Letters from the issue of January 6, 2011

Gus Rescues LeBron

He writes: Gus Garcia-Roberts is, in my opinion, one of the best writers in the local scene ("Comeback Queen," December 30). They say long-form journalism is dead. But if all lengthy feature stories were written with as much insight, creativity, narrative prowess, and humor as he employs, the genre would be thriving.

T. Cantarella


LeBron James

He's a genius: This article is, by far, the best I have read in a newspaper in a long time. The idea is novel, the execution is flawless, the language is simply hilarious. Gus was really on a roll when he wrote this. Calling Allen West the political equivalent of a chupacabra humping a unicorn; Charlie Crist an empty cipher without an opinion but with the best tan this side of Snooki; Andre Pierre a fan of piling shit on shit and calling it a delicious club sandwich — It really does not get much better than this. Art Basel: Would you like to buy a fabulous sculpture made out of ostrich crap for $87,000? Ah, and speaking of art: "it's like Britto but with fewer butterflies." This article deserves the title of World's Best Miami Review of 2010® and is definitely much more lively than a shred of Subway lettuce. And it has given me my favorite quotation regarding condo-mania in Miami: "For years, empty condos have lined Biscayne Bay like artifacts of some era that never actually occurred."

Simply put, genius. Thanks.

Rima Gerhard

He expresses: As a man born and raised in Palm Beach County, I think this was a great review of Miami and Florida... It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I'm sure glad Gus is here to express it all.

Night Ryder

But he doesn't know the Heat: Sure Miami is corrupt as hell, but that's no reason to complain about the Heat. They are a better team than the Celtics and broke records in December. Also, coach Spoelstra is doing a good job emphasizing defense, and will likely not be replaced by old man Riley.

Ariel Zahler

Luke's Rant Refuted

I am thankful for this column ("2010 Was Not a Good Year for African Americans," December 30) because it gives me the opportunity to instruct Luther Campbell of how wrong he is.

Michelle Spence-Jones was in trouble almost from the moment she entered office. Evidently, she had criminal intent, not hard work, in mind from the onset of her campaign.

Cam Newton was caught cheating, and in possession of a stolen laptop, while at the University of Florida. And out of thousands of college football players, he's the only one alleged to have sold his services to the highest bidder. Don't you think his character should be scrutinized?

If 20 percent of the population in Miami-Dade County is black, but a large portion is Caribbean, then you are accurately represented.

Not only is Reggie Bush having to give back his Heisman Trophy, but he isn't dating Kim Kardashian anymore. It has been a rough year for African Americans.

Luther, or is it Luke, I think the biggest story on the planet, and the one you didn't mention, is the existence, nay proliferation, of slavery in Haiti. This is child and teen slavery; black on black slavery. We might even assume, it's sex slavery. A mention of this would certainly have the "How tough we homies are having it" meter in the red.

J, P. David67

Get the Puppy Boys

Years of Abuse: That place has been selling sick dogs for years ("Puppies R Love Sells Sick Canines," Gus Garcia-Roberts, December 30). Animal Control continues to fine it, but it needs to be reported to the USDA so it can be shut down!


Biggest mistake of her life: On December 1, that business sold me a sick puppy. To date, she is still sick. I spent more than $1,000 on her, and it's a complete loss. I had a difficult time selling the puppy because of her health condition. I had to give her away to someone who could better take care of her. It was a disaster. I tried returning the puppy but Puppies R Love refused her, saying she just had a small cough due to a change of weather. I had the puppy for 27 days of illness, and could not take it any longer. I hate that place and would not recommend it. The staff pretends to be nice but they are not... Too bad I didn't check the online reviews before making the biggest mistake of my life.


My vet said... : I brought a dog from there three years ago. It had a horrible kennel cough and weighed two pounds. The vet said the company should never sell dogs in that condition.


Lee's a Meanie

Vino is just fine: I have been at the restaurant described in Lee Klein's December 30 review, "Vino & Olio Disappoints,"and did not find it as horrible as the review makes it out to be. It's doing something new and refreshing in the Miami scene. I like the food and the ambiance. Service was not excellent, but then again, where is there good service in Miami?

Raffaella Carra


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