Letters from the Issue of June 19, 2008

Faux Fury

Judging a book by its cover: Francisco Alvarado's "Last and Furious" (June 5) article about the Miami Fury football team was informative and enjoyable. These ladies seem to have a strength for survival off the field that carries onto the gridiron. In most cases, surviving means a high degree of self-confidence on many levels. So to my brothers of all colors: Warriors are not exclusive to the male gender.

But while I'm not exactly a fan of football, I am a fan of honesty. I found the cover of the paper to be a misrepresentation of the what the players featured in your article look like. The cover features an illustration of a white woman in football gear, while the first picture in the article is of a player who is black. The piece told the stories of women who live and raise families in Overtown, Opa-locka, and Liberty City, predominately black neighborhoods. The cover reminds me of the days when record labels used black rock and roll and jazz artists to record music, but put white people on the covers of the albums to sell copies. This is 2008. New Times is supposed to have more of an honest, less divisive tone, so I don't understand. It seems mixed messages and the media go hand in hand, and this is where I thought New Times was different. Decisions like these aren't made by the writers; these are decisions made at the top.


Miami Fury women's football team

Djinji Brown


School Daze

You call that leadership?: Regarding Francisco Alvarado's "School Duel" (June 5): One has to admire the typical Miami-Dade County public school teacher, who for scandalously low pay does his or her best to educate our children. That same admiration does not extend to the United Teachers of Dade, where the most important things often appear to be acquisition of personal power and stifling of contrary points of view.

The latest examples of this are the accusations leveled against three "dissident" teachers. The specific charges against these teachers have not been made public. Is this any way to inspire public confidence, or the confidence of the union membership? Doubtful.

It would be nice if the union leadership could behave like adults. Sadly, this is something that might have to be deferred until the next union elections.

Jeff Joens


That's Italian

Take it from me: I am writing concerning Lee Klein's restaurant review of Fratelli Milano, "Value Veal" (May 29). I could not disagree with you more, and frankly was surprised by the negative tone in most of the article. I tried to reconcile my pleasant dining experiences with what you were saying, and it just did not feel like you reviewed the place I know. Perhaps you expected specific Milanese cuisine, and the menu was more varied with other Italian specialties? The chef de cuisine and the pastry chef are brothers from Milan, hence the name of the restaurant.

I am an Italophile, having visited the country from Bologna down to Naples and the Amalfi Coast up to Ravello. I have lived and eaten with Italians who have treated me to their regional specialties, and enjoyed the varieties of their cuisine. Fratelli Milano does not pretend to be an upscale, fancy restaurant.

You are right — it is not the Piazza del Duomo or Via Veneto. But it is a casual family-style eatery, and it most certainly holds its own with similar restaurants in Italy. Fratelli Milano's clientele consists mostly of downtown Miami office workers, so it makes sense to offer lighter fare such as panini, pizzas, and salads. But the food is delicious and worthy any time of day.

I'm sorry your wine glass was half empty instead of half full. I hope readers will pick up on the few but true positives you pointed out and treat themselves to a tasty meal at a great value. We should all support this little gem. It transports me to Italy every time I go there, without having to leave Miami.

Heriberto Sanchez



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