Letters from the issue of January 27, 2010

Seeing Red

Tunnel vision: Regarding your article about former diplomat and Castro-foe James Cason running for mayor of Coral Gables ("Mission Gables," Francisco Alvarado, January 20): People in Coral Gables do not vote based on Cuban issues alone; they are too smart and sophisticated. They do not want anything to do with the City of Miami shenanigans and don't want corruption to take over the City Beautiful. The candidate has to earn the trust of the Gables people who have worked hard to have the best-run city in the world.

Robert Hub


Tucson shooting

Carpetbagger?: What does international experience and diplomacy have to do with running a financially stressed city? How long has Mr. Cason lived in the Gables anyway?


Limousine liberal: According to Saul Landau, Cason "was stirring up trouble without realizing what the consequences would be. He got 75 people arrested." Landau has a problem with the guy who gave Cubans the tools to become free journalists, and not the dictator who jailed them for 20-plus years after one-day trials. So much so that he blames Cason for their arrest as though he cuffed them, shoved them into the show trial, and then dragged them off to the gulag for the next couple of decades. That is an amazingly revealing response that shows just how much respect Landau has for a free press and free speech in general — especially that of the people unfortunate enough to reside in Cuba.


Digging Dirt

Mud slinging: Good for landscape designer Harry Nelson who turned land in the center of the Midtown Equities development into a mess ("Hoedown," Gus Garcia-Roberts, January 20). Nelson is sticking it to people who have been sticking it to everyone else for years in Miami. I blame midtown developers Deborah and Michael Samuel. If they can cut corners or do anything for cheap, they will. You can call Marc Sarnoff to see if he'll help you — that is, if he's not busy performing fellatio on a new developer who wants to screw the little people.

Robert J. Crowley

Clueless Luke

Fooled again: When I first read your column blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh for the shooting in Tucson, Arizona, I thought it was satire ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, January 20). However, it is obvious you were serious and wrote one of the stupidest and least-informed columns I've ever read. The killer probably doesn't know who Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh are.

Lee Tabin

Clueless: I find Mr. Campbell's call for a federal crackdown on the Tea Party ridiculous. It goes against everything Democratic liberals have fought for, including freedom of speech. Mr. Campbell should have dug a little deeper into his data before criticizing good Americans who care for their country and its people. No one — not Palin, the Tea Party, Beck, or Limbaugh — is going around calling for a bloodbath in the streets. For Mr. Campbell to accuse them of having blood on their hands is like saying every gangsta rapper is responsible for all shootings and senseless killings across our great nation. It is obvious the true murderer is a young man with mental problems who did not get help or attention in time to prevent such a tragedy.


False pretense: The more we look into what happened in Tucson, the more we see that Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh had absolutely nothing to do with it. But in the minds of brainwashed liberals, truth does not really matter. What's important to them is smearing political enemies, attacking freedom and the Constitution, and calling for an already too-powerful government to silence those who do not agree.


Southern pan: Why does your cover image show a Confederate flag flying behind Sarah Palin? Last time I checked, neither she nor the crazy boy who shot people in Arizona is a Southerner. In fact, the Tea Party isn't all that Southern. Just look at the locations of Tea Party rallies across the U.S.


Blame game: To blame the right wing for the insane behavior of one individual is just plain moronic. It's like blaming the left wing for John Hinckley's attempted assassination of Reagan or blaming rap music for inner-city poverty.


Hold the press: Sometimes I find very well-written articles in this paper. Not today! Luke's column is just unsubstantiated rhetoric of the worst kind. It's sad to see someone willing to print it.


Smash-up: Uncle Luke's articles are starting to seem like a car wreck — none of us wants to look, but we look anyway. I think I'm going to start taking a different route to work.



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