Letters from the issue of March 11, 2010

No Gospel Truth

Amen: Uncle Luke is right ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, March 4). It is time an African-American gets to be city commissioner and rob and screw us just like all the Cuban and white guys. How about a female city manager? I would love to be effed over by a chick too! It would have been nice to have Arthur Teele or Michelle Spence-Jones in charge. But, alas, Teele didn't want to go to jail, so he put a bullet in his head, sparing taxpayers the cost of his prison stay. Spence-Jones is definitely on the right track to be city commish. How many more crimes will she be accused of? She is perfect for the job.

The Bliss Guy



Some friends: Mmmm, let's see: Luther Campbell mentions three politicians (all his friends) and one fired city manager. All of them are or were under investigation, indicted, incarcerated, etc. But it wasn't their fault; it was some unseen "powers-that-be" that made them fall to temptation. Are you kidding? If Campbell is serious about helping his community, he should begin by choosing "friends" who aren't out to rape and pillage the black community.


Via web commentary


Lying low: Luther Campbell? The clown who tells everyone including the press that he lives in Miami Lakes when he lives a couple of miles north of it? If he can't even tell the truth about where he lives, I can't believe a thing he says, especially when he mentions his tainted friends. Teele didn't pass away, as Luther says; he committed suicide because all the problems he brought upon himself were going to crush him, including years of ducking the IRS over a huge debt. Teele was also a dastardly crook who abused his position as a county commissioner and chair of the county commission.

Hugh J.

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Black and blue: Spence-Jones and Teele were some of the worst things to happen to black people. They stole from you! Uncle Luke is cool, though!


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Castles in the Air

Tua culpa: Anyone ever think these guys wound up with tainted money? Bouncing transfers around sounds like a Ponzi scheme ("The Fast Tycoon," Natalie O'Neill, March 4). The woman and child get more than $80,000 a year for her getting knocked up. And we all know what the banks were doing over the past decade. There's enough blame to go around on this one, even local government officials. All of this sounds too good to be true, and at the end of the day, it was.




House of cards: Awesome story. Way to go, New Times. Turn over a rock and see what you find from the housing boom. It's all coming out now. The frickin' chickens are coming home to roost.


Coral Gables


Shell Out

Sue 'em: I'd be willing to bet that if Canes basketball fan Joey Difrancesco filed a lawsuit seeking damages in the hundreds of thousands, the conch would appear very quickly ("Shell Shocked," Natalie O'Neill, March 4). If the shell wasn't allowed in the arena in the first place, security should have let the guy know when he entered; surely they patted him down and saw it. And when they (illegally?) confiscated it, it was their duty to see that it was secure. Obviously, it wasn't. This guy's got a helluva lawsuit based on all of the above. Go to it, man!

Mark Scott

Miami Beach


Break the Chains

Bon appétit: Congratulations to Kris Wessel on his James Beard nomination, and thank you New Times for providing background and a bio on a very talented chef ("Kris Wessel Talks Shop," Lee Klein, March 4). I agree with Mr. Wessel that Miami desperately needs more individually owned and operated dining establishments. When I moved here from Atlanta, I was shocked and disappointed by the lackluster food scene and the reliance on chain restaurants like P.F. Chang's, the Cheesecake Factory, etc. I hope he is starting a trend of innovative and affordable cuisine in the Magic City.

Jason Schleich

Miami Shores

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