Pearls Without Whine

Letters from the Issue of June 15, 2006

Perfect is far from Gitmo: Congratulations to Emily Witt for the article "Pearl of the Antilles" (June 8). I consider it important that this topic, so many times discussed in international forums, can now be discussed in the United States. By writing the article, Ms. Witt contributed to a more informed society.

Sometimes it is difficult to think a prison like Guantanamo can exist in the 21st Century. Sixty years ago, the world lived through the worst war ever, and since then, the international community has worked to establish minimum requirements that should be respected [with regard to the treatment of prisoners of war]. But now it seems that in the name of liberty and freedom, those minimum requirements can be ignored, and the worst human qualities — anger, ignorance, and revenge — have returned to prominence.


"Pearl of the Antilles"

Most of the prisoners in Guantanamo have not been charged, and many of them may be innocent. The article made me ask myself: What is the objective of having those prisoners there? The only answer is anger and revenge — anger at not understanding other people and revenge for the terrible attacks September 11.

It seems there is still a long way to go to achieve a perfect world, but a good way to begin building it is to stop thinking the problem is far away in the Middle East, where the words human rights and freedom are spoken only by politicians.

Thank you for the interesting article.

Victor Vazquez

Crazy Like a ...

That reviewer sure is: I found Bill Citara's critique of Fox's Sherron Inn, "Not So Good Old Days" (June 8), a bit cruel and unjust. Fox's is the only place in town that offers its clientele a Fifties-style Rat Pack eatery/bar. I drive from Boca Raton to Fox's for business meetings because it's a fun, cool place. The food cannot be beat, and the drink specials (take the ones on Tuesdays) are unbelievable. Mr. Citara's review was the blandest, harshest I've read in a while for a place that is, well, far better than every other sleazy bar Miami has to offer. As a Miami native, I must say Fox's is where it's at.

Charles Furment
Boca Raton

A hard-drinkin' endorsement: I was shocked by Bill Citara's review of Fox's Sherron Inn. What was he expecting? Cheesy Miami fake glitz and glamour? Fox's is the only bar that can make me a drink. Period. Look, if you want to go out for an amazing meal, then go to a restaurant on Biscayne Boulevard. Fox's can make a drink that brings a tear to my eye ... a tear of joy because finally a bartender has made a drink with the degree of strength that I like!

Linda Doval

Editor's note: The review of Fox's Sherron Inn misstated the prices for two dishes. The yellowtail costs $19.95, and the lamb chops cost $16.95.

Let 'Em Run

Don't fence them in: The "welcome natural-foods component" of Lost & Found Saloon — consisting of free-range eggs and tofu substitutions — is welcome indeed ("Simple and Stylish" by Lee Klein, June 8). Demand for free-range eggs is growing in restaurants across the nation as consumers learn about the realities of today's factory farming.

Most egg-laying hens in the United States are confined by the tens of thousands into tiny wire cages on factory farms that resemble dismal, sunless warehouses more than traditional farms. The majority of pigs in the U.S. are also intensely confined in these abusive animal factories. Free-range products are a step in the right direction, and more restaurants should follow Lost & Found's lead.

Katie Carrus, coordinator
Factory Farming Campaign
The Humane Society of the United States

Flim-Flam Flummox

The editor probably came up with it: Regarding "Valentine Sway" (June 1): That was a satisfying big dog vs. little guy piece Rob Jordan wrote about Mark Valentine, the disbarred probate attorney. However, I would have gone with the headline "My Phony Valentine." Or would that have been legally dubious considering he hasn't yet been charged with anything? Oh well. It was nice to see the word flummoxed in print. That's a good word.

Bill Edwards
Anniston, Alabama

Harry for President

The search for an ethnically perfect name ends: Regarding Harry Emilio Gottlieb's letter "Way Too Much of Everything" (May 18): I'd like to contact Mr. Gottlieb and offer my professional services as his campaign manager if he wants to run for office. He'll have the market of legal voters covered: Jamaicans, Haitians, White-Non-Hispanics, and African-Americans will go for the name "Harry." Hispanics will go for "Emilio," and Jews will go for "Gottlieb." He's two steps ahead of "Manny Diaz," and I think we really got some potential here.

Mercedes Vega
Coconut Grove

Ding-Dong Derf

Has no sense of decorum: After reading film, stage, and food reviews, and the occasional pithy article, the only thing that draws me to the rear section of your paper is the usually vile and obnoxious cartoon by Derf, "The City." My thought is: Can it get any worse than the previous week? Well, the cartoon on May 25, about Bush's plan to use the tombstones of our dead soldiers to fence the U.S. border, was in such poor taste that it was despicable.

Bush, as it is, is the first American president in quite a while to have the balls to attack this problem head-on and has proposed a program that the majority of Americans, both liberal and conservative, approves, and that, in fact, has angered part of his base.

If I had a son or daughter who died in Iraq, I would ask Derf what the hell he was thinking. People can be blinded by their hatred of Bush, and Derf has gone too far with this cartoon.

Roger Shatanof
Coral Gables


A story in the June 8 issue ("Inherit the Worth" by Francisco Alvarado) misidentified former state legislator Michael Abrams. He is a government consultant, not an attorney.


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