Letters from the issue of December 2, 2010

Holy Misleading

Cross the tea: The cover story profiling Archbishop Thomas Wenski ("Heaven on Wheels," Michael E. Miller, November 18) was great, but labeling him a Tea Party conservative is misleading. Wenski is a priest who follows the Gospel and serves his people accordingly. After reading it, I love the guy. He might be exactly what we need.



Letters to the editor

Wrong party: The Tea Party is supposed to be about fiscally conservative values, smaller government, and anti-immigration. I don't believe the archbishop falls in line with that. He is socially conservative in keeping with the predominant values and teachings of the Catholic Church.


Sex can wait: Your comment, "on social issues, [Wenski] has become a rabid, Tea Party-style conservative whose ban on even discussing condoms might have led to hundreds of Haitians contracting HIV," is utterly biased. Who can possibly doubt that a sure way of preventing AIDS is through abstinence (delaying sex until marriage) and monogamy? That's 100 percent sure. Condoms lead to promiscuity and then to all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS included.


Safe to die: Archbishop Wenski seems to be able to rationalize ass-kissing the Castro regime to obtain gains for the Catholic Church but does not offer the same alternatives to those exposed to AIDS. What hypocrites these people are. Save the children but then let them die of AIDS, diseases, and hunger so these bleeding hearts can go to sleep with a clean conscience. Give me a break.


Modest proposal: Sex is responsible for more than AIDS. It also creates babies, and the one thing an impoverished nation such as Haiti doesn't need is more starving children. The position of the Catholic Church that condoms are unacceptable is reprehensible. Nonuse of condoms results in far more children than AIDS cases, though both are harmful to Haiti.


People Power

Reel deal: Regarding the profile of former drug dealer Mickey Munday ("Miami People 2010," November 25): What a country! I did federal time in the early '80s for distributing 7 million Quaaludes, and no one in Hollywood has approached me about a movie. Good luck, Mickey. Hope you make loads of that "legal" money.


Barry presidential: Regarding the profile of humorist Dave Barry: Listening to Prairie Home Companion, I heard Garrison Keillor ask Barry if Miami Beach was in Miami. His answer — "No, but you can hear the gunfire from here" — was a classic. Let me know when he runs for president or dogcatcher or whatever. He's got my vote.

Frank Cates

Mad hatter: Regarding the profile of U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson: Trying to pull the race card on Hispanics seems pretty ignorant. We Hispanics haven't gone through the same struggles as blacks, but we've had our own nonetheless. Wilson has also been in the news recently because she's upset that Congress bans hats. She says it's sexist. Aren't there bigger issues she should be tackling than the dress code in Congress? She's a ridiculous woman and definitely not a good representation of the people of Miami.


Singing praises: Regarding the profile of soprano Elizabeth Caballero: Congratulations on identifying Elizabeth as one to watch in Miami and everywhere in the opera world. I had the great pleasure of singing Canio in Pagliacci with her last month for Kentucky Opera, and she is a standout talent at the beginning of what will be a tremendous career. Anyone who has heard her Liu in Turandot for Florida Grand Opera would have to agree. And to top it off, she is a kind and generous soul ­— and great fun at a party too! Onward and upward, Liz. You go, girl!

John Mac Master

Vocal support: Elizabeth Caballero is a fabulous soprano, and we can expect to hear her beautiful singing in opera houses all over the world for decades to come.

Maria Nockin

Slam dunk: Regarding the profile of philanthropist and former NBA star Alonzo Mourning: He is everything you describe and more. In Haiti, I saw him carrying boxes and baggage and spending time with the kids, not the VIPs. The only fault I can find with the article is failing to mention his wife, Tracy, who works alongside him in all of these efforts.

M. Kelley

Writing on the wall: Regarding the profile of BooksIIII Bischof: Primary Flight, along with all the work the other artists do throughout the year, has rekindled my love for Miami, especially Wynwood. What they are doing is amazing. Kudos to Bischof.



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