Letters from the Issue of June 5, 2008

Family Fun

How do you say "rip-off" en español?: I read Janine Zeitlin's article "Adults Only" (May 29), about the La Cosa Nostra Spanish TV show. It's just a cheap, second-rate imitation of Family Guy. You notice it's in the same 11 p.m. time slot, but Family Guy is so much better. La Cosa Nostra has no Stewie Griffin. Nor does it have the great writing or great characters. The only thing it has is the women. But then again, once you look at their faces, you'd rather watch Family Guy.

Ralph Giambino


Spanish-language TV

Country Walk

Cops and the Commissioner

Make for mucho fun: Regarding "Johnny Winton Speaks" by Chuck Strouse (May 29): If these Overzealous Super-Terror-Fighting Asses with Badges treat a commissioner like this, how do you think they are treating the general public? They know the courts will do nothing to them, so basically these thugs have a license to do whatever they want. And of course they want it both ways. They want to totally destroy any civil liberties the general public has, but when one of them is splayed out on the concrete, we're all supposed to cry a river of tears? I'm glad I don't have kids, because how could I, with a straight face, tell them these asses are here to help them? As I write this, the FBI has caught two more with their hands in the cookie jar. And then there was that off-duty ass caught in a sting, taking a suitcase full of cash. And before that, the ass driving around raping women, and before that ... yeah, right, they're here to "help."

Mark Scott

Via web commentary

Captain No-Show

She has no Hart: I just came across Francisco Alvarado's "Burn, Baby, Burn" (May 22), about Lisa Hart. The lieutenant demanded that recruits call her captain at the Broward Fire Academy. I'm not surprised about her. She talked tough, but we all knew she could never perform the tasks; she forced the recruits to do them. They should compare the time sheets to the ones at the fire academy in order to keep her honest. No sympathy for you, Captain Hart. You've earned this over the years.

Jeff Golding

Via web commentary

Garulli's a Nonsmoker

But we bet he drinks!: Wow, what a way for Eric W. Saeger to start off the Heavy Pets story, "Rolling Stoners" (May 22). First, Mike Garulli doesn't smoke anything — at least not for the past 10 years, owing to his chronic asthma. This article is full of slander. I suggest the author go back to writing for his community-college newspaper.

Pete Upell

Via web commentary

Those Old Guys Rock

So hop to, youngsters!: In response to Nicholas Hall's concert preview of Paul Rodgers (May 15): It's unfair for him to judge everyone ("aging rock stars")! It's obvious he has a thesaurus and knows how to navigate it, but not much love for real rock music. The pharmaceutical enhancements he is talking about surely must be referencing the aging American rock star! It's funny how reporters see the younger, drugged-up, resculpted, and plasticized entertainers of today and have the nerve to call them "singers" and "talented." Good writers research their subjects before penning such an article. Shame on Mr. Hall.

N. Mullen

Via web commentary


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