Letters from the Issue of February 19, 2009

Six Good Kids Dead

Show some respect: To begin with, Brian DuPree was murdered on a Friday morning, not a Saturday, and he was sitting on the passenger side of the car, not the driver's side, as Gus Garcia-Roberts wrote in the "Curse of the Class of 2006" (February 12). It was not appropriate to include that he and his girlfriend were smoking weed and fooling around in the car, because no one but he and she knew what they were doing. I was under the impression this article was supposed to be a good thing, a dedication — informing the community about what is going on in our neighborhoods and what is happening to our brothers and sisters. I don't appreciate my brother being highlighted as "smoking weed" and "fooling around." It was not appropriate for this article.

What about the fact that detectives are not doing anything? They didn't even want to walk around the neighborhood and ask questions. What about talking about how the violence needs to stop, and asking what we can do and how we can save our kids? These murders are unsolved. Let's talk about that.


Carol City High deaths

Kisha DuPree

Miami Gardens

Cops don't care: Yes, Brian was a clown, playful, and lovable. But I don't think it's cool to publish he was smoking weed. Also, the lack of police effort during the investigation was left out. It seems like some of the story is a little twisted, but overall I appreciate it, because Brian is my little brother, and I want him to be remembered as a good person. Brian had the potential to be anything he wanted to be, but unfortunately his life was cut short. It's crazy out there, and I just want to encourage all the young adults to stay safe and stay off the streets.

Charles Maurice DuPree

Miami Gardens

Blood and Lust

Twilight ain't shit: In response to Michael J. Mooney's February 5 story, "My Bloody Valentine": This has to be the worst-written, most ill-informed, cheesiest article ever published by New Times. It makes a mockery of the alternative/goth community. Try interviewing the more educated people in this community and not the fresh-out-of-high-school kids who have watched too much of that Twilight junk.



Full moon rising: This is a fascinating and disturbing story. It makes me wonder if I might be one of these people and never knew it.


Fort Lauderdale

Not buying it: This thing is so über-cheesy and appears to be nothing more than free advertising for some local events. Not to mention, I know one of the sources wouldn't know the real lifestyle if it came up, slapped him in the face, and gave him directions on how to find it.

Just goes to show you nothing is off-limits from being bastardized into the mainstream.

Hobbies, people. Get one.


Fort Lauderdale

Fool Me Once...

The feds don't get it: Regarding "Armed Again" (Penn Bullock, February 5): Hasn't the government figured it out? Doesn't anyone in the munitions business have access to Google? Efraim Diveroli is bad news, period. You just don't do business with the guy.

It's inconceivable, by the way, that we've given him back his money and expensive toys while he's out on bail. This is a guy who indisputably fucked up the American war effort in Afghanistan and who is now free to roam the land in the expensive vehicle paid for by his treachery. To hell with this man.


Miami Beach

We're in a Recession, You Know?

Help me out: In response to Lee Klein's "Run of the Grill" (February 5): Normally, your food critic writes good reviews about good, moderately priced Miami-Dade restaurants. But his recent visit to Aventura's Grill on the Alley is a poor example of responsible dining in today's economic times. There is no way a place can be "comforting" when the tab for a basic lunch is almost $150 per person, and dinner for one with no dessert costs more than $200.

Come on now, Mr. Klein — pick restaurants that locals can go to. Or if you go to a high-end place, chastise it for its crazy prices. We all need to make a living.

Chuck Meads

Miami Beach


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