Letters from the issue of February 4, 2010

Charged Up

California dreamin': Electric cars for now are just another tree hugger's dream ("Bolivia's Green Gold," Tim Elfrink, January 28). Lack of range and long recharging times make it a niche vehicle at best.






Nuke it: It's time to get this right for the benefit of all. I remember many years have passed since individuals have presented model cars using alternative power — even steam. Now that's the best idea — just use water, but then what would we have to use as fuel for steam? Could it be nuclear?

Bertha Allen

Elephant Butte, New Mexico


Clear-cut: Sure, why not go screw up South America some more? They already cut down the rain forest for their oil-burning yachts so some goof from the Middle East can show off his 700-foot yacht and burn hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel for no reason other than to say, "Look at me — I've got more money than brains." Now they're going to make electric cars that no one up North will be able to drive during the winter.


Pompano Beach


English 101

Pale angle: If you want to live in America, you had better learn English, be here legally, or have a work visa to be here ("Mad Maids," Natalie O'Neill, January 28). I am in the hospitality industry, and I will not hire anyone who does not speak English or refuses to learn it. It is an essential part of your job function at a hotel, especially at the Ritz-Carlton, where housekeeping personnel are interacting with guests. If you come here to the United States of America, learn English! My grandfather and grandmother had to do it before they were allowed to come here from Nazi Germany.


Miami Springs


Hable inglés: Why hire these individuals if they can't speak English? The problem is obviously with the Ritz-Carlton. What makes this matter even worse is how many Spanish-only speakers there are in the housekeeping department who don't work as hard as these individuals.


Miami Shores


Fact check: I feel bad for people who experience racism and discrimination because of origin, skin color, or sexual preference. But we need to stick with the truth and cannot just throw some names around in an article and not think about what we do to their future. Have proof of that, and then we'll talk.


Miami Beach


Walk the Line

Food for thought: I'm a world-class procrastinator, but what finally prompted me to write was your last review ("There Once Was a Restaurant From Nantucket," Lee Klein, January 28). Beautiful imagery — I'm still laughing. I know how difficult it is to write meaningful reviews. There is a fine line between appearing to be sufficiently knowledgeable and coming across as a pompous ass. I think you walk that line exceedingly well, and in the columns I've read, I've never seen you cross it. Bravo for a job well done, week after week.

Captain Bob

Via the Internet


Killer Lover

No-brainer: Although Michael Dippolito is no angel, he doesn't deserve to be killed ("She Loves Me Not," Lisa Rab, January 21). I hope he's able to get his money back to pay off all of his scam victims, who really need their money. I hope Dalia Dippolito gets a long prison sentence for being such an arrogant, selfish bitch! Men need to open their eyes to gold diggers like her. We men need to think with our top brain before using our bottom brain. We get into a lot of trouble by using the wrong brain.


Via web commentary


Sex Calls

Girls can sue: Is it necessary to portray these Dominican women by using a picture of a girl in lingerie ("Dominican Fun," Francisco Alvarado, January 21)? We are not fools, and this is very offensive. Why is this focusing on the girls, questioning what they do or say? They are not elected officials and are free to do what they wish within the parameters of the law. Why not a picture of the real culprit? Or maybe just a middle-aged man? Because that man can probably sue you, and those girls can't — or at least you think they can't.




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