Letters from the Issue of July 12, 2007

They're Game

Adrianne is a real player: I work nearby and have visited Chef Adrianne's restaurant numerous times. After reading and dissecting Lee Klein's article "Fame Game" (July 5), I disagree with some of his remarks.

This restaurant has brought an enticing dining experience to the heart of Kendall. It's really nice to be able to go out to dinner, a really nice dinner, and leave with such a memorable experience. I have enjoyed most of Chef Adrianne's plates, which are impressive in taste and composition. I think the person who has a problem with repetition is Mr. Klein, not Adrianne Calvo. I have read his reviews of other restaurants, and he can't seem to write anything worth reading. He should give credit where it is due. Chef Adrianne's is a fine restaurant!

Rosa Camara


Food for thought: I cannot believe this review for young chef Calvo. Aside from her true talent, she is a savvy businesswoman trying to succeed in an area where it is not common to find a restaurant like hers. Instead of supporting such positive movements in our community, what Lee Klein is doing is disgusting. Perhaps he is envious. Perhaps it is difficult to accept that a 23-year-old has accomplished what most middle-age men cannot and will not. There is some food for thought.

Linda Blassetholm

Via the Internet

Try it, you'll like it: Adrianne's is the best-kept secret in town. You can taste the quality in the food; it is out of this world. Lee Klein's review is garbage. I recommend everyone try Chef Adrianne's, Miami's best new restaurant.

Patrick Lane

Via the Internet

The steak can't be beat: Lee Klein has something wrong in his head or his taste buds. Chef Adrianne's food is the best I've eaten in the five years since I moved here from Manhattan. I can't get enough of her steak au poivre. It's to die for. I've done Christy's, Morton's, and Fleming's, and this is the best steak in town, hands down. Give the girl a break, you envious sons of bitches.

Richard Kurouscious

Via the Internet

What's wrong with Yanni?: I never knew food reviewers needed to criticize playing Yanni, something very classy. But what can I say? Being a food critic for New Times isn't classy. Or is it? Chef Adrianne's is Miami's best new restaurant!

Maria Pereira

Via the Internet

One in a million: I met Adrianne Calvo at the NBC studios and have never encountered such a talented and quirky chef. She is one in a million, and I guess people can't deal with that. Her food is the best.

Monica Sureferi

Via the Internet

The best of the best: I am very upset to read this review of such a distinguished restaurant. When you walk in to Chef Adrianne's, you are transported to another place and time — something she does not charge extra for. The prices are excellent. She really is throwing us a hand here. Yes, the waitstaff could be a bit more polished, but in time I am sure it will be. The other thing I am sure about is that soon it will be incredibly difficult to get a table at Chef Adrianne's.

I've had the best of the best there. I speak about this restaurant almost every day, and I ate there like three weeks ago. And the chef is really there. On a busy Friday night she came to our table with such humbleness — a quality few people possess in this stuck-up world.

Charles Tanstein

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Of Course They Won't Come

That's why they call us the Sunshine State: I agree with Rob Jordan's "If You Build It ..." (June 28). In our area there are several "elephants" or "hippopotamuses" we have to feed with our taxes. The local government, in its pursuit of making the area a cultural and sporting center, has not realized that Florida is not a place where people come to enjoy a ballet, an opera, or a sporting event. They come for the beaches and the weather. (No wonder they call us the Sunshine State.) The moment our government builds attractions that complement the area's natural assets (sun and water), we will no longer need to feed the beasts nobody is interested in visiting.

Elsa M. Rodríguez


God Is Okay with It

We're all sinners: Regarding "God Hates You," by Brandon Thorp (June 28): When it comes to the subject of spirituality versus sexuality, being civil is often confused with being saved. Under the guidelines of being civil, everyone is entitled to his or her sexual liberties, but under the guidelines of being saved, no one is entitled to his or her sexual liberties. What many people have yet to discover is that God does not condone or condemn homosexuality any more than He condones or condemns heterosexuals for being promiscuous under the guise of being single. The fact is we were all born in sin and shaped in iniquity, and we ought to give God ample time to save us.

Lionel K. Lightbourne

Liberty City


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