Letters from the Issue of January 29, 2009

Hustlin' for the Lord

Not so holy: I found Gus Garcia-Robert's January 22 article "Holy Hustler" very interesting. I have to say, though, that I don't see Pastor Vincent Spann doing God's work. To some extent, he's helping some people, but he's definitely not keeping his word. Not paying his taxes and not paying for things when he makes a commitment does not sound like he's being faithful to the Lord. And quite frankly, lying to people is another issue. It's a shame, because I know God wants to use him, but he's masking what little bit of good that God has given him and he's bringing down the name of the Lord Jesus.

So unfortunately, he's nothing but a corrupt criminal. Hopefully, God will change him when he's sitting in prison and realizes what he's done. And as far as holy matrimony: It says in the Bible that you shall become one flesh. And what it's talking about is once you get married, you should be faithful to that spouse.


Pastor Vincent Spann

I do believe Pastor Spann might have a calling, but I think pride on his end is not allowing him to hear directly from God.

Robert Ung

Broward County

How the Mighty Have Fallen

No sympathy: In response to "Madoff's Man" (Bob Norman, January 22): Those who doubt Michael Bienes would knowingly steer them, his own "friends," into a Ponzi scheme are being terribly naive. Bienes's modus operandi was always to collect pools of money for Madoff and to take a hefty profit for himself. He kept things juiced by throwing wildly extravagant parties for his "friends," who were actually footing the bill! This narcissistic scoundrel and his enabling, evil spouse were incapable of having any real friendships. The Bieneses treated other human beings merely as objects to be profited from, or in the case of the Catholic Church and other charities, to serve as a source of narcissistic supply, lauding them with knighthood, brass plaques, testimonials, and positions on boards of trustees. They are pathetic pathological liars, empty shells ready to crack.

After they have lied for so many years, are we now to believe them when they claim they have been ruined along with the other victims?



A Secret Agent or a Mommy?

Not a spy: Regarding "The Agent from Iran" (Deirdra Funcheon, January 8): I've known Shahrzad Mir Gholikhan for quite awhile, and one thing I know about her is she is not a liar. She does what she promises, and she is a woman with a great sense of responsibility. She is innocent; she is guilty only of marrying her husband, who is the main reason her life is miserable. She is a great mother and very good friend.

She told me the same story three years ago, and the way I read it in your article, it's the same story except for some names that I don't remember. But it's all true.

For God's sake, please give justice to her. Please, her two children are waiting for her.

Cora Ortiz



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