Letters from the Issue of June 25, 2009

Faulting Father

Shame, shame: It makes me sick to my stomach to see how Alberto Cutié has been behaving with the media, as described in Francisco Alvarado's June 18 story," Happy Wedding Day, Father Cutié." Even more important is how he has been behaving with Maxi Ratunuman, who is an ex-lover of Ruhama Canellis. They need to let this guy talk as much as he wants. But it looks like they exerted some kind of pressure and decided to call immigration so he could get deported. What a shame that this is a person who everybody believed was a servant of God.



Alberto Cutie


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And shame again: It is very shameful that you would even dedicate space in your newspaper for news about Cutié. The fact is that he was the moneymaker for the Catholic Church! He took the church to levels that no other priest has done! He revolutionized the church, but the end result is he fell to weakness of the flesh or was coerced by this woman. He even married this woman and now come the reports that her ex-boyfriend found them in bed together! So how long has this deceit been going on? Not two years like he told everyone. Bodyguard or police protection for what? She created this situation for him, set him up with the photographers, and sat back to watch the entire drama unfold. If they reach two years of marriage, then they could make it. But I don't think they will. Popularity dies down and celebrities are not going to switch faiths to follow him. So, this little scheme of hers will backfire.




The other man, no less: They probably wanted the Indonesian guy deported so that he couldn't talk about his ex and the dark secret she is hiding. I'm not sure Ms. Canellis is as sweet as she appears. Shame on Father Cutié for falling for this woman. He could have done better; look what she did to her ex-boyfriend from Indonesia, poor guy. He's got something on both of them, and this is why they want him out of the picture. By the way, how can Father Cutié be the "other man" when she was in a relationship with Max the Indonesian. Shame on him. He has cheated twice. He thinks he is above everything. I hope the media is not stupid enough to give him a talk show.




Padrino, you shouldn't have: Father Alberto happens to be my godfather, and I find it very pathetic that he would abandon his duties. Those who believe his actions are correct are ignorant fools. I once believed he was a great man but unfortunately not all things last. For those of you that end up reading this and support Father Alberto, don't let your faith be shaken because a foolish man is trying to "right" his wrong. He has betrayed the church as Judas did Jesus. Those who think the Catholic Church is wrong because Alberto says so are extremely ridiculous. If they are showing up to Catholic Mass on Sunday because of a priest, then they should get right out. That should not be the reason they are there. They should be there for God. And God bless those who have stayed faithful to the Catholic Church even after finding out Father Alberto made his "mistake."


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Piece This Together

The crisis unit stinks because...: Why doesn't Natalie O'Neill, who wrote "Piece of Mind" (June 18), look at who authorized men and women to be in the same area of the Jackson Crisis Unit? Was it the same registered nurse who is responsible for reducing staff and thus causing a lot of these problems? Of course, he does nothing to remedy these problems. He locks himself up in his office playing on his computer, and claims overtime!

Maria Ramos




A June 23, 2009 article in the Night & Day section titled "Make Beta Your Business" provided incorrect information about the cover charge for Afrobeta Tuesdays at Jazid. The event is free.


Hail the Winners

Miami New Times staff writer Francisco Alvarado dominated the nondaily division of the recent Green Eyeshade Awards, which recognize excellence in journalism in the 11 Southeastern states. Alvarado took home two first place awards and shared a third with two writers from our sister paper, the Houston Press. His story with Russell Cobb and Paul Knight, "Wet Foot Dusty Foot," topped the list in Public Affairs Reporting. A piece called "The F School Bomb" was tops in education reporting. And his "Dead Weight" was rated best in politics. Food critic Lee Klein took home a blue ribbon for his café reviews, and staff writer Tim Elfrink garnered a second in courts and law reporting for "Black October."

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