Letters from the issue of July 7, 2011

Sexual Healing

Cheap talk: So what if the porn industry supports charities for kids ("Boobs for Babies," Gus Garcia-Roberts, June 30)? Is it not allowed to do that? It's admirable that the company doesn't want to pat itself on the back publicly. What charity do you have, and how much do you give to charity? You are the scam, pointing your little fingers at the bad guy. Start a charity, promote it, sponsor special events, figure out finances and logistics, pay for permits, and hire lawyers to deal with assholes like you. Volunteer. Get your hands dirty. Know what's involved. And then open your stupid mouth to say something.



Letters to the editor

Casting call: This writer is so fascinated by porn. I think he wants to be in porn and thinks that writing about Reality Kings every week will get him his big break.


Watch Your Mouth

Eavesdropping: A system that detects conversations as well as gunshots is a blatant invasion of privacy ("Surveillance City," Michael E. Miller, June 30). I understand there is a need for police protection and stopping criminals from committing crimes, but innocent people will be affected if their conversations are recorded. I'm sure there has to be another way!


Yank 'em: Joe Martinez is a dumbass. This has to be one of the stupidest money pits ever! You have to wonder how much graft Joe is pocketing out of this white elephant project.

Joe Franklins

Put 'em everywhere: Install these devices in the backroom of every city hall, in all police cars and offices, and in every bar and club. Then you will see some results.

Michael Wind

All in the Family

Check facts: The subhead to the article — "Governor wants to drug-test welfare recipients, even his little brother" — and the article itself are grossly misleading ("Scott's Black Sheep," Victoria Bekiempis, June 30). Not only does Rick Scott's brother live in a state outside of Scott's jurisdiction, but also he is not even on welfare! Contrary to what is implied, social security is not welfare, and recipients of social security are not subject to testing under Scott's program.


Muckraking: I read the article about Gov. Rick Scott's brother and kept trying to determine what the story was about. This is newsworthy? The author tried her best to trash his brother, but she failed. A lot of us have family members who are less fortunate. I am neutral when it comes to Gov. Scott's politics, but this article was just a boring piece of yellow journalism. Maybe it was a slow news week.


Family drug-testing: Scott is concerned with filling the pockets of his former drug-testing company with our tax money. If he were able to get Texas to buy his drug tests, he would happily drug-test his brother, mother, and anyone else who could put another dollar in his pocket.

J. Stacy


Wash your mouth: I don't belong to "the society of elitist rich Anglos and Hispanics who run this county," but I love and care about my community — unconditionally ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, June 30). Volunteering to read to or tutor children and setting a good example doesn't cost millions of dollars. But to the children, it means everything! No one is motivated or encouraged by listening to offensive language. Act like a gentleman, and you will be treated like one. The City of Miami spoke when it didn't elect you to represent it. Don't be angry with so-called "elitists." Be angry with yourself. Personally, I want a well-spoken, educated gentleman to represent the needs of my community. And I know I speak for millions in this case.

K. Cabrera

Big dope: If the best black candidate you can come up with is a former rapper who writes mostly retarded op-ed pieces for Miami New Times and whose big economic plan to save the county is to enact a tax on strippers, nobody who is drug-free is going to vote for a black candidate. Luke crying about some secret White-Hispanic cabal just because he got his ass handed to him in an election is not going to make anyone vote for him the next time around.

Gerald F.

Some truth: I'm not a follower of Luke, but there is truth in some of what he says. Speaking as a non-white, non-black, non-Hispanic reader, I see a definite pattern of subtle racism exercised by whites of various ethnic groups against those of color in several quarters.


Awards Sweep

Miami New Times won 12 awards in the recently announced Green Eyeshade Awards, which recognize excellence in journalism in 11 Southeastern states. In the nondaily division, Tim Elfrink took first place in business, technology, public affairs, and politics reporting, as well as second place in court reporting and third place in investigative reporting. Gus Garcia-Roberts’s story “Blow Hard” was named best entry overall in the nondaily division, as well as best feature story. Michael E. Miller took first in sportswriting. And Francisco Alvarado, food critic Lee Klein, and editor Chuck Strouse grabbed second place in public service, criticism, and serious commentary, respectively.


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