Letters from the Issue of June 7, 2007

Art Attack

Bobb is guilty: Regarding "Artist as Prisoner" (May 31) by Rob Jordan: You can't be serious. Ed Bobb should be a free man because of freedom of expression? Has it occurred to you that the cretin who took the pictures was expressing his desire to fuck little girls? That defense is never going to fly, and it shouldn't. Mr. Bobb needs to do every day of the life sentence he so richly deserves, and suddenly deciding to become a visual artist the day the FBI comes knocking shouldn't be enough to get him off the hook.

Matt Sanders


child pornography

Livin' Davila Loca

Ricky is wrong: Regarding "Bush Whacked by Ricky Martin," by José Davila (May 17): So, Mr. Davila, do you really believe that thrusting your middle finger at someone is a sign of growing a brain? How about it being disrespectful and vulgar? For your "hero" Ricky Martin, he should know that no one likes to be in a war. And sure, it would be nice to live life in peace, but unfortunately America was forced to confront these terrorists on their soil when they deliberately took innocent American lives on 9/11. Did you and your hunk forget about this, Mr. Davila?

The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have stopped these lunatics from further attacking Americans in the United States by taking the war to them. Take the troops out now and you give them the chance to export their violence again.

Hopefully, Mr. Davila, you and your Latin sensation won't be one of their victims, getting caught somewhere with your fingers in the air, or somewhere else.

Cesar Matus

He's a Hero

Think about it: Regarding "Hero or Coward" (May 3) by Francisco Alvarado: Is Camilo Mejia a coward? Three letter-writers in the past two weeks (and who knows how many readers) have said yes. They can't read his mind. And they cite no empirical evidence (such as quotes about pants-shitting), so for them, refusal to fight must mean cowardice.

I ask them to do a thought experiment: Sergeant Schultz of the Nazi German army in, say, Lithuania in 1944, decides he can no longer kill and invade and occupy. He deserts and goes back to Munich. Is he a coward or a hero? Or (more difficult) to whom is he hero, and to whom is he a coward? Most of us here in Miami would say he's a hero.

If you believe that the Iraq war is illegal and immoral (as I do), you consider Camilo a hero. If you believe the Iraq war is good and just, you must allow for Camilo to consider otherwise, and allow him to follow his conscience.

Cowardice is not the issue here. Sometimes it takes more courage to say, "Sir, no sir," than to go along with the program.

Eric Smith

We're the cowards?:The "Hero or coward?" question New Times posed is bunk. The Broward edition of New Times doesn't publish "Get Your War On" -- does that make you heroes or cowards? The real coward keeps his mouth shut and pumps an RPG into residential windows upon command from brain-dead, backwoods sergeants and then pisses on the resultant corpses in foreign lands, as Marines did recently in Haditha, Iraq. Anyone who waddles through basic training holding an M-16 without visualizing the exit wound its projectile would make coming out the back of mommy's head is a mental derelict. Is Mejia a coward for road-testing lethal weapons for three years and then using them in Iraq on random humans, choosing to stay in bed instead of report back for more? Who cares!? Army Regulation 635-20, Conscientious Objection as Soldier, was written for those of us who resisted the call to murder when the light bulb went on after strafing grass huts in the Mekong. Leave Combat16Romeo and others like him to measure their morality and courage by standards of military industrial bloodletting; Camilo Mejia and others willing to do prison for their beliefs have guts. It's always easier to keep your mouth shut and pull the trigger; otherwise you become the target.

Robert Dollar

Grow Up!

And wash your mouth out with soap: Regarding "Get Your War On," by David Rees (May 3): I was completely offended to read the end of this "comedic" piece of trash! Where is this writer's moral judgment, and why does he have the "right" to spew out garbage such as this? In this age of such political correctness, I think this writer is way out of line. Yes, I happen to be a pro-Bush conservative and of the belief that the war in Iraq is necessary; why is it that people such as these have to infect others with useless ranting that does no good, but only offends? This sounds like something a delinquent would say. I believe you should hold your employees to a higher standard and not allow profanities such as the ones that were made. And I quote: "The parts where you fucking suck shit."

It's comments like these that show just how weak liberals really are in their "assessments." It only serves to prove the point that liberals, and those who are opposed to Christianity, have no real arguments and no real answers.

I think it's time for someone to grow up and act his age.
Scott A. Stano
Cutler Bay

Bad taste, no class: Regarding "Get Your War On": The topic of discussion in the cafeteria this morning was David Rees's cartoon. Regardless of our opinions on the war and our president, we all agreed on one thing: If you can't respect the president, at least respect the position of leader of our country. The consensus today was that the article was in very bad taste. Let's throw some respect and decency in with that freedom of speech. Let's show everyone that we still have some class. Jonnie Vargas
North Miami Beach


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