Letters from the Issue of June 26, 2008

Swimming with Sharks

Gimme a break: Regarding "Shark Huggers" by Amy Guthrie (June 12): Too bad about that jerk who got killed by sitting on a box of chum, 11 fathoms down, amid a crowd of ravenous bull sharks. How many times have we heard the expression "Look for trouble hard enough and you'll find it"? What an asshole. Speaking of assholes, your information about "Mark the Shark" — the renowned hunter of nurse sharks and other harmless creatures (don't they eat plankton?) because they are mean — only makes his Tin Badge of Ignornace shine brighter. He wears it with such pride, but the truth is, he needs a wet-nurse shark to help him change the load of shit in his diapers, refill his nipple bottle, and fix his rattle. Isn't he also renowned for spearing koi? That famous Doors' song emanating from beneath his deck — "Ship of Fools"? That describes anyone who pays this bozo $1,200 for a so-called sportfishing safari. With any luck, he will run into a 12-foot leaping mako that will render him a headless horse's ass. What a fuckin' pussy.

Victor Vargas Brown


Mark "The Shark" Quartiano

Cape Cod

Tone Deaf

He's off his rock: Carlos Suarez De Jesus completely misses the point in "Heads Down" (June 12)! I wrote the marketing copy for the exhibit "In Between Places" and found his article ignorant and insulting. I am shocked that detritus like that gets printed. No wonder the art section has wilted beyond all usefulness. Miami is in serious need of some adequate art writing.

Thomas Hollingworth


Shine a Light

Profit from prevention: Thank you very much for Isaiah Thompson's "Darkness Invisible" (June 5). The story of our community members with chronic mental illness is not one that Florida can point to with pride.

Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is a well-established program that has successfully maintained many members of our society with chronic mental illness, living and often working in their community. PACT has about a 20-year history in various other states. It works, and it works well.

I admire and applaud the work of Judge Steve Leifman. However, as a social worker myself, I am more interested in interventions, such as PACT, that prevent people with chronic mental illness from even entering the criminal justice system. Perhaps with a more comprehensive program in Florida, the state could delay building more costly prisons while providing needy community members with the professional help that would allow them to live productively among us.

Paul C. Hunt

South Miami

Thanks for the Tip

We're working on it: Thank you for including the Ice Box Café in your recent review of pancakes ("Flapjack Flip-Off VIII," by Lee Klein, June 5). After 10 years of serving South Beach crowds, we continue to work hard to differentiate ourselves from the competition. One place where we hope to make the greatest improvements is our service. And that, unfortunately, is a constant challenge here on the Beach!

Once again, thank you for your consideration and candor. Please accept my invitation to join us sometime in the near future to enjoy our great dinners!

Robert Siegmann


Bad Service

Who's putting on airs?: I found your review of Ristorante Fratelli Milano ("Value Veal," by Lee Klein, May 29) to be an unmerited attack on a wonderful restaurant built through the dreams and hard work of its owners.

I have been to Fratelli Milano numerous times, and find it consistently good, so much so that I take clients there with no qualms.

This is not to say Fratelli is a five-star, fine-china-and-linen establishment. Indeed it does not profess to be! Fratelli understands the needs and desires of the crowd it seeks to serve. Fratelli exceeds our simple expectations. That you imply that Fratelli is holding itself out to be some type of sophisticated eatery is incorrect and does a disservice to readers who, based on your slanted article, might be deterred from enjoying the place.

Elizabeth Hitt



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