Letters from the issue of December 31, 2009

Made My Day

Role model: You wrote an excellent piece about Clint Eastwood ("Go Ahead, Make My Decade," Scott Foundas, December 24). Mr. Eastwood is a brilliant man. He is a huge role model and an inspiration to everyone around. He is a special man that is truly blessed. Every project he works on is outstanding.

Trish Mercier

Fort Lauderdale


Captivating: Great piece on an American icon. Clint Eastwood continues to captivate men and women alike. His movie projects are not bland, but introspective. I enjoy his movies as much as I do Bruce Willis's.

Abel Rodriguez




Reel bad: You should rename this article "The Ten Best Films to Fall Asleep Instantly To" ("Best Movies of the Decade," Scott Foundas, Robert Wilonsky, and J. Hoberman, December 24). Wow, are you a 55-year-old gay artist from Europe?


Coral Springs


A-hole in One

Instant karma: These folks deserve each other ("The Golf Porn Incident," Gus Garcia-Roberts, December 18). The rest of us, well, we don't deserve to hear the whining among them when one of them didn't get his cut or is looking hard to find a way to get paid for anything.




Clean up: I did not know that reporting consisted of foul language and smut reviews. I don't necessarily agree with censorship, but is this really news? A rich sucker getting scammed by a porn company: priceless.




Gamblin' Man

High IQ: Tony Sparano is either obsessive-compulsive, crazy, or a genius ("The Guarded Gambler," Eric Barton, December 18). I vote for genius because that means the Fins will win.


Via web commentary


Grumpy: I've always wondered, What's the story behind the grumpy-looking guy on the sidelines? Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. His success story is fascinating and inspiring, and his wife is a saint.

Fins Fan



One Too Many Poopers

Ruffled feathers: I live in Shenandoah, and there is a peacock in my back yard that is all alone and would like some company ("Hens Gone Wild," Natalie O'Neill, December 17). I wouldn't mind the peacock but for the health hazard his poop creates for our 10-month-old. Maybe someone in the Grove wants to replenish their stock of peacocks?

Erik Vieira



Black and Blue

Class jail: Florida is the most striking example that our schools are becoming our prisons and our prisons are becoming our schools.

Administrators of both these institutions should be reminded that the worst is yet to come. For our schools to be less violent, the effort must be made on behalf of reducing violence irrespective of where you choose to acknowledge it.

Hannah Elliott

Charlottesville, Virginia


Drop Out

Rare calling: If Michelle Spence-Jones truly cares about the community we elected her to serve, she shouldn't run in the special election ("Miami Readies for Another Michelle Spence-Jones Acceptance Speech," Gus Garcia-Roberts, December 3). As a community, we graciously appreciate her service and are open to her re-emergence in politics in the future. However, at the moment, she is called upon for something more. That is, to put our community — its face, its political standing, and its social growth — first.

Our community, like all black communities in this nation, has been stigmatized as sans self-governance and having parasitic leadership, which in turn fosters national marginalization. Rarely are politicians applauded for their foresight and selflessness. Now is the perfect time for Spence-Jones to cement herself as a true steward of our community and its cause.

Forrest Mott



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