Letters from the Issue of February 5, 2009

Tibor's Claims Are Hollow

His son is okay, though: In response to "The Man Who Built Miami" (Tim Elfrink, January 29): I personally dealt with Tibor Hollo and FEC Realty as a vendor on one of his properties. I was warned about how he would promise the moon and deliver only dirt. His company still owes me more than $35,000, though I have never attempted to collect it. I seriously doubt he has spent more than $35 million planning his showcase 1,000-plus-foot building. While I abhor the man, I do have the utmost respect for his son, Wayne. That's who the article should have really focused on.

Brian Scott


Tibor Hollo


Opinions on Spann Cover Quite a Span

He's a winner: In 1991, I lost my wife and daughters. For a while, I was a homeless crack addict in Overtown. By the grace of God, I stumbled upon Power Faith and Deliverance Ministry. I was introduced to Pastor Vincent Spann, who is described in Gus Garcia-Roberts's January 22 cover story, "Holy Hustler."

When the ministry fell on hard times, I went to New Times, which didn't even call me back. But the Miami Herald's publisher, David Lawrence Jr., gave me a $500 check and sent a reporter to do a front-page story. That led to a segment on Good Morning America, which led to Sylvester Stallone wanting to do that movie.

Pastor Spann is no angel, and he's definitely not perfect (only the '72 Dolphins are), but before people start running their mouths, they need to ask themselves: What am I doing for the community?

Interview some soldiers who have gone through basic training and are successful like me — I am a TV producer and I'm in the process of having a play done.

Min. Charles S. Crawford

Agape Love Healing Ministry

McDonough, Georgia

He's a hero: Pastor Spann is helping the lost drug addicts, criminals, and all who are in need. Sure, he has done some screwed-up things, but who is without sin? He puts his time and hard work into this project and he is very dedicated to his calling. To talk about this subject is easy. To do what he does is another thing. To some of these people, he might be the last one to actually make a difference in their lives. I feel safer knowing these people are being helped and not out robbing and stealing. Pastor Spann, continue your good work and stay focused on the right thing to do.



He's a shark: Yeah, I had the chance to meet sleazy Spann. I was moving from Overtown and offered him the contents of my apartment for a reasonable price, which he agreed on. The day this was to take place, he stalled and stalled, and instead, seeing I was in a bind, said he would buy only some of the items. He immediately chose my record collection at below value. I also entrusted him with a statue of an African black knight, which he agreed to return when I moved to my new place. I hadn't seen or heard from him until I read this article. So to Mr. Sleaze (Spann): The only thing holy about you are the socks you wear.

Eugene White

Miami Shores


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