Letters from the issue of July 8, 2010

Stop, You're Busted

Shut up, whiners: The red-light cameras described in "Smile, You're Busted" (Gus Garcia-Roberts, June 24) have been a big deal to many people all over the United States. The question is why make a big deal out of this if you are driving the speed limit and stopping at all the red lights? If you are simply following the law, there is no reason to complain. The cameras have been put in place to make people more aware of the road and to reduce the number of accidents.



Luther Campbell

The Man got us down: I agree with this article. I've seen cameras all over the place in Miami-Dade and Broward. I've been slamming the brakes ever since and have almost had five accidents. These cameras are there to make money for the city, county, and state. I am waiting for someone to hit me so I can file a lawsuit. Everyone needs to join this cause. We are a great land, but the government is sucking us dry with this type of operation. And I forgot to mention: Red-light cameras don't save lives.

Richard C

His life is at risk: Red-light cameras are a scam and a cash cow for cities. Check out the intersection of West Country Club Drive and Aventura Boulevard and the right-turn-on-red scenario. Why don't they put up a "Stop Here on Red" sign or something similar? I can document that the intersection I cross on foot every day has a messed-up pedestrian light: It says "go" when right-turning traffic has a green light as well. I have almost been run over many times. I know people who have been ticketed for slightly rolling over the line. It's a stupid mistake that costs a lot of money.


He's starting a revolution: I received a red-light ticket too. Never again! Mine was a case of following a garbage truck on a right on red. I didn't see the light turn red. The video showed that the garbage truck ran the red light too, and other drivers completely went through the intersection. Plus there were no pedestrians. Yet Miami Gardens charged me $129. I paid it, but now it is time to implement economic sanctions against the city. Enjoy the $129, but realize it has cost you far more. I left town, and I go out of my way to ensure that others don't purchase anything in the city limits of Miami Gardens. I treat that community as the USA does Iran. Miami Gardens has caught my special interest and attention with a traffic cam. They think they have a budget shortfall today? When their municipalities dry up and die, they can blame themselves for what happened. I've cost Miami Gardens far more than it took from me. And I'm not done yet.


Peanut Problem

The answer is plump: In response to "Peanut Butter Miracles" (Aimee Levitt, July 1): Plumpy'nut was created by a French physician in 1999. It has been used extensively in Niger for years to treat child malnutrition. It is less expensive than the medika mamba being used in Haiti and still highly effective.


Unhappy ending: If this noble effort — Meds & Food for Kids — does not decrease its operating costs, it will have the same ending as almost all other American-created operations in Haiti: failure.


Luke: Devil or God

Get rid of him: Luther Campbell's July 1 column about Al and Tipper Gore was just another uninteresting article written by an ignorant jackass. New Times, please fire Luke and the idiot who hired him. Luke, please go away. You aren't interesting or amusing.


Chakra is a con: Takes one freaky idiot to know another! Does your second chakra need releasing too? The amount of chakra you, Gore, and all the other leftists release will destroy the Earth with immense global warming! Control yourselves, freaks!


Keep your chin up: I like this one, Luke. Tipper did look like a bitch. And don't let these losers' comments get you down.


Keep it all up: Luke, you are the best. Forget these people. They are just bad and hateful people. Go for it.

Lin Rafael

Cake Reminder

Icebox is the place: Lee Klein's July 1 review, "Flapjack Flip-Off X: Miami's Best Pancakes," skipped Icebox Café. This is a big, big mistake. I especially like the apple pancakes, which are really one large pancake. It is so delicious it's worth starting over on your low-carb diet. Ask the chef when they will be available, and pop in. Prepare to weep. The Icebox Café isn't perfect, but it is practically the only genuine neighborhood place on South Beach, so we love it. If you have a problem, they fix it, but mostly there are no problems. Also, Front Porch has pretty good pancakes. Did you forget about them?

Bella Ehlers


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