Letters from the issue of December 23, 2010

Urban Planning

Many factors: I don't doubt the prospect of rebuilding the University of Florida's football team played a role in Meyer's decision ("Urban Meyer Leaves UF to Protect His Legacy," Luther Campbell, December 16), and many of Uncle Luke's comments contain a grain of truth. But taken as a whole, it's difficult to believe only that one factor led to his decision. After all, he had already built the team in his image once and was very successful in doing so. (Remember that last national championship?)

You don't just quit a job making millions a year because you don't want to perform one of the job's primary duties. There simply had to be more to it than Uncle Luke would have us believe. It's risky to assign singular motives to anyone's actions; humans can be very complex in their thinking, and typically ponder a number of factors before making such a significant decision.


Urban Meyer

But I'll agree with Uncle Luke in one aspect: It's significant that Meyer didn't mention the prospect of rebuilding the team when outlining the factors that went into his decision.


The dynamic duo all over again: Why would Meyer want to deal with the rebuilding process? Think about it, he's made millions; money is not an issue or motivation. He would have to work harder, and spend more time on the practice field, training room, and looking over film. If his heart isn't in it, and he's lost the passion to coach and would rather spend time with his family, then he should get out and give someone else an opportunity. If he stays for that recruiting class and continues to lose, the haters will question his ability as a coach, his desire, and his passion. These are all reasons why he's stepping down. By the way, the Denver Broncos are looking for a new head coach: Meyer and Tebow, part two?

As for Newton, c'mon man! Dad is pulling in $150,000 out of nowhere and you pretend you don't know? I'm not buying it, but you know what... the truth is college football has been a "business" for a long time now. Besides, what are they going to do — punish the school (kids that had nothing to do with it), and take away his trophies years from now when he's making $100 million in the NFL? Good luck with that!


Luke's a hater: This paper should be ashamed of its piece of crap sports writer. First, Urban Meyer did not announce his retirement before the SEC Championship Game — it was before the Sugar Bowl. Also, the writer is a conspiracist. Having your own bold opinions on a team that has dominated your state for the past few years is a little radical. Sorry, but the Hurricanes suck. So he has no right.

Florida has one bad year and Luke thinks the gate is open for him to talk shit about a guy he knows nothing about. It's actually kind of funny that he mocked Urban Meyer as a person and a coach at the end of the article. Urban Meyer has two national title rings. And what has this guy done? Write a terrible article on a great coach. Very classy. Really good way to get people to like Miami.


This writer's a hater: Do you have a reliable source for these "facts" or are you just spouting, Luther? You're no authority on football or Urban Meyer. I think we'd all be better off if you went back to writing profane lyrics for gangsta rap garbage. Your skills as a journalist leave a lot to be desired.


Kevin Is Blessed

Burns is da bomb: You got it all wrong ("Under the Christmas Tree," Francisco Alvarado, December 16). I've been working for Kevin Burns for at least seven years at the Christmas tree lot and he's always paid me without a problem. Kevin Burns is a good man who is trying to make a living like all of us. At the lot across from us on NE 108th Street, owner John Fahmie has some problems of his own. His people are always cursing at us and flicking us off. They are really rude, doing it in front of costumers. Overall Kevin Burns's Christmas trees are the best.


Lucky to See Morrison

Feel better, Jorge: I understand that as a kid Casuso was probably terrified to be at this event ("When the Music's Over," Jorge Casuso, December 16). But seriously, this is one of the most historic events in rock history, and he was actually there! I am so envious. I know nearly all there is to know about Jim Morrison, and I would love to be able to tell people the story of his lewd behavior on stage. I don't know why Casuso is taking the time to complain about something like this. He was there! I envy him, but maybe that was his intention: to get some sort of publicity for being there. In 1968, how much could the concert ticket cost? 15 bucks? Seriously, he should consider himself lucky.


Get over it! It was what it was. It's 40 years later and it's time to move on.



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