Letters from the issue of March 29, 2007

Kudos to the Critic

He likes you, he really likes you: Brandon K. Thorp is not only the best theater critic in South Florida, but I challenge anyone to find such insightful, truthful, and imaginative writing from any American theater critic. Finally someone who is not afraid to tell people what he thinks and why.

Jeff Haller


Brandon K. Thorp


Sad but True

Help wanted: Thank you for publishing Emily Witt's unbiased and insightful article about condominium living on Williams Island, "Paradise Lost" (March 15). Unfortunately it was all true, and there is so much more to write about the small conspiracy of evil-spirited, malicious people who inhabit this beautiful community. Exorcist wanted to drive out these really vile demons!

Mindy Gross-Vova


Banned on the Island: Thank you for getting the message out to my neighbors in Emily Witt's "Paradise Lost" (March 15). Coming from someone outside the community makes it all the more real. Unfortunately, the powers that be (you know who you are, and so do we) on Williams Island confiscated all of the New Times delivered to the Island. One building even went so far as to declare, "Under no circumstances are we to let the New Times into this building." Maybe you should hand out the New Times as people enter the Island. Show those arrogant condo commandos the power of the press. P.S., they don't control the Internet, but they would like to!

Phil Vova


Business as Usual

Not a shocker: I was not amazed when I read Isaiah Thompson's article, "Swept Under the Bridge" (March 8), about the sex offenders who were deposited under the bridge. This is simply a byproduct of our judicial and penal systems. It seems that there is no accountability for the prisoner once he or she is released from jail.

Because of a few bad breaks following a divorce and the loss of a job, I had occasion to briefly need the services of the Homeless Assistance Center II (HAC II) in South Dade. I was a resident there based on the promise of help finding a job. That's another story. I was appalled at the make-up of the population there. The great majority were simply people just let out of jail who had no place to go. I don't know if any were sex offenders but one woman was kicked out for abusing her child. Scary, huh! Even worse, there is a preschool located on the grounds. Although not widespread, there is constant drug and alcohol use among some residents. What ever happened to halfway houses that were used to help prisoners re-orient themselves into society?

As I said, this story did not shock me. It's just business as usual in Miami-Dade County. Money for corruption but none for worthwhile programs.




Blue-green algae blues: Regarding "Green Tide" (March 1): This is beautiful writing, Rob. You need to write a novel so I can enjoy reading it. I work in a UK park with blue-green algae problems (which is why I wound up reading your article), but your Florida Bay problem in comparison breaks my heart.


Via the Internet

Go Home, Jesus

And take your Kool-Aid with you: Reading your publication is always enjoyable, but you've outdone yourselves this time with the Riptide article, "His Satanic Majesty's Request" (February 22), by Joanne Green. I often pray that a giant riptide will somehow infiltrate the recesses of Third World Miami, and snatch every fruitcake illegal immigrant here in its frothing desire to clean-sweep them out to sea, safely back to where they came from and never to be seen here again. Speaking of prayer, it is obvious that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda is neither the apostle Paul nor the Antichrist, but rather a confirmation of America's need to restrict immigration. Mr. de Jesus, by his own admission, is a theological terrorist ("My purpose is to close down every church so the new church can begin.") Has anyone checked Mr. de Jesus's papers lately?

Along with his satanic, demonic, theology-based terroristic acts, and sacrilegious heresy, the Department of Homeland Security should tattoo an exit visa on his ass and send him back to where he belongs so he can resume his normal activities — guzzling fermented pineapple juice, smoking sugar cane, and chanting delusions of brimstone-induced grandeur. With any luck he'll find new inspiration, embrace Jim Jones's solution, and give us all a rest. After all, he's just another phony scam artist, a convicted criminal "citizen" disgracing the shores of our (once) socially decent Miami.

Dean Corso


You've Got a Friend

Anchors away (some day): Regarding "Take Me With You" (February 15) by Calvin Godfrey: Hey, when I am rich, I will be your boat friend. Your story was really informative; I always wondered how to make boat friends, too.

Mark Nak

Via the Internet


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