Letters from the Issue of February 26, 2009

Super Response

She's disappointed: I was excited to read "Superfans" (C. Stiles and John Linn, February 19), until I noticed you missed two big diehard superfan groups: Dungeons & Dragons and animé. My husband, Armando Mendive, is the dungeon master of his group, which has been playing more than 20 years. He is also a teacher at Monsignor Pace High School, where he moderates the school's animé fan club. The students are a dedicated group. It's all about imagination and camaraderie.

Onelia Collazo Mendive



Via the Internet

She's perplexed: I'm a bit confused. How can you include Gothic Lolitas in an article about live-action role-play? Lolita has little to nothing to do with larping. We dress this way as a fashion statement. Some of us just do it for special events, and some for everyday wear, but we aren't larpers.

Sara Barnett


She's just pissed: "Superfans" was badly written and hardly qualifies as news. I find the condescending nature of the article offensive, and it contains no factual information. Did the writer even bother to do some research on Wikipedia before writing it?



She hates Wal-Mart: The person who wrote this article has no clue. Almost every young woman in Harajuku, Japan, wears or knows someone who wears Gothic Lolita-style fashion. I think the author thought they were wearing costumes because they don't have stores like these in America, and maybe "normal" means wearing T-shirts and shorts and plain clothing. Women who wear Gothic Lolita and men who wear Edwardian Victorian-style Gothic aristocrat fashion are just reacting to the poorly made clothes you find at Wal-Mart.

I would rather get my clothes from Japan, where one can still look feminine in a frilly dress with bows rather than dress like a boy in pants, or a slut with a V-neck exposing her cleavage, or like a pregnant '60s hippie in a lame peasant top, which seems to be the stupid look designers are putting in American stores these days.



Revenge Is Perversion

And the state is really perverted: In response to Natalie O'Neill's February 19 story, Perversion and Justice: You're only half right. This is perversion, not justice. How come Mark Foley isn't living under the bridge with the sex offenders, by the way? Or Debra LaFave for that matter? Let me ask supporters of this abomination this: If your child or someone else you cared about got caught up in this mess, would you support forcing him or her to live under a bridge? It seems this law merely punishes those who choose to obey the law. Never have I seen a law that motivates people to break the law more than this one. Justice? Don't make me laugh. Revenge is a perversion, not justice.

Zachary Graves

Via Web Commentary

Embargo Shmembargo

Follow the law, lawmen!: One thing I find very interesting is that although most of the uproar about the case of Efraim Diveroli as described in "Armed Again" (Penn Bullock, February 5) is about the ammo being bad quality, there was not a single charge in the indictment relating to the quality of the ammo. It was all about the ammo being originally made in China. Which would cause a free-thinking person to conclude the reports of the bad quality of the ammo were completely fabricated or greatly exaggerated, or the U.S. government actually didn't care about the quality of the ammo we were supplying our Afghan allies. Either way, the quality of the ammo, from the prosecution's point of view, is a nonissue.

What is an issue is that they believe supplying ammo bought from China in the 1970s violates an embargo that was established in 1989. But the Constitution prohibits prosecuting someone for a crime that was committed before the law was established.

For example, you can buy pre-embargo Cuban cigars legally. Indeed, pre-embargo Chinese weapons can be bought legally in the United States right now! Just take a look on the Internet. This prosecution is more about covering asses than enforcing the law. It has no legal basis whatsoever.

Robert Fletcher

Coral Gables


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