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Letters from the Issue of December 28, 2006

He deserved it: Emily Witt's article "Executing Angel" (December 14) was very good. Excellent journalism! Great storytelling! Considering Angel Diaz's background, I think he deserved to be executed. Normally I'm not a real fan of capital punishment. However, Angel proved to be beyond rehabilitation to function in our society or our prison system. And as far as cruel and unusual punishment ... there are five different ways to die on death row: lethal injection, hanging, gas chamber, firing squad, and electric chair. Take your pick. None of these really seems usual to me, and they all seem to be cruel. But they work. It might have taken Angel more than 30 minutes to die, but to me that's not too long for a man with such a violent history.

Harry Isaac
Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh Nelly!

Don't furget Furtado: Olivia Flores Alvarez forgot to mention in "Español Sung Here" (December 21) that Nelly Furtado is featured in a duet with Juanes. They sing "La Fotografía."

Jeniffer Y. Clark

Pet That Commissioner

Maybe she'll feel better: Regarding Francisco Alvarado's story "Wicked" (December 14), about the Natacha Seijas recall vote: Why are commissioners so concerned with stopping petitions against them? What are they afraid of?

Samantha Wildt
Via the Internet

Bling Bang

A bad-hair flick?: In reference to Robert Wilonsky's review of the film The Pursuit of Happyness, "Rich Man, Poor Man" (December 14): The most disturbing thing about the Chris Gardner story is that the man seems to have learned nothing from his experience. He still thinks that having it all means having lotsa bling. It can all be lost tomorrow. He should put his mind and talents into something more lasting and of benefit to the world than acquiring material goods. As for the movie, the nasty-looking 'fro on Will's head in the previews is enough to keep me away.


"Executing Angel"

Barbra Chaulk
Augusta, Georgia

Annette Kares

Please stay!: Regarding Lee Klein's restaurant review of Karu & Y, "Artful Digs, Artless Food" (December 7): He couldn't be more on the money. I went to Karu a couple of weeks ago because of all the commotion I read about in magazines. I had the same appetizers Mr. Klein ordered, and I couldn't tell you how disappointed I was. My dinner was also nothing worth returning for. It's a beautiful place, but I don't understand how no one in the restaurant can see the problem. I hear the owner is looking for people to promote it to attract repeat customers, but what he needs is a different menu. Let's hope he re-examines the menu, because it's too nice a place to go out of business so soon.

Annette Pintado
Miami Beach

If He Wrote It

O.J.'d get the hot seat: Another O.J. piece, "If We Did It" (November 23) — that's kinda appropos; for this man really is a piece of....

One good thing came out of the O.J. Simpson trial: super defense attorney Barry Scheck. He has forever been doing penance for his major role in getting that piece of crap off with his Innocence Project. But Mr. Sheck and his team have been successful at getting pardons for some of the too-many people who have been wrongly convicted. I hate the word pardon. It conveys the impression that these people have really done something wrong and now are being forgiven, when they have done nothing wrong. Better we just state something that conveys the truth — convicted by mistake or whatever. There certainly was a mistake with Simpson. It's difficult to believe that some sports scumbag put him on a radio show not too long ago and that some people actually seek his approval.

I certainly feel bad for the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. What's really scary is that some folks believe O.J. didn't do it, and he probably believes that too.

Am I too judgmental? Ya think? If Simpson is stupid enough to read this, here's a message: GO TO HELL!

Alan Rigerman

Roomie Talk

Eric listen: Lee Zimmerman's "Country Comfort" (November 16) was a well-done story about the 18 Wheelers, some serious musicians who deserve coverage. Having roomed with frontman Chris DeAngelis one summer, I had the privilege of hearing him play the bass like a guitar.

Eric Raits

South to the Sun

But Key Largo's kinda crowded: Mr. Bill Citara, thank you for your wonderful review of our café, "Tasty Crêpes" (November 9). We are truly grateful and hope to be around for years to come. If you are ever in the area again, please stop by. Hopefully our next stop for Sun City Café will be Key Largo!

Marisol Pardillo, Sun City Café
North Miami Beach


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