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Letters from the Issue of January 4, 2007

Indy indeed: Regarding Dave Herrera's "Independence Day" (December 28): I thought his list was great. (I especially liked the inclusion of the Arctic Monkeys and Band of Horses.) I couldn't help but notice how much his intro echoed the discussion in my book in the chapter "What Is Indie?" Has he read it? In any case, happy holidays.

Wendy Fonarow
Los Angeles, California

Reality Check

Ding-dong, the witch lives on: Regarding Francisco Alvarado's "Wicked" (December 14): You know, Pat Wade and Mike Pizzi are really out of touch with reality. Mike, who claims to wield so much power, can barely get elected himself. Pat Wade, who claims to represent the farming community in South Dade and advocates for one unit per five acres, lives on 1.25 acres herself. What a hypocrite. Thank God the people saw through their rhetoric and elected once again to keep Commissioner Natacha Seijas. She has done nothing but work for the people since she was elected. Get a life, Pizzi and Wade. Take on a good cause like the need for land for workforce housing.

Billy Smith

Apocalypse Not

Mel the malcontent: Thanks for J. Hoberman's good, effective review of a crappy, run-of-the-Mel film, Apocalypto ("Now Playing," December 14). Gibson should just get on with it and create a modernized take on the Nazis and their Jewish Solution. What an asshole. I've lost all respect for him, as he, too, now lies in the alley, knife in his back, along with once-admirable traits — Good Taste, Class, Style, Savoir-Faire, and Joie de Vivre. The only difference is he put himself there.

Ernie Sandoval


They save the doggies: "Creating Monsters" (November 30) was a damn good article by The Bitch. Check out Atlanta Pet Rescue in Atlanta, Georgia. It does a fantastic job of finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats and getting the word out about responsible pet ownership.

Lindy Carbone
Via the Internet

Kind Words

You like me! You really like me: Regarding Brandon K. Thorp's capsule review of the play All the Great Books (October 26): Now that All The Great Books (abridged) has closed, I would like to thank Mr. Thorp for his review. It's refreshing to find a reviewer who can separate the various elements brought to a production and articulate them. Mr. Thorp obviously hated the script (just like the authors hate Beowulf), but he was very kind to my direction and obviously recognized the skills of the three actors whom I had the pleasure to work with for the past three months. And his writing made the review a lot of fun to read. We loved it, and many of my friends and colleagues loved it as well. I look forward to reading his reviews every week in New Times (and I don't even know what he's going to say about Zoo Story as I write this).

Jerry K. Jensen, director
All the Great Books

Make Nice

Shut up and watch: Regarding Luke Y. Thompson's review of the Dixie Chicks' film Shut Up and Sing ("Radical Chick," October 26): I wouldn't have given the band a chance and, to be honest, could not name a single song. But I sure as hell will now!

Andy DeHart
Maple Valley, Washington

That Hurt

But thanks: Regarding Eric W. Saeger's review of our album, Avoiding the Consequences (Rotations, September 21): Wow! Pretty brutal review. Thanks for the honesty and time listening to our tracks. We appreciate it and will gladly send New Times future recordings as our move in the chess battle.

Ryan Policky
A Shoreline Dream

Denver, Colorado

Nice Rack

Objectivity is the breast policy: Regarding Josh Schonwald's "These Could Be Yours" (August 31): I love that this article was so unbiased. It seems that is a difficult thing to find these days. The different testimonies were informative and came across as genuine. I'm impressed with the journalist.

Tracy Bates
Grants Pass, Oregon

Monkey See

Monkey write: Regarding Julienne Gage's "Animal Collective" (August 10): I would like to state for the record that, although it is no longer a house, Monkey Village does indeed still exist. We Monkeys are quite active in the local musical community and have made ten CDs in the past two years. In fact our most recent CD release took place December 15 at Transit Lounge. Just please quit briefly mentioning us in articles about other people and repeatedly calling us "the now-defunct communal home Monkey Village" or some variation of that statement. I work very hard for the Monkey Village, and it makes my head want to explode whenever I read that! I appreciate it.

The Monkey


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