Letters from the Issue of March 19, 2009

Deserters Get Their Just Deserts

You darn crybabies: In response to Megan Feldman's March 12 story, "Move Out!": I have no sympathy for people who volunteer for duty and then want to use bullshit excuses like "illegal war" to shirk their responsibility. During Vietnam, many were drafted and in spite of this, ponied up and did what was needed. These deserters are the worst our country has to offer. They look at the military and every other institution as just another handout. They should just grow up and realize there is no free ride.

There is a price to pay for the freedoms we enjoy, but these people looked to turn the military that defends those freedoms into a welfare agency. No sale. If everyone who agreed to perform a job bailed when the going got tough, we would probably be speaking German now, and most of the people complaining about our military wouldn't even be around to do so.


military deserters

Want a solution? Want to get on with your life? Complete the service to your country that you volunteered for, and then carry on. Otherwise, stop whining and go live somewhere that will welcome you, like China or North Korea.



You are like animals to be hunted: To the deserters cited in "Move Out": You should be hunted down and jailed. You signed a contract; you don't get to just decide what wars you believe are "immoral" or "illegal."

You shouldn't have signed up if you feared being put in harm's way. I served in the military for six years. I was never called up to fight, but you can be damn sure if I would have been, I would have done the best job I could. I wonder if these cowards ever think they might have gotten a friend killed by not being there to watch his back and leaving the unit a man short. I hope they all rot in Hell for weakening my country and giving it a black eye.



Lighten up, losers: The ashamed parents and relatives of the deserters have never seen what is happening in Iraq, while the people who fled to Canada have experienced it. The "black eye" of this country is that it is content to be misinformed and ignorant, fat and afraid, reckless and running out of time.

Jeremy P.


She's Not Vague About It

Meat is murder: Oh, joyful, I thought after reading Lee Klein's March 12 restaurant review of Meat Market, "A Cut Above." More dead animal parts. Thankfully there are increasingly more vegan and vegetarian restaurants to make dining not only tasty and healthful but also compassionate. Go vegan.

Bea Elliott

Winter Haven

No Speaky English

Obfu... what?: If it was Nick Pinkerton's intention in his March 12 film review, "That's So Craven," to match the banality of Last House on the Left, he succeeded. The boredom achieved by reading his self-aware, self-aggrandizing assessment is monumental. In the future, perhaps he should heed an oft-quoted phrase: "Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation." If the movie is obviously subpar, there's no need for a vocabulary lesson-cum-review.

Terry Sanchez


Ricky Rocks

This one is unbreakable: Brandon Thorp's enthusiastic March 5 review of New Theatre's The Glass Menagerie, "Better with Age," gives curiously short shrift to three of its four actors. They're summarized as "good enough to get out of the way" of Tennessee Williams's words. And Thorp doesn't even mention the director, Ricky J. Martinez.

A classic play doesn't guarantee good theater. I've seen leaden and sentimental productions of The Glass Menagerie. Martinez's intelligent choices and the cast's sensitive performances are what make this one so moving. The entire New Theatre production illuminates the text and ensures it keeps "telling you things," even if the plot is familiar.

Nancy Wolcott

Miami Beach

Civil Discourse

Equals community fun: I'm sorry to see the SunPost's decline as described in "The SunPost Is Setting" (Kyle Munzenrieder and Chuck Strouse, March 5). The younger Starks deserve to be proud of their work over the years. Here's hoping community journalism finds new and sturdier outlets. The quality of civil society depends on it!

John Hopkins



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