Letters from the Issue of June 21, 2007

Target Practice

It's a fixer-upper: Regarding "Target Identified" (June 7), by Francisco Alvarado: As a longtime (25-plus years) Trail Glades user, I would really like to see the park fixed up. I use all of what it has to offer, from the handgun range to the shotgun and rifle ranges. Most of the buildings are falling apart, and the place looks terrible. But what good would it do me to have a 600-yard range if I couldn't even enjoy it? I am sure once it is built, the police departments will take it over. Every time freaking politicians get their hands in something, they screw it up for everyone else. If there is eight million dollars to spend, spend it on renovations. The only new thing I have seen there in years is the canopy over the handgun range. Even the stands are old wooden pieces, cheaply repaired and not replaced.

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Trail Glades gun range

Here's a Tip

More Korean food worth finding: I enjoyed Lee Klein's review of Sakura at Doral, "Wacky Maki" (June 7). I was impressed with his knowledge of Korean food. I guess it's his business. A new Korean restaurant has opened in Doral. It is called Myung Ga and is a branch of a restaurant of the same name in Weston. I used to have to drive up to Weston or Lauderhill to get good Korean food, but no longer, now that Myung Ga is in Doral. I and my Brazilian wife love the restaurant. If you go, try the soon tubu jigae (spicy soup made with very soft tofu), because this is the specialty.

Incidentally I have no financial interest in this restaurant, but just want enough people to know about it to keep it in business.

Junhee Lee
Coral Gables

Unfair Is Right

Know your history: Regarding "UnFair" (June 7) by Isaiah Thompson: T. Willard Fair is telling us the truth. We do more for others in this country because they aren't black. If everyone knew their history and Bible, they'd stop the pretending, and bow down and get real honest for the cause of black people. I challenge every educator and musician not to teach violence. Let's go Dr. King on 'em and proclaim our freedom and how we're getting it -- not through money, but an education.

Miami Mike Devine
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Clever and Kind

Thanks a bunch: Thank you to Carlos Suarez De Jesus for the kind words in his article "Alternate Realty" (May 24), regarding work of mine and others at Artformz Gallery. He possesses a humorous and unique approach to writing, and he described my painting with clever accuracy. Thank you once again. If anyone is interested in viewing more work, please visit my Website, www.jaimetreadwell.com.

Jaime Treadwell
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

That's the Best You've Got?

Readers, go local: Regarding "Best of Miami 2007" (May 31): There are no surprises with regard to the dining spot favorites of your readers, especially their picks for Italian restaurants -- the Olive Garden (for best cheap and expensive Italian). "You are what you eat" -- is that open to interpretation? Really, it speaks a mouthful -- pun intended. It is obvious that your readership would and could do better with a microwave portion of Michael Angelo's frozen eggplant Parmesan.

The days of small, locally owned Italian restaurants -- Raymond's, Red Devil, Villanova, Casa Napoli, to name a few -- are long gone.

Take care of your health, and enjoy your food, but eat as slowly as possible so you can taste the food and save your stomach and digestive system for more gastronomic delights.

Ronald C. Rickey
Coconut Grove

Camilo's No Hero

Let him retreat one last time: With regard to "Camilo's Retreat" (May 3) by Francisco Alvarado: Let me begin with Webster's Dictionary definitions of the words coward and hero. Coward: one who is shamefully unable to control fear and so shrinks from danger or trouble. Hero: any person, especially a man, admired for courage, nobility, or exploits, especially in war. Regarded as an ideal or model. Any more questions, Mr. Alvarado? This coward, Camilo Mejia, stated he never realized the full implication of his enlistment. Did he believe he was joining a country club where he didn't have to work, where he would see the world, and where he would make new friends at the expense of the U.S. government? I'm afraid this mama's boy wanted out as soon as he was forced to be a man and obey rules.

He states he saw innocent lives being taken and could not convince himself the war was justified. Sure there are innocent lives lost in crossfire, but what about all the innocent lives these terrorists deliberately take every day with their suicide bombers? What about the innocent 3000-plus lives lost on 9/11? Will Mejia's "moral beliefs" change if his innocent daughter becomes a victim of the next terrorist attack? These terrorists have been unable to pull off another attack in America because President Bush has brought the fight to them, sending over the brave men and women of the U.S. military forces.

This so-called "son of Nicaraguan revolutionaries," a group known to be Communist with close ties to the American-hating dictators of Cuba and Venezuela, needs to be deported to Nicaragua where he can live his cowardly life, where he can bask in his "moral beliefs" all he wants.

Although we have yet to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it is still the breeding ground for American-hating terrorists -- terrorists who would like nothing more than an opportunity to kill more innocent Americans and cause mass destruction on American soil.

Webster's Dictionary has given us the meaning of the word hero, and let me tell you, Camilo Mejia is no hero. He has lived his fifteen minutes in the spotlight, which is probably all he really wanted, and now that it's over, let him retreat into obscurity, where he belongs.

Cesar Matus

Getting a Hand from AAN Miami
New Times won several AltWeekly Awards from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies this past weekend. Lee Klein took first place in the Arts Feature category for "Foie Wars" (July 13, 2006). Emily Witt won second in coverage of immigration with "Mock Trial" (October 19, 2006). Michael Shavalier garnered second place in cover design -- "Bad Seed Awards" (February 2, 2006), "Foie Wars," and "These Could Be Yours" (August 31, 2006) -- as well as third place in editorial layout for "Death by the Pound" (January 26, 2006).


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