Letters from the issue of February 3, 2011

All in the Family

Different strokes: What a wonderful story about the two gay men who had to travel out of the country to adopt a baby ("Gaybies!" Leslie Minora, January 27). It embodies the true meaning of family. In a world with over six billion people, there is no right way to make a family. These children will be raised in a loving, caring home. What more can be asked?

M. Nichols


gay adoption

Don't label: I am totally appalled at the title the media has given the babies of gay parents: "gaybies." That is horrible. They are babies just like any other babies — with ten fingers, ten toes, etc. Our children are dealing with labels every day, and as parents we try to help them through life's battles. Peer pressure is so evident in our society, and now the media has just created yet another label that children will have to deal with. That is disgusting and discriminatory.


No issue: Todd and Andy Bludworth-McNeill are better suited as parents than most straight people I know. Sexual orientation has no bearing on the situation.

Buddy Berkshire

Adam and Adam: Nearly all of us here in Key West think that this is just another way of raising a family. Gay men and lesbians have been raising kids since... well, forever! Look in the history books. Every civilization that has demonized GLBT people has collapsed very quickly. I might even speculate that the quality of a culture is determined by how accepting it is of difference in its people.

Tony Konrath

Candid Camera

Anything you say: After reading about the two men arrested for filming an officer (Cops vs. Cameras," Tim Elfrink, January 27), I would like to ask: How can any conversation between a cop and a citizen be deemed private by the state since anything the person says to the officer can and will be used against them in a court of law? That's not private.

Shane Vendrell

Destroying evidence: It's obvious that cops don't want to be recorded because if they commit an illegal activity, there will be evidence to prove it. The good news is that this kind of homebrewed terrorism by cops is getting attention.


Getting no respect: This article is ridiculous. Police officers risk their lives every day for us law-abiding citizens. The day some thug pulls up behind you with a gun to your head, and a so-called "pig" comes to your rescue, it might change the way you feel about police officers, and maybe — just maybe — they may start getting the respect they deserve.


People power: People have rights, and the police have enough power as it is. If you can't record police officers, how on Earth are you supposed to protect yourself from their frequent abuses of power? You can't give just an eyewitness account, because then the police call you a liar, and the courts believe them. Without proof, there is no defense.


Wide lens: It was inevitable that the encroachment of cameras into every public space should eventually turn against the same law enforcement entities that use them to suit their own needs.


Say cheese: Don't police officers have cameras installed in their cars? If they film a suspected drunk-driver without permission, is that illegal? Our responsibilities as Americans include questioning authority and reporting abuse. If the police are doing a good job, they should smile for the camera and ask for a copy of the video. They may get a medal and/or promotion.

Agustin Pabon

Flatline the Feline

Kill with kindness: Your article on Casablanca Hotel's practice of trapping cats ("Goodbye Kitty," Michael E. Miller, January 27) fails to mention that feral cats can transmit not only hookworms but rabies and other diseases. They are also a threat to native bird populations. All feral cats should be removed and euthanized when necessary. It's far more humane to euthanize an ill cat than leave it to fend for itself as a feral cat.



Move on: Great article about the spread of food truck courts ( "Miami Keeps on Truckin'," Lee Klein, January 27). You nailed everything on the head. The Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup (BTTR) had a great thing going. Unfortunately, it came to a halt last Tuesday after complaints from residents caused the organizer of the event, Jack (from Jefe's), to cancel the gathering. He's working on finding a different location in the area. Stay tuned!



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