Letters from the Issue of July 23, 2009

Murder (And Politics) Most Foul

Goodbye, Jess: "'Til Death" (Michael J. Mooney, July 16), about the woman who killed her estranged wife, is beautifully written but terribly sad. It seems like Jessica was a wonderful lady the world will miss a lot. I'll have both of these women in my prayers.

Jane D.


lesbian murder-suicide

Pompano Beach


Hello, debate: Why isn't this getting bigger national attention? Two women were trapped in a marriage the state wouldn't recognize. This could change the gay marriage debate in this country!

Larry Hughes



Hello, hello, police!: I knew both Carol and Jess for many years, and the official police story is so full of holes it isn't funny. Somebody should ask them if Carol had injuries consistent with a violent struggle such as scratches or bruises on her forearms... or if Jess had any evidence of a struggle with Carol — or somebody else — under her fingernails. The possibility of alternative scenarios should be considered, including the proximity of this highly publicized tragedy to the anti-gay ballot initiative. The story dominated Florida headlines the entire week before Election Day.

I miss both of them every day, and the only thing worse than not having them in my life is the certainty that somebody got away with murder.


New York


They deserve it: If these people were not commiting crimes, police dogs wouldn't be chasing them. These are people invading our property. I don't feel sorry for them. Every action has a consequence!




New Times deserves it: Once again, police bashing from New Times. These people would not have been bitten if they were not trespassing on other people's property in order to commit crimes. If an armed K-9 officer instructs you to stop, you stop. Disobeying those instructions comes with consequences. If you're man enough to commit a crime, be man enough to bear the consequences.




It's Greek to Lee

Efharisto, dude: Thank you for the well-written and thorough review of Anise Restaurant, "From Ouzo to Anise" (Lee Klein, July 16). I must, however, object to one of your statements: "Moussaka... Zucchini for eggplant? Please."

You are misinformed regarding authentic Greek cooking. In Greece, my very traditional, rural relatives often prepare a variation of moussaka that uses zucchini instead of eggplant, or even the two together in alternating layers. This variety is almost never served in restaurants, though it is common in non-touristy Greece. I have often yearned to find it instead of the oh-so-common eggplant variety.

The true hallmark of Greek cooking is its religious adherence to this rule: Use whatever is seasonal and available.

Andreas Georgiadis



Bash New Times Week

Shame, shame, shame: The story about Dwyane Wade and Baron Richard von Houtman, "Dwayne's Disaster" (Gus Garcia-Roberts, July 9), was well constructed. However, I wonder why you even wrote it. Any journalist worth his salt would realize that von Houtman is a disgruntled business partner seeking publicity wherever he can get it. He's not credible. The only thing your article succeeded in doing is giving a platform to a man who is attempting to take down a stellar African-American man.

As a former journalist, I learned when to smell a rat. This story is neither news nor interesting celebrity gossip. Kudos to you for aiding and abetting a scheming con artist who is out to take down one of Miami's African-American stars. Spreading rumors and innuendo about African-American luminaries has become a pastime of the Miami media. Portraying African-Americans as alcohol-guzzling, coke-snorting, watermelon-grinning buffoons who can't handle their personal affairs is a throwback to the Jim Crow days of the South when stereotypes prevailed.

New Times should be ashamed of itself for assisting von Houtman in perpetuating old stereotypes and assisting in the tarring of another African-American male.

Jason T. Smith



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