Letters from the Issue of February 28, 2008

Don't Turn the Page on Manilow

He can do Zeppelin: Michael Gallucci's writeup of Barry Manilow (Live Wire, February 21) is not only offensive but also clearly lacking any knowlege of the subject. If Gallucci had done his research, he would know Manilow specifically chose number one hits for the decades albums and that he is smart enough and respectful enough to know for which songs his talent is best suited. Why would he sing Led Zeppelin? Do your homework, Gallucci!

Carol Marshall


Marc Sarnoff

Los Angeles

Marc Is a Fink, Um, and a Hero

He makes her ill: Francisco Alvarado's "Combat Zone" (February 14) is great. I am glad you are getting the truth out. However, there is a lot you left out. Marc Sarnoff and his wife Teresa harassed me at my job; wrote to my boss, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, at Arquitectonica; posted my name and address in a locked bulletin board in Blanche Park and in Kennedy Park; wrote nasty letters about me to the newspaper, and signed other neighbors' names to them; hired a private eye to investigate me; and edited a videotape of a public meeting to make it look like I said yes when he asked me if I was an attorney, made copies of the tape, and gave it to all the commissioners and told them and the newspapers I was impersonating an attorney — all in an attempt to harass and intimidate me just because I wanted my kids to have space to throw a ball in the public park across the street from our house. Sarnoff also had lots of nasty things to say to the neighbors about the fact that my kids are mixed race. I saved the edited video, the nasty letters, etc., and I'm not afraid to tell the truth, even if it means having to put up with even more harassment from Sarnoff. I just can't stand to see him pretending to be a "public servant." People need to know the truth about him. He makes me sick!

Melissa Meyer


But he's better than the rest: After reading "Combat Zone," I have to say Commissioner Sarnoff is trying to do the best he can. He is swimming in a sea filled with sharks. Michelle Spence-Jones has already admitted to eight election law violations. And she faces other investigations. Jason Walker did such a lousy job working for fired Commissioner Winton that Walker left Miami more than two years ago. Billy Hardemon is another has-been who displays the typical sense of entitlement: "I want your money and don't ask me to work." Barbara Carey-Schuler left office under a very dark cloud. Compared to that bunch, Hurricane Katrina would be a breath of fresh air.

Tom Dodd

Via web commentary

He's a friggin' magician: The City of Miami requires a certain number of signatures from the neighborhood in order to get a traffic circle built. Marc Sarnoff, who's discussed in "Combat Zone," circulated a petition for a traffic circle at Shipping Avenue and Virginia Street (right in front of his house), but nobody wanted to sign it. Now I see the traffic circle is there.

Emily Goldberg

Via web commentary

He overcame a bad childhood, maybe: Secret Memo Marc Sarnoff must have had a pretty rotten childhood. I wonder if his parents' divorce severely scarred him; it's the only way to understand him in Francisco Alvarado's "Combat Zone." His mother must feel pretty bad about the way he has turned out.

Jake Weselesky

Via web commentary

All He Asks Is Kindness

Get those: Regarding Isaiah Thompson's "Share the F**king Road" (February 7): I often ride my bike for transportation. I live in Sweetwater and go to FIU, and the only way I can reasonably get to school is by crossing the canal at SW Eighth Street and 107th Avenue. Probably one percent of drivers follow traffic rules by giving me or pedestrians right of way; none of the police cruisers does. Southwest 107th Avenue in general is a horrible place to ride because of random signs, horribly placed bus benches, trees, broken glass all over the sidewalk, and cars that park on the sidewalk. My supervisors have begged me to buy a car solely because they believe it's so dangerous, and sometimes it is. I've met those crazed, angry motorists. I learned how to ride a bike six months ago and have already endured a hit-and-run, many near misses, and people driving up alongside me to shout at me to get on the sidewalk when I ride along the edge of the road through residential areas with spotty sidewalks. And I won't even elaborate on people who don't leash their dogs.

I don't know about other areas, but where I live, bikes are considered traffic, but they're not given the rights of motor vehicles.

Clarke Hyrne

Via web commentary

Goodbye, Reporters

Hello, protesters on iPhones: In regard to Chuck Strouse's "Pink Palooza" (January 24): The right to assemble is part of the right to free speech, but no one is obliged to listen or compelled to attend. The press walks a fine line between reporting the news and becoming accessories.

No one of any intelligence relies on any particular news outlet or reporter for the truth, and they never should. Yellow journalism has been rampant since the founding of the republic.

News outlets will continue to shrink in direct proportion to the quality of wireless hand-held recording and broadcasting equipment.

Ed Boded

Newport, Michigan


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