Those Sensitive Cruise People

Letters from the Issue of March 1, 2007

Dan was de man!: Thank you to Tamara Lush for your article, "The Ship's Shape" (February 22). My son Daniel was lost from Mariner of the Seas on May 15, 2006. Thanks for showing how the atmosphere is very conducive to drinking and partying. The first thing that the representative for the cruise line told us was how much Daniel had to drink. All reports released by Royal Caribbean stated that he was extremely drunk or had been drinking heavily. They even released a letter to the passengers on the cruise. Gee, he thought he didn't have to worry about driving home. Thanks again.

Sue DiPiero



Canfield, Ohio

Editor's Note: "Ship's Shape" incorrectly described the number of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ships that sail from the port of Miami. There is more than one. And Christopher Shays is U.S. Representative, not a Senator.

Grapple On

Just stay clear of the Octagon, bucko!: Hey. Just read "Cage Rage" (February 22) by Joanne Green. Nicely done — cover page as well! You did a great job of explaining how far this sport has come and where it's going. The description of the match was great as well (not that you don't know this, but just thought I would tell you). I am a big fan. Now I mostly box when I have the time, but I wrestled in high school. And I have a friend who is a mixed martial arts master, and every now and then we lightly spar. That's all I can do because he is pretty vicious. I have gone to a lot of boxing matches but never to an Ultimate Fighting Championship match. I am going to try and get some tickets.

Jose Parada

North Bay Village

Bad Bee

Good bee. Do be a do-bee.: Regarding Rob Jordan's, "Bee Spell" (February 15). Yes we need honeybees, but when a colony or swarm of bees is in or on trees, under sheds, under pots, or in walls of your house, they could be a danger to children, pets, animals, and adults. In Cape Coral a man set his house on fire trying to get rid of his bees. Another man was attacked by a swarm of bees and was stung hundreds of times when he attempted to remove a beehive. In Miami dogs were attacked, and people chased inside by bees. Leave bees to the experts. The main problem is that we do not know if the bees are Africanized without DNA testing. An Africanized swarm of bees can overtake beekeepers' bees. It will stay on the bee box until it smells like the bees inside; then the Africanized queen goes inside and kills the queen and starts laying eggs while her swarm comes to protect her. This happens in the wild, as well as in your back yard and neighborhood. Beekeepers will requeen their hives when this happens, but in the wild the hives become Africanized. A formerly calm hive can become very aggressive when bothered. Educate your children to leave bees alone. If bees are attacking, run, run, run and get inside a car or building. Do not jump in water. For more information visit

Willie Sklaroff


Gary Couldn't Have

Said it better: While reading a recent article in the Miami New Times, "The G-man and the Snitch" by Tamara Lush (February 8), I followed a link in the article to John Connolly's Website, Connolly's Website contained page after page of repetitive and infuriating bull crap. For example, this excerpt:

"The question that one cannot help but pose is: How does one conspire to commit a murder with alleged co-conspirators, who never even told the person accused, that they ever killed anyone in the first place?"

So this is some kind of "don't ask, don't tell" defense? Is that the best you can do? You have got to be kidding me. There are plenty of ways to conspire to commit murder — just ask any organized crime boss. Even your everyday, garden-variety type murderers conspire to kill people they have never met in order to protect a good thing. Happens all the time.

Here are a few questions for John Connolly that I cannot help but pose.

1. How can you claim you had no clue that your CIs were murdering people? If other FBI agents and supervisors were, in fact, also aware of the homicidal tendencies of your CIs, as you claim, isn't that conspiracy to murder?

2. If John Callahan's murder was a result of information you provided to your CIs to protect them, why are you then not guilty of murder? Did you think your CIs would send Mr. Callahan on vacation to the South Pacific?

3. Why did you dismiss Mr. Halloran's information for "lack of evidence?" After Halloran was murdered, and with the addition of the murders of Callahan and Wheeler, did you consider changing your mind?

4. Why did so many missing person and homicide cases (despite the best efforts of the real cops), including the Callahan murder, remain unsolved for so long? As these missing and murdered victims were all involved with your CIs, did you not see a pattern?

5. Are you incredibly stupid, or are you incredibly arrogant?

6. Did your former FBI boss, the bribe-taking John Morris, become involved in any way with the Callahan murder investigation while he was in Miami in 1984 supervising an internal investigation of former FBI agent and drug smuggler Dan Mitrione? Why hasn't Morris also been indicted for Callahan's murder?

And last, but not least

7. How do you sleep at night?

Justice will come, John. I'd get used to that view from where you're standing.

Donna Weaver

Fort Lauderdale


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