Letters from the Issue of July 30, 2009

She Found the Right Carrera

A canvas writes: Jose Carrera, who was described in "Tattoo U" (Carlos Suarez De Jesus, July 23), is a true artist with a gifted eye and a keen sense of beauty. Despite his past, which I have never given a second thought, Jose is beyond talented. He is aware of his abilities yet remains humble and energized by artistic challenges. For many years, I have entrusted Jose with my skin, and he has never failed me. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't compliment his work. I am proud to be one of his "works in progress." Jose, you deserve all the props in the world. You deserve every second of recognition for your talents and the way you add beauty to the world.


Miami Beach


Moroccan Ping-Pong

He got robbed: I completely agree with the opinions on the police in Morocco, expressed in "Serve America, Forget Family" (Kyle Munzenrieder, July 23). I am a U.S. citizen who emigrated from Morocco. Every time I go back to my country to visit family, I am shocked by the police officers, who are supposed to serve and protect the people but instead are always looking for a handout however they can get it. It feels like a robbery in progress when they come to talk to you.

When I was at the airport, they extorted money while I was checking my bags into and out of the country. I hope at least someone gets some justice from the antics of the police there. I hope the king is aware of this. About 90 percent of police officers there need replacements.


Stratford, Connecticut


But being robbed is OK: I just want to comment about the writer's statement, "Thank goodness you don't live in Morocco."

As a Moroccan who lived in the United States for many years, I can tell you: Thank God I don't live in the U.S. anymore.

True, our police are corrupt, but at least in Morocco you are not afraid you will be shot by crazy white trash. Your cell phone might get stolen in the street, but no one will shoot you in the head, which happened to one of my Moroccan friends in Tuscaloosa.

Moreover, I feel sorry for this guy Omar. Not because of what he is going through with the Moroccan police, but because he betrayed his people. He might not feel it now, but he will regret it in the future when he feels the need to reconnect with his roots.


Casablanca, Morocco


More Death Rattling

Understanding needed: "'Til Death" (Michael J. Mooney, July 16), the story about the lesbian who murdered her wife and then killed herself, is horrific. When will people realize we are all the same inside? Thank you for the beautiful story of two women we will miss very much.


Miami Beach


Understanding provided: I was Carol Anne Burger's lover before Jess. I spent some time with both of them in 2002. I noticed Carol was in a downward spiral at that time. She said I was never her friend, and the friends she had for many years were no longer her friends. She even stopped contact with her family.

This is truly a tragic end to a gifted and well-liked woman. My heart will always yearn for Carol.


Pompano Beach


She wants to help: The article was very sad and disturbing. The GLBT community has such relationships, and to compound this with mental illness, as was the case with Carol Anne Burger, is dangerous. In hindsight, Ms. Burger's possessive friend Helen should've taken her out of that environment. I have done it twice and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Because of pressure, some of these "toxic" gay relationships warrant a good, nonjudgmental person to be a friend and a godly one — to give advice and at times just listen to their pain and woes.

No law can change a disturbed mind that's a disaster waiting to happen. And just like the article concluded, Carol and Jessica are like so many others. God bless!

Maria Lightbourne

Chairwoman, Concerned Citizens Committtee Inc.

Liberty City


They needed help: The last sentence of the article says it all. These women had the same problems everyone else has. It makes their story's tragic end even sadder. Jessica sounds like she was a lovely, wonderful woman. Carol sounds like she needed help badly.




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