Letters from the issue of July 29, 2010

Party Line

Coin flip: From what I see, here is the difference between Democrats and Republicans ("Tea Party Pretty Boy," Tim Elfrink, July 22): Republicans don't care about electing a crook as long as it is not a Democrat, and Democrats will switch parties in a second to pick the best one. Republicans believe in party over country and then claim they are more American than everyone else. Democrats are wimps and don't know how to respond to Republican lies.



Marco Rubio

D.C. comics: The last thing we need is another Miami politician in Washington, D.C. Seriously, people, think about that for a second.


Balancing act: This is obviously a biased report about Marco Rubio. Every politician has negatives. But also mention the positives to be fair. Common sense.


Tiny Tim: Timmy's mommy should wash his mouth out with soap for being so immature and unprofessional. Grow up and state the facts. We are weary of lefty opinions.


For sale: Rubio would side with Fidel Castro if he thought it would help him win. He is a snake oil salesman just like Obama.


Stereotyping: Marco Rubio is your typical Cuban refugee that will beg, borrow, lie, steal, and do almost anything, legal or not, to get where he wants to go. He has zero experience in anything else. We don't need more of this in Congress. Do you know anyone who murders pigs on Christmas and is proud of it? Keep your distance from this one.


Family values: I found out all I needed to know about Marco Rubio when I organized a fundraising luncheon and sat with him at the head table. He told me he was fine with our agenda but had to leave no later than 2:30. His son had a tee-ball game, and it was important that he be there — he so seldom could be. These are the values I want to see in our elected officials. As the '60s pop group Jay and the Americans sang: "Only in America can a kid without a cent get a break and maybe grow up to be president."


The bad and the ugly: I don't know Rubio's track record, but according to this article, it appears that everything he's ever done has been bad. I suppose the writer could not find anything good to say about Rubio. As always, New Times publishes a disservice to voters. It would have been nice to know the good and the bad so that voters could make up their own minds.


Mr. Rubio goes to Washington: If Rubio's vision for America involves turning the nation into West Miami, I'm definitely not voting for him, and I am a Hispasnic-American just like he is. No voting along racial lines for me. The last thing the Senate needs is Miami politics.

A. Keets


No loyalty: You can count on LeBron James to remain tone-deaf to his surroundings ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, July 22). He'll likely ignore the advice about not wearing Florida Gators clothing. In Cleveland, he wore a Yankees hat to an Indians-Yankees playoff game. This caused an uproar, but he didn't learn. He was later seen decked out in Cowboys gear and on the Dallas sideline at a Browns-Cowboys game. If you're looking for someone who respects the people he works for (the fans), the wrong player is in Miami.


Naked Truth

Watch out, Ipanema: Haulover Beach attracts longtime naturists and nudists, as well as people new to the naturist experience ("The Skinny on Going Nude," Elyse Wanshel, July 22). Haulover's naturist beach social atmosphere is different from the sexually charged textile beaches with their peekaboo-bikini-clad beauties seeking attention. The real attraction is the clean beach, no loud radios, well-behaved visitors, and international flavor of tourists from many different countries.


Warmth of the sun: I really enjoyed this article. Loved reading about the nudist point of view and the beach's history, but mostly I enjoyed the writing. I could picture everything and could almost feel the sun on my skin. Thank you.



Miami New Times hit for the cycle in the recent Association of Alternative Newsweeklies contest. Art director Pam Shavalier took first in editorial layout for "Pint-Size Preacher." Staff writer Natalie O'Neill grabbed second in health reporting, and Shavalier took third in cover design. Lisa Rab of our sister paper, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, placed first in media criticism for a piece about the decline of South Florida newspapers.


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