real beauty. Not a plastic remake. This book about Mommy's plastic surgery is ludicrous! We have to stop and think, What are we teaching the children? I am raising three daughters, and they don't need anyone else telling them that to be beautiful they have to be plastic! Heaven help us overcome our body obsession. True beauty goes far deeper than plastic boobs and butts. I hope more women will speak out against surgery. Or our children and their children's children are in big trouble.

Jodi Robinson


plastic surgery for Mommy

Via web commentary

Not a One-Man Band

Regarding the Live Wire about my band — the Van Orsdels — and me (by Eric Saeger, April 24): The Van Orsdels have worked hard to get where we're at, and it was never just "my" work or "my" band. This band does not comprise one sole member; it is four individuals working together. Rich (a.k.a. Dick) has been involved with the band for several years and is one of the most dedicated musicians I know. Butch is the best guitarist this band has ever seen. And although Steve is new to the band, he deserves just as much credit as the rest of us. I want to do whatever it takes to make sure my bandmates are properly credited for all of their hard work in the Van Orsdels.

George Van Orsdel


No Bargain

The best buck for a bang — that's how I would alter Lee Klein's cutesy comment about the meat loaf dinner in "Too Will Do" (April 17). I am not complaining about the review, which Mr. Klein is eminently well qualified to write. But I hardly consider $19 for this meal to be a reasonable (or fair) price.

One of the problems with Miami's hysterical food scene is the overblown prices charged by many of the popular chef-run establishments. I think food reviewers such as Mr. Klein should encourage good food and good dining experiences, not this type of blatant highway robbery.

Stan Bodner

Coconut Grove

Don't Cover Their Asses

Thank you to Thomas Francis for reporting on how the Archdiocese of Miami has been handling the allegations against Neil Doherty ("Lambs to Slaughter," April 17). I see it follows the usual pattern of the church in cases of priests molesting children: moving the pedophiles to different positions and locations, "treatment" at church-run centers, secrecy, and payoffs.

One thing I did not see in the story is whether the church carries insurance to cover claims of this nature. I would much rather see our state legislature doing something about the sale of these policies than worrying about same-sex marriage.

David Flint

Upper Eastside

I was appalled by the cover showing Jesus bound in that way for your April 17 feature story. Artistic license, freedom of the press, freedom of speech — all are important, for you as a news outlet, but also for me as a citizen, a Christian, and a student. I am a huge supporter of individual freedom, but I have realized that accepting an individual's right to hold and express an opinion or idea is important, but accepting that right is very different from accepting the view and tolerating it. I believe if something makes you mad, say it. So here it is: This cover has gone too far.


Via web commentary

Eat This One!

Miami New Times food critic Lee Klein has been named the winner of the 2008 Bert Greene Award for Food Journalism by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Klein won the award, one of the nation's most prestigious for food writing, in the newspaper category for his story "Eat Shit and Die," about the controversy surrounding use of chicken feces in animal feed.


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