Letters from the issue of January 14, 2010

Smear, Screw, Help

We smeared 'em: What the hell kind of investigative reporting is "Homesick" (Tim Elfrink, January 7)? In more than three years, no one has done a comparative analysis between "good" drywall and the drywall made in China? It is not rocket science or expensive to determine what, if any, causative agents are present. This article reads like a smear campaign put out by some U.S. drywall lobby group promoting guilt by accusation and innuendo.



Chinese drywall



They screwed her: Well, I have been living for two years with this Chinese drywall. I bought my dream house two years ago, but it is actually a nightmare. I have two daughters, 4 and 2 years old, who have constant coughs, rashes, and nosebleeds. My husband and I have constant headaches, and our skin is very, very dry. My appliances are gone, two TV sets have stopped working, the microwave is gone, and the A/C has broken five times. The smell is horrible, but what can I do? Nobody wants to pay to fix my house.

Homeowners' insurance and the developer have denied my claim. I don't have money to rent another house. I cry every time I hear my daughter with that horrible cough. In my opinion, the government has to step up and help homeowners who have this problem.




They helped him: I have a home built by Lennar that has defective drywall. I must say that as of this moment, Lennar has kept its end of the deal. My house was not completely built with the defective drywall, but it is in the home. My family has not had any health complications up to this point. Our air conditioning broke twice in the year we spent there. In December, Lennar relocated us and has begun demolition in our home. They have so far reimbursed us as they said they would. I only hope they continue to do so and that they complete our home. According to them, it will take four to six months. So, as of this moment, I can't complain. I feel for all of those families that have nowhere to turn. The government needs to step in and help!




We screwed ourselves: Americans have only themselves to blame for the drywall problem. They have sold out to the Chinese. No factories or small businesses are left here. They are all in cheapy China. Everyone over there is now working, while here in the United States, we have 10 percent unemployment, banks are closing, auto companies are going into bankruptcy, and Wall Street is bringing foreign markets and economies down. So let's all go shopping at China-Mart (used to be Wal-Mart), Target, and Kmart and buy junk-junk! Soon, China will own all of America! Think-think!


Woodberry, IowA


Build, baby, build!: This is plain and simple. If we find problems with something we buy from another country, we need to quit buying junk from that country. This has gone on for years.

We need to send companies this message: Build it right, build it good, and build it in the U.S.A. with American labor.


Covington, Kentucky


Old-time religion: I wonder how the builders can say they did not know what was going on. Whether they know it or not, the builders/developers need to accept the fact that their products are defective and that the people should be entitled to another house or their money back. This is the same as if I had bought tainted milk or toys at a store. This product should be returned to the store with no questions asked. The consumer should not have to worry about where the store bought the product. It should be the store's responsibility. It should be at the consumer's discretion whether to buy from the store again. The builder and the government should not force innocent/suffering people into a situation where they have to stay in these bad homes.

Harold Coles




The Group W Bench speaks: The events described in "Endangered Target Practice" (Gus Garcia-Roberts, January 7) are disgusting. Why are we so destructive of animals and birds? We don't deserve to live in the same space they do. We just kill, kill, kill. That's our motto. I felt like vomiting after reading this story. We have no shame. We should use those disgusting men for target practice.

Bobette Jaffee-Burns

Cutler Bay


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