Letters from the issue of July 21, 2011

Evil He Is

Editor's note: Our July 14 cover story, "Overlord of Evil," about Florida Gov. Rick Scott, occasioned an outpouring of anger. The following is just a sample.

Floriduh: When Lisa Rab states in her fine article that "the people of Florida aren't stupid," I'm afraid she is sadly mistaken. How bright can they be when they voted him into the governorship in the first place? They don't call it Floriduh for nothing.


Rick Scott

Sidney H. Glauser

A naked mole rat?: It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is the worst governor in America. His letter praising himself makes me want to go crazy. I freaking love this great nation, and everyone should slap the governor with a marlin for a lesson and then again with a full-body-shaven, naked mole rat.

Elena Zapata

Friends in high places: Scott is a blue-collar criminal with a criminal mentality. Simply deduce the political allies or business partners who will benefit financially from his policies, and you can easily determine where he'll land on any issue.


We deserve him: Florida deserves what it gets. Every ignorant a$$hole who voted for Scott actually did so by voting against Democrats. Well, my fellow Floridians, don't complain. We have what we deserve.


Go to the polls right now: This guy is a moron! He is working hard to build a society of elitism in Florida. He is throwing the state back to the dark ages where the population will be the wealthy and the people who serve them at low pay. His brother is bipolar? Don't be fooled! It runs in the genes! When I see what he is doing to our state, the only other dictator who comes to mind is Hitler. If the people of Florida would get off of their butts and vote, we would not have this moron in office.

Sue Brewer

Lipton Republicans: Scott is obviously a paid Tea Party member. Oh, yeah, believe it. The Tea Party pays people to comment on these comment sites on each and every newspaper and news agency/blog on the Internet. If you want to destroy democracy, vote Republican.


One skeptic, finally: You did not mention what exactly Rick Scott has done that you find criminal. Are you referring to cutbacks in the budget? Our state constitution allows only for the governor to set the budget, not allocate where money is spent or cut. Example: He cut the budget for education, pleading with and warning the school boards not to touch teachers, their salaries, or the classroom. He directed them to cut from downtown, district, and administrative jobs that everyone in the school system knows is over budget. Scott (no, don't like him personally) is doing exactly what we hired him to do. Perhaps you're feeding into the left-wing media and blaming the wrong person?


Kiss off, Grandpa: What we need to do is impeach this crook, just like we did Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez. Scott became a billionaire overnight by stealing billions from Medicare, and now he wants to cut vital programs. And he is very much in favor, like other GOP members, of getting rid of Medicare and social security. But I'm sorry to say that if seniors like my parents lose their benefits, they deserve it for voting for these inhumane, for-the-rich-by-the-rich Republicans.


Goodbye, Ricky: Well, now we see what they mean by "once a crook, always a crook." Scott will take the State of Florida down like a sinking ship, and there's no stopping him. He needs to be pulled out of office before he does any more damage. We need to look at what he has done in the past and how he took down the companies he worked for. Nothing good has come from him. We'll see down the road if he is not voted out of office.

Domingo Pacheco

Liberals are worse: Keep voting Democrat and wind up like California, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, et al. In Democrat-controlled areas (the U.S. government!), the leaders have run our economy to the brink of bankruptcy and poverty, basically putting it on Third-World footing. Someone has to make hard choices and stop the ATM machine dishing out taxpayers' hard-earned money. If Scott can do it, great. But, please, there's plenty of dirty laundry to go around, especially from "career" politicians. If you're going to do a hit piece, make sure you add those who have similar or worse histories than the guy who just took over.


Be very embarrassed: The man is a crook, pure and simple. Why go beyond his first "dirty deed" as to how he amassed his fortune, getting kickbacks, and then pleading the Fifth? Why go beyond owning a huge part of the company that administers drug tests but, oh right, the stock is in his wife's name, blah, blah, blah? This man's cynicism and arrogance are clearly seen in his Mephistophelian visage. He is an embarrassment to the people of Florida.

Pipe Sarmiento


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