Bye Bye, Joey

Letters from the Issue of March 16, 2006

Cleanin' up the house: In reference to "Arriola Resign? Fuhgeddaboutit!" by Francisco Alvarado (March 9): It looks like it may be time to say, "Adios, farewell, and good luck," to Miami City Manager Joe Arriola. There is plenty of blame to be spread around at city hall these days. But after all, Arriola is the manager, and he sure has made a major mess of things.

It is time to clean house. Let's fire the City of Miami administrators and staff who got us into this fire fee mess. These people should forfeit their overly generous pension plans. They should consider themselves fortunate if they don't do time in a federal jail.



Perhaps we need a recall election or a vote of no confidence. Or perhaps we need a reputable judge or the governor of Florida to police this situation and make things right.

Doesn't Miami deserve better?

Harry Emilio Gottlieb
Coconut Grove

The Way the Car Crumbles

We are not beasts: In this time of sensational journalism and negative reporting, I felt compelled to respond to an article by Mariah Blake, "A Beastly Background" (March 2).

The basic facts are that Auto Resolutions, the manufacturer of the Street Beasts line of Replicars, is not Classic Motor Carriages in any shape, manner, or form. Whatever problems Classic Motor Carriages had should not be a reflection of Auto Resolutions.

In the "go-go" Eighties, many companies flourished, prospered, and had growth problems. It is my understanding that CMC was one of those companies that simply oversold what it could not produce.

Auto Resolutions, a.k.a. Street Beasts, is a major player in the hot-rod Replicar industry. Street Beasts serves customers from every profession and ethnicity in America. American ideology proves that Americans love motors, machines, and cars.

Street Beasts' current product line consists of a '34 coupe, '33 Vicky, '34 cabriolet roadster, '41 Willys coupe, and three versions of the Cobra (all Ford replicas).

Auto Resolutions/Street Beasts has 60 people on its management, sales support, and production staff. We are very proud of who we are and what we do.

Every potential customer contacts our company of his or her own volition. Thus from the tens of thousands of people who inquire about our product this year, to the hundreds of satisfied customers, to the thousands of happy Street Beasts owners across North America and our dedicated employees, Miami should be proud to have a leader in the hot-rod industry.

The story does not address our full-support system, including a parts department, technical support for every customer, and a nationwide network of factory-certified builders. This is a company striving to improve its service and quality of product every day of the year.

Ms. Blake should have realized that history does not always repeat itself.

Hans Meijer, CEO
Auto Resolutions Inc.
/Street Beasts

Fair Journalism

Not lazy writing: From Fare to Remember Catering in Coral Gables, I wanted to thank The Bitch for our mention in her column "Crazy Delicious" (March 2). We and others were very unhappy with the local media's reporting of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. I agree that the festival has put Miami on the map, and yes, lots of money was spent to bring in most of the Food Network's stars. But there seemed to be a real lack of stories about the local restaurateurs and caterers who work very hard to keep throngs of South Floridians fed and nurtured. My hope is that in the future the media can recognize some locals who are talented and enthusiastic about appearing in the festival but might not necessarily have a huge marketing machine behind them.

Sarah Davidoff
Coral Gables

Come Home, John Boy

Come to Philly: Regarding "Johnny Be Good" in Chuck Strouse's column March 2: I am truly appalled at Police Chief John Timoney's comments. I happen to be married to a Cuban Miami Police officer, and it sickens me to think my husband, who risks his life every single day he leaves our home, works for someone like this. It is absolutely repulsive.

Perhaps all of the Cuban police officers in our community should make comments about Timoney's son, such as "Fuck his drug-dealing son; we've got our jobs to do!"

Thank you, Miami New Times, for not being afraid to publish the truth.

Name withheld by request
Via the Internet

Mo, you demagogue! What Chief John Timoney probably meant to say was "Fuck Cuban politics." Bravo! I'm sure Mayor Diaz has had several headaches but doesn't dare say it himself. There are thousands of Cubans in Miami-Dade County. And God forbid if any harsh criticism is made. Majority rules? That's a scary proposition. Mayor Manny Diaz knows this all too well. He's a crafty politician who has helped change Miami for the better. He's also the one who hired Timoney to clean up the corruption in the police department.

Let me ask the people of Miami this: How many Cubans or whites in positions of power in Miami influenced by greedy real estate developers have made nasty comments about blacks lately? But fortunately no one's radar picked it up.

Cubans as a voting group can be easily led and fall prey to demagoguery. Miami Police Hispanic Officers Association president Rolando Gutierrez's impassioned letter in "The Rank Responds" (March 2) is a perfect example of this. He thinks Chief Timoney should apologize. I agree. But resign? Hell no! I ask Mr. Gutierrez to think of all the corrupt cops he may or may not have known through the years who have continued to work for the department.

Chief Timoney was an idiot in the way he worded his comment because he was supposedly drunk. And then there's the way he has handled it. Why deny it? Sometimes the politics of the majority bites and can even be downright subversive. Just look at the Bush administration. But unfortunately no matter who you are or what position you may be in, it all boils down to politics.

So, Chief, I forgive you even if all the hypocrites, liars, and thieves in political office don't.

Mo Vidal

Holy sh@#$^%! Total credibility is not above serious questioning for Miami New Times, so I prefer to believe the chief; I don't see him as anti-Cuban. Putting out an anti-law-enforcement spin of useless propaganda does not sit well with residents who have lived outside Miami and experienced first-hand what lack of tough decision-making by a police chief can provoke. So far the chief has proven his ability to protect and defend, and if that means a few expletives, so what?

Jack Thomas

Ivy Cooking

Just keep 'em away from my taxi: Lee Klein's story "Tin Chefs" (February 28) was interesting, but there are plenty of Harvard and Yale graduates driving cabs ... that was the joke of the Seventies. There are plenty of those same guys now at culinary school too. People do what they love. Career changes are rampant, and people love to cook because it is therapeutic. And they love to eat because that is therapeutic too. Johnson & Wales has recognized my daughter's talents over the past two years and has rewarded her with scholarships and exposure on television. I hope she is the next Rachael Ray, who needs to retire anyway.

Anyone with brains at J&W knows about the opportunities. There are more restaurants than ever and more people eating out.

The kids at Johnson & Wales work while at school. They get hands-on experience. At least they can get a job when they leave, which is more than I can say for some Ivy League grads.

Kiki Ellenby

Lord, Um, God

No wonder there are so many Christians: I read Mariah Blake's "Jesus Redux" (February 9) and was impressed by the way she writes; she did an excellent job, but there are a couple of points I want to clarify.

I have followed Creciendo en Gracia since 1993, and I know that our apostle, José Luis De Jesus Miranda, never named himself anything. He might have called himself the apostle or the reincarnation of Paul maybe once in a joking way, but he has never called himself Jesus Christ.

According to the prophecy, history, and Gospel, everything points to him with regard to the second coming of Christ. People need simply to listen to his teachings and his voice to know this is real. This is the truth the world was waiting for.

In the time after Jesus died, his followers sold their properties and gave them to the apostles — that is how the Vatican was born.

Victoria Muñoz
Coral Gables

Shocked. Shocked: I read "Jesus Redux" and was shocked. Do these people profess to have received Jesus Christ, God's Son, as their personal savior? In one of the photos, a large SSS printed on the pulpit resembles the symbol predicted to be the 666 (Mark of the Beast) foretold in the Scriptures.

CJ Persad


Miami rapper Rick Ross is currently under contract with Slip-N-Slide Records. A story in our February 23 issue ("Hustlin' Gets You Signed" by Isnel Othello) stated otherwise. Also, a February 16 story, "The New Pornographer," by Rob Jordan, misidentified the person and Website that gave Mikey Butders his first job in online porn. Jay Steele hired him for


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