Letters from the Issue of July 17, 2008

Greco-Homo Wrestling

Bad journalism: What makes people gay is their emotional attachment to a person of the same sex. When you equate activities such as wrestling to homophobic behavior ("Gaytastic!" by Elyse Wanshel, July 10), you are showing your ignorance. Either that or your maturity level hasn't made it beyond two-guys-touching-each-other-giggles yet. Did you wait for the alcohol to wear off after your trip from the bar before writing that profound piece of journalism?

Peter J. Macomber


mixed martial arts

VIA web commentary

Good gaydar: Regarding "Gaytastic!": I couldn't agree more. Every time I see those extreme wrestling shows, I can't help but think how it would be better if they just got it on. As a gay man, I think it's so gay. Maybe someone will finally combine it with porn and make big bucks!

Michael M.

Miami Lakes

A Picture's Worth

High hypocrisy: In response to "Put That Camera Down!" (by Carlos Miller, July 10): We live in a place that is full of exiles supposedly fleeing repression and freedom of speech, and what do they do when they get in a position of power?

Tony S.

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The Queen Rules

Give us more!: I know one of the several psychics you mentioned ("Pollsters, Schmollsters" byJanine Zeitlin, July 3). Queen Isis is the most accurate and compassionate person, helping others without any personal interest. I wish to see more of her thoughts and political opinions in the media.


Via web commentary

One more question: I read the psychics' predictions, but you forgot to ask Queen Isis who is going to be the vice president. She did an exceptional job at my birthday party, providing fun and magic. Her predictions were extremely accurate.


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Dead Wrong

What was he eating?: After reading "Still Lazy After All These Years" (by Lee Klein, June 26), I believe Mr. Klein doesn't know the difference between mold and Parmesan cheese. My friends and I have been loyal Baleen customers for more than five years and could not disagree more with his review. Consider all the new restaurants that have opened and closed in Miami in the past two years, including the ones backed by famous chefs (such as David Bouley) and the projects that cost millions of dollars (Karu & Y). This little place has survived for almost 10 years! It has a great location and great food, and its prices are in line with the cuisine and service. And the most important part: consistency, which is rare for Miami. Mr. Klein's review zigs and zags and focuses on neither food nor service. It almost personally attacks the establishment. Perhaps Mr. Klein should give his palate a break and write some obituaries.


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Thänks for the Tip

Pod punctuation: Regarding "Metal Rules" by Arielle Castillo (June 26): I went to type Spinal Tap on my iPod Touch — nope, no umlaut. As you well know, the band did its double-dot over a consonant, which, surprisingly, exists in some languages. I'm guessing the iPhone brings up the umlaut in those specific bands because that's the way it is in the database. I have a friend who is all about metal and went to school for journalism; I can't wait to show him this! Great stuff, Arïelle!


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