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Letters from the Issue of June 22, 2006

At least if you're Mormon: Francisco Alvarado's article about Mormon missionaries, "Sidewalk Salvation" (June 15), was great. The writer has a unique and fresh way of writing. He did a good job of describing their daily lives. My son is on a mission in Switzerland, and it gave me insight into what his day-to-day living might be like.

JuDene Brown
Mesa, Arizona

Go Gitmo

And suffer, you hypocritical scribe: Regarding Emily Witt's article "Pearl of the Antilles" (June 8): Good bashing of our white Anglo-Saxon Republican administration, but in the Pearl of the Antilles, if you published the corollary about the political prisoners, your paper would be nationalized and you would rot in jail after a one-day trial. In Colombia, if you published the editorial about our homegrown Black Lady of the Democratic Party, you would be kidnapped. And if you did it in Iraq, either a Sunni or Shiite would car-bomb you! What about a cover story on how blessed we are in the good old (really not that old) U.S. of A.?

Rafael R. Palacios

Carrie Ain't the Problem

Sally Heyman is: Regarding "Inherit the Worth" by Francisco Alvarado (June 8): Recently I attended a candidates' forum at the Aventura-Turnberry Jewish Congregation. In making her case for re-election, my incumbent county commissioner Sally Heyman argued that the personal relationships she has developed in public office has reaped benefits for our community. In response, her challenger Jay Beskin stated that a county government based on personal relationships is the problem, not the solution to Miami-Dade County's challenges. He contended that our county officials should deal with contractors based on what the contractors know, not who they know.

Shortly after the forum, I read your article, which disclosed that Heyman overruled the recommendation of county professionals to award two lobbying contracts to former politicians at a cost to the taxpayers of $150,000. At least one of the contract recipients had made a contribution to Heyman's campaign. The article further stated that one county employee was amazed that a commissioner would do such a thing. Obviously Heyman indeed takes her personal relationships to heart, even if it is at the expense of good government.


"Sidewalk Salvation"

Ziril Szerlip

Wrong-Headed Criticism

Right-headed plays: Regarding Octavio Roca's "Summer in the City" (June 8) stage review: Not only do I think you are a terrible writer, but also you must have a small tumor in your brain that prevents you from recognizing good theater. Your review is hideous and not at all accurate. After reading your critique, I went to see Summer Shorts and found it the complete opposite of what you reported in your tacky, one-sided article.

Despite your rave reviews of Rosemary and Elizabeth, I found it to be the worst play in the program! That is not to say the actors were bad, but the dialogue was filled with boring and antiquated prose that made me want to take a nap.

You took so much time talking about Rosemary and Elizabeth that you neglected to point out anything else in the amazing, sixteen-play program — as if there were nothing positive to say about any of them. It is completely unprofessional of you to point out one or two plays and/or directors just because you favor them. Your review gave me the wrong idea about what I was about to see and experience.

I urge you to quit your job right away — before you write another review that makes me want to throw up.

Carolina del Castillo

A Foxy Debate

That damn, nosy critic: Upon reading Bill Citara's "Not So Good Old Days" (June 8), a review of Fox's Sherron Inn in South Miami, I couldn't help but notice he mentioned inhaling something through his left nostril and added, "you will see more walkers, canes, and sensible orthopedic shoes in one hour here than in ten lifetimes on South Beach."

Maybe if he weren't thinking of his left nostril and instead concentrated more on the reason Fox's has lasted 60 years, he would come to a more intelligent conclusion. But it's wrong to attack a place for its décor because it's not brand-spanking-new. To attack its guests for canes and walkers and sensible orthopedic shoes shows a lack of character. Maybe Mr. Citara should look into that box of Cheetos he's so familiar with and find some.

I've been a server at Fox's since April 1994. We take pride in our service as well as our food, and for Mr. Citara to say it "sucks" might just show his lack of vocabulary. In any case, I guarantee that at Fox's, you'll get good fresh food at a moderate price, with great service.

Nelson Padron
South Miami

That tired, old, overrated joint: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Way to go, Bill Citara, for the review "Not So Good Old Days." Finally somebody has the integrity to tell it like it is. I love Fox's. It's the only place in Miami where you can cheat on your wife right in front of her! Seriously I do like the place — it's dark and relatively quiet. However, the joint is overrated, the food is mediocre, and it is way overpriced. The problem is that somewhere along the line somebody who was perceived as very cool gave it the "cool-boy thumbs up," and no one but no one challenged it. Come on! The place sucks! Fresh frozen yellowtail from Jimbo's last year for $19.95? Give me a break! And fuck Sinatra too!

Rock on, Bill Citara!

PJ Mills
El Portal

Double Trouble

Miami New Times art director Michael Shavalier took both honorable mention and third place for his page design work in this past week's Association of Alternative Newsweeklies contest. And New Times Broward-Palm Beach staff writer Wyatt Olson grabbed first in the long-form news story category for his piece (also published in Miami) about a weed that may swallow the Everglades, and scientists' attempts to kill it.


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