So Many Questions,

So Few Answers

Letters from the Issue of February 19, 2004

When did she shoot? Why did she shoot? Where was the emotion? Did Denise Calvo participate in the murder of her husband? I asked myself that on the evening the crime occurred, when it was covered on television news. When I saw Kirk Nielsen's story ("The Calvo Case," February 5), I thought I might have an answer. But no, I do not.

When Denise Calvo reached for her handgun to shoot the scum who was attempting to steal her husband's Rolex watch, did the suspect already have his own weapon pointed at her husband's head? When Mrs. Calvo was interviewed on TV shortly after the killing, the only thing I heard her say was that she had to protect her baby. Her husband had just been shot dead in front of her! Where was her emotion about him?

It has been shown time and again that when confronted by an armed robber, the victim who cooperates and gives up property will, in all probability, not be harmed. Did Calvo fear the robber was going to hijack her car and that her baby would be in danger? Most carjackers just want the car. As distasteful as it is to cooperate, it's better than losing the life of a loved one -- or your own life. Yes, there are times when a victim must take action because in certain situations the victim may otherwise be severely hurt or lose his or her life. But I do not believe that was the situation in the Calvo murder.

So did Denise Calvo participate in the murder of her husband? Though Kirk Nielsen provided an interesting, in-depth piece, that question remains unanswered.

Alan W. Rigerman


Teach This Boy

Some Manners

When did writing a lead sentence become so offensive? Oh my Lord, the first line of Kris Conesa's article about the Bob Marley Festival ("Who the Cap Fit," February 5) is so offensive: "When did smoking weed with smelly hippies and Rastafarians become more expensive than locking yourself up in a South Beach nightclub with an eightball of blow and some hookers?" That is so rude.

And since when is $28 that expensive? Okay, not everybody has the money, but I have known ticket prices higher than that for seeing just one artist. Each to his or her own opinion, but I am so offended by that first line. I guess Conesa just lives to diss others.

I never went to the Marley Fest so I can't comment on the content of the festival, but damn! Does Conesa think the artists play at that show purely for the money? Maybe they do make money from it, but not much. These people are human and earn their crust just the same as everybody else. No way Conesa can think it's all about the money. Does he think half of them even need the money?

Clearly Conesa does not understand the message in this music. And he obviously needs to take a class in manners and respect.

Lyndsey Clewes


Not-So-Good Vibrations

Those we don't need, especially at Marley Fest: The Bob Marley Festival here in Miami was packed! There were tons and tons of people who didn't mind paying $28 and giving cans of food to feed the hungry in Jamaica. It was a wonderful festival in which supporters, fans, and true Rastas reunited with the love and unity and good vibes that the Marleys and other roots reggae artists bring.

Julian Marley did an excellent job of starting off the show (and his new tour). He's a shining star in my eyes, and so are the rest of the Marleys who have participated in celebrating the wonderful Bob Marley.

People like Kris Conesa who write such nonsense in newspapers have nothing better to do with their time. They are envious. Whenever someone tries to do good for society down here in Miami, there are always the jealous ones who try to ruin it and bring them down. The true fans of Bob Marley would know better than to pay any attention to such crap.

The show was a great success, like it is every year, and those who don't appreciate the true meaning of reggae music need not go or participate. If you don't got nothing nice to say, don't say nothing. We don't need the politics and the jealousy. We don't need the negative vibes! The music, the message, and Jah's guidance from above is all we need.

Jealous people like Kris Conesa, who try to make people look bad -- those are the people we need to feel sorry for and pray for.

Caryn R. Graber


The Price of Enlightenment

If it's a mere $28, who's to complain? First of all, yes, some people think $28 is a lot to pay for a festival, but the performers have no control over the ticket prices. I myself would pay that for the experience, the enlightenment, the true meaning of the whole reggae Rasta way of peacefulness.

Maybe some people are complaining, but they should get up at 5:00 a.m., load up their truck, and spend fifteen hours trying to make a living at the Bob Marley Festival by selling, putting up all the stage stuff, planning, preparing, trying to be successful. Then, at the end of the day, you see that all your hard work went out to people who complained about a $28 ticket price!

If you have never been to a Bob Marley Festival, you really need to go. You will walk away a better person for it. We are all people of differences, and we all should be grateful to have the freedom to choose.

And let's not forget the artists who travel, who go from city to city and work long hours to give us that great performance. Big up to all the Marleys and Cedella Booker Marley for being healthy and alive to carry on Bob's remembrance. He helped so many and took so little. Bless to all who still support the Marleys.

Darla Dimmitt

Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania

To All the Film Dubbers We've Known and Loved

Thanks for the Murray memories: I want to congratulate Michael Yockel on his wonderful and extremely well-written (and accurate) story about K. Gordon Murray ("Miami's B-Movie Mogul," January 29). It was a pleasure to talk with him and relive those times.

Did anyone ever mention that other TV horror show host on Channel 7? His real name was Charley Baxter but his hosting name was M.T. Graves. I've always loved that. And New Times photographer Jonathan Postal was great too. He captured the real Paul Nagel.

We're sending the article to all the film dubbers we know who are still alive. Both of 'em!

Marge Nagel



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