Letters from the issue of March 4, 2010

Posada: Terrorist or Hero?

He's like Thomas Jefferson: While I understand that those who have not experienced the cruelty of communism may not be able to fully appreciate the heroics of those who combat it, I was somewhat perplexed that a journalist — an American journalist — would condemn the efforts of Cuban hero Luis Posada Carriles as Chuck Strouse did in his February 25 column, "Terrorists With Friends." Strouse fails to acknowledge that when at war, nations — this nation included — must use these tactics. Not so long ago, this great nation of ours also wanted to be free, but it did not have the military strength to defeat the British. How did our founding fathers address this? They legalized privateering, whereby authorized private pirates loyal to our independence efforts would attack British ships, loot them, and kill the British sailors onboard.

Nowadays, Mr. Strouse would call that conduct an act of terror. Well, those acts of terror freed us and allowed for the longest-lasting democracy known to man. Mr. Posada Carriles has done nothing different from what this nation has actually encouraged in the past. While times have changed, some things have not: The hunger for freedom still makes a man commit acts that under normal circumstances would be deemed intolerable.

The circumstances call for extreme measures. When Cuba is free, we will denounce acts of terror. But until then, we are at war, even if it is a "bad war." By the way, I am not in my 70s or 80s; I am 45 years old.

Ibrahim Reyes

Coral Gables


Free weekly is like Joe Stalin: Once again, the wonderful staff at Miami New Times has marshaled its powers to smack down anything that has to do with Cuba and the people who have done great things for the Cuban community and this country. You did it when Tomás Regalado was running for mayor of Miami, and now you do it with Luis Posada Carriles. I would just like to inform you that this is why sales are dropping. It's also why no one will ever read your low-quality, fact-evading articles. I wonder why New Times won't publish an article about how the U.S. government left thousands of Cubans to be shot and killed like pigs on the beach after they gave their word to freedom fighters such as Luis Posada Carriles that they would provide air support. I guess that story will never be juicy enough for Miami New Times.

Also, the U.S. discarded the bombing of that plane because their investigation showed that an American operative leaked information to the Cuban government about a planned attack that would have killed a vast majority of Fidel's top-ranking officers and government leaders. Instead, thanks to an American snitch, the Castro brothers ordered the airline to load that plane with tourists. Truth hurts, doesn't it? That's why the news won't tell you.

Josh. P



This guy is like Osama: Posada is the worst terrorist of the American continent. His crime wasn't only against Cuban people. The longest list of his victims includes people of Venezuela (he worked for the Secret Service), Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama. He is the Osama Bin Laden of the Americas.




Max's Pad

Cocaine guys are reinvented: In response to "I, Max" by Gus Garcia-Roberts (February 25): I met Mickey Munday last month at a charity event that I attended in Broward County. The charity, a very legitimate one that works with several counties in Florida, brought Munday up to the stage and introduced him as a friend. This showed me that he was what he was but is now contributing to bettering the lives of underprivileged children. I found him to be a genuine, intelligent individual that told a story that needed to be told.

Joe Carrillo



Lights! Camera! Blow!: Great story, well written, and really fascinating. I can't wait to see if the movie comes out. I hope you do a followup.




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