Letters from the issue of March 10, 2011

Erotic Rites

Granny sex: Florida is the retirement capital of the country, and it definitely shows in the swinger scene you describe in the article about South Florida's sex clubs ("Love Thy Neighbor," Michael J. Mooney, March 3). Basically, most of the women you wouldn't look twice at if you were in a regular setting, but since there is just about guaranteed sex involved, you have to grin and bear the overweight grannies. The plus to this is that these mature women have no inhibitions. Most don't use condoms because they can't get pregnant, and they're so grateful to have a younger man take interest in them that they'll do anything and everybody. Since moving to South Florida, I've met a few couples, but I haven't been able to follow through and play with any of these older women. I live ten minutes from Club Hedo, but I just can't see paying $80 to have a surgically enhanced Granny Clampett paw me.

Rio Guy


letters to the editor

Young swingers: Well-written article, but the author failed to touch on how many couples in their 20s and early 30s participate in the lifestyle. Playtime is not for your parents anymore.

Nathan Bliss

Friendly advice: We're members of a lifestyle club not far from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, that is infamous in its own right and caters to folks from all over the country. Much of what this article mentions is very true if you have excellent club management and member participation. This is a great article, and for those of you who are curious, secure in your relationship, and open-minded, swinging is a wonderful way to have fun with your partner and an even better way to enjoy your friends.


Shoot and Tell

Racial profiling: All I can say about your column calling Marc Sarnoff a racist is WTF ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, March 3)? Why do you make it a race issue? It was a shooting of seven males. Why does being African-American have anything to do with it? Get the f**k over it! You sold yourself out writing for New Times anyway, you pompous Uncle Tom!

V. Leon

Wise up: There is a war going on in Liberty City and Overtown. The police chief has nothing to do with the actions police take in a spur-of-the-moment decision.


Hold fire: Shoot first and ask questions later? This is so wrong! If a police officer is very scared, then he should wear a vest, take cover, aim his gun (finger off the trigger, please!), ask the person to come out in the open, and take it from there. Police officers are public servants. Too bad a few bad apples treat citizens like garbage. Police need proper training to treat everyone with respect. There are a lot of people who have arrest records because they screwed up in the past but have now paid their dues and are living good, moral lives.


Not crying wolf: When the community cries out for help because children and young men are getting gunned down by rival drug gangs in a drug war, they insist on increased police presence. That presence increases the likelihood of violent interaction between police and citizens. Is it that these enforcement actions are working and former police Chief John Timoney was inept, or the reverse?


Weed 'em out: If you look at the cold, hard facts, it's easy to see why our police officers are always on the defensive when pulling over certain types of people. There are criminals in every city, but some sectors are much more volatile and pose a much greater threat to citizens and police alike. I say shoot first, ask questions later. Frankly speaking, Luke, some people don't deserve to share the air we breathe.

Tony Carbo

Out of Bounds

Commie rag: Regarding Gus Garcia-Roberts's article about Krop High's athletic director and tennis coach, Mike Kypriss, lying about a tennis star ("Full of Krop," March 3): Gus, are you the kid who always got picked last for kickball in fourth grade? I'm beginning to wonder why you're so bitter and what you have against Krop. I think a reasonable person, when confronted with all the evidence and hearing all sides, would likely conclude the school was guilty of a paperwork snafu, not a sinister plot to cheat. You just look for crap to support your predetermined viewpoint. Why you continue to pile innuendo, hearsay, and half-truths on a man who's loved by pretty much everyone he's ever coached is beyond my understanding. It's not just unfair; it's shameful. They would've loved you at Pravda. Never heard of it? Google "Soviet Union" and learn a little history.



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