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Letters from the Issue of February 15, 2007

Not so open and shut: Thank you to Tamara Lush for forwarding the article "The G-Man and the Snitch" (February 8) to my attention. I thought you took a well-balanced approach, without engaging in advocacy one way or another. Given your position, this is the best presentation one can perhaps hope for in John's particular Draconian and unfortunate circumstances. He has been victimized by outrageous federal prosecutorial misconduct, and abuse that rose to the level of obstruction of justice. Thanks again, and hopefully you will follow up and continue to report on the progress of these proceedings with an open mind.

E. Peter Mullane, Esquire



Cambridge, Massachusetts

Run, Patricia, Run

She didn't do it: Regarding Emily Witt's article "The Fugitive" (February 1), I personally believe Patricia is completely innocent of the accusation against her. They would have assassinated her if she was involved in the crime. They really did not find any evidence, maybe circumstantial evidence, which means it will not hold in court — unless she is being framed. You know how this goes!

Vincent La Manna

North Miami Beach


Quit rationalizing: Regarding "Ript from the Blogs: Don't Have Mercy" (February 1), rationalization is to ascribe one's opinions or acts to causes that superficially seem reasonable and valid but that actually are unrelated to the truth.

Mercy Hospital rationalized the selling of six acres of their land to the Related Group so they could use the $100 million to improve their hospital facilities, so as to better serve the healthcare needs of our community. But wasn't this land gifted to them, and are they not a nonprofit that pays no taxes? Will they eventually be selling off more assets in ten years when all this money is gone?

The City of Miami rationalized its willingness to break its own zoning codes, go against the better judgment of the planning and zoning boards, eliminate more unique bayfront property, and infringe on the nearby homeowners and the historic Viscaya Estate — all so they can raise more money in property taxes.

Coconut Grove does not require more time or more research to help determine that this Mercy Hospital/Related Group luxury condo project is bad for our community's quality of life and future. We have been witness many times before to the callousness of some of our city commissioners and their willingness to sell us out to the highest bidders or to their closest pals.

Those who support the Mercy Hospital/Related Group condo project are also shamefully wrong for trying to justify their rationalization to themselves and to the rest of us.

Enough is enough! Just say, "Mercy No!"

Harry Emilio Gottlieb

Coconut Grove

The Truth Hurts

Caveat emptor mortgage broker: Regarding "Cut and Run" (January 25) by Joanne Green: Thank you very much for your item on fraud schemes. It is more important than ever that every homeowner and every future homeowner, college students and kids alike, be aware of fraud. The most important thing to remember: If it seems too good to be true, it is! The second thing is: Don't lie.

If a real estate, mortgage or other professional is leading you in a deceptive direction, most often you go down — they don't! Do your research and work with companies you trust. When in doubt, ask questions and share information.

If you suspect you have been victimized by an industry professional, contact or Working together, we can stop these criminals!

Cindi Dixon

Coral Springs


But why the hysteria?: Regarding "The Doctor, Part 1" (January 25) by Chuck Strouse: For some reason this problem generates hysteria, which prevents any chance of a reasoned discussion. I wonder why this is. Could it be a fear of ourselves, in that there is a line between admiration for a child, and abusing a child, which is crossed? Of course, any act of perversion against a child is unforgivable.

Geoffrey Wright

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Not Just Black

Strippers are a many-splendored thing: I was expecting your article "Rolex vs. Rollexx" (January 18), by Calvin Godfrey, to be horrific and racist, but it was not too bad. But the next time you want to feature strippers, please do not neglect the fact that Goldfinger and Club Madonna have plenty of white whores riding poles and collecting dollar bills in G-strings.

Maybe you should do an article on white women who do not look like me, but work in the White House, servicing the president in the Oval Office. Now that is a story worth featuring. Raunchy women not only work in strip clubs, but in the government — just ask Monica Lewinsky.

Last, Mr. Godfrey, it has been my understanding that women who have experienced rape and molestation are sometimes driven to such places in life. We as human beings should focus on helping one another, not bringing each other down.

We must learn to seek God, and to show mercy to our fellow man. Much love!




The Riptide item "Yurt-tastic" (February 8) incorrectly described plans to replace storm-damaged lodges at the Flamingo Visitor Center in Everglades National Park. Those plans could include rebuilding the lodges or replacing them with yurts, floating lodges, or eco-tents.


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