Letters from the Issue of July 3, 2008

Hey, Old-Timer

Um, did he read the byline?: Regarding Arielle Castillo's "Metal Rules" (June 26): Your words are as lame as your opinions. What a jackass. You are obviously some old guy trying to relive his youth.

JD from Santa Monica


metal music

Via web commentary

Raw Nerve

Call me crazy: Apparently I am the Hezbollah of the vegetarian community ("Raw Deal," by Lee Klein, June 19).

I despise industries that cut the beaks off birds, that cram chickens into tiny cages where they can't even spread their wings, and that throw live male chicks into trash cans and tree stump grinders. I am infuriated by the practice of starving chickens for 14 days just to get a couple of extra eggs out of them before they are sent for slaughter.

I refuse to support a dairy industry that tears mother from baby within moments of birth. I am outraged by day-old calves with their umbilical cords still attached being herded into slaughterhouses by jets of ice-cold water so that humans can steal their mothers' milk. I am mortified by five-year-old dairy cows being pushed, kicked, whipped, and dragged into slaughterhouses because they are no longer able to stand.

Art of Food is attempting to walk the line between the products that consumers will buy, and the values of decency to all species and human health. Maybe the restaurant could do a little better in the way they appeal to the nonvegan palate. Or maybe it should be given kudos for being cruelty-free and environmentally sound, and for using food products that actually make you healthier.

Perhaps Lee Klein should consider the complicity of 99 percent of the population who choose to knowingly and callously participate in the torture of helpless animals by buying animal products, simply for a different taste experience. By doing this, consumers are causing more than 30 percent of greenhouse gases and suffering dreadfully as cases of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer reach epidemic proportions.

Or maybe I am just a loony vegan, and one day I will learn that my taste buds are more important than compassion, health, and a clean planet.

Brad King

Miami Beach

Not Buying It

Some thug: In response to Jason Handelsman's "By Thug Demand" (June 19): Ted Lucas is a greasy-ass hypocrite. Handelsman is trying to make him look good 'cause he accepted Jesus in Lucas's office. Fuck Jason Handelsman, and fuck Slip-N-Slide, except Trina.


Via web commentary

Gay as in (Not) Happy

Too gay?: Regarding Dan Renzi's article about the Miami Gay Men's Chorus, "'Above the Fruited Plain' Indeed" (June 12): How many more times could you have used the word gay? Are you homophobic? I am appalled that any reporter would write such garbage and then have it published. I am an officer of the board of directors of the chorus and a singing member, and if you have nothing but negative words to use in your rag article, then perhaps the whole gay community would benefit more if you didn't waste our time or the community's time and stay at home next time. We don't need your type of publicity.

Gregory Crosby

North Miami

The writer responds: How is using the word gay insulting? We used gay four times in this article, and one of those times was to mention the name of your group. If you don't want people to use the word gay so much, maybe you shouldn't call yourselves the Gay Men's Chorus.

Dan Renzi, editor, Express Gay News

Editor's note: The article was 177 words long, or 1.6 percent "gay," compared with the group's name, at 25 percent.


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