Letters from the issue of December 17, 2009

Study Up

FMU is just fine: I am very familiar with Florida Memorial University, which was described in "Crime 101" (Gus Garcia-Roberts, December 10). I know wonderful things happen on campus, yet I never see news coverage. Is there a conspiracy to destroy the only black university in South Florida? It doesn't matter which media outlet reports a story — it is always negative. Please share with the community the fine education that Florida Memorial is providing to low-income, first-generation college students. Tell the story of how this institution nurtures the social and career development of teachers and other professionals. This institution has transformed the lives of so many young people from this community, and it's a shame all the coverage is negative.

To those who think they have reason to be afraid, I say consider another institution. There is no way you can get the most out of the education offered at the university if you are in fear. Also, if you think the university is not up to your standards, leave.


Florida Memorial University

I am neither employed by the university nor black. I am a white female who attended a majority white institution. There was marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and LSD used on a regular basis by students. There was theft, vandalism, homicide, and rape. It just never got such media attention.


Miami Gardens


Free weekly is just fine: In the African-American community, there is this unwritten rule that you do not share your personal problems with "outsiders" (i.e., the media), that issues should be worked out "in-house" by "family." I believe this attitude is also shared by Florida Memorial's administration. Too long have issues of security, crime, and safety been politely brushed under the rug with responses such as "we are in the process of addressing this issue" at town and faculty meetings. This has always disturbed me more than you can know. I care a great deal about my students' safety but have often felt powerless to change the status quo. As a young faculty member for almost two years, I would like to thank you for airing FMU's "dirty laundry" and exposing its flaws. I hope this article will spur the powers-that-be to make the much-needed and drastic changes this historic institution requires.


Miami Lakes


F.U., FMU leaders: The faculty has no power in this matter. Assign blame where it belongs: the administration. They are in charge and have chosen to do nothing about crime on campus.


Miami Gardens


It's a Gamble

So log off, boffo: Owning one of the larger development companies in Costa Rica marketing to expats, I see both sides of the issue described in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" (Graham Rayman, December 10). We bring our tour clients to Costa Rica, and many want to gamble. The country is a haven for call centers of many businesses, not just gambling. Unfortunately, there are also crooked online poker sites that have shills working (and colluding) to the advantage of the house. I play live-action poker quite often in Costa Rica but do not gamble online. There is too much not visible for me to be comfortable with the results when playing for money. Why shouldn't the U.S. tap into the revenue stream since most of the action is coming from here?

Steve Linder

Key West and Ojochal, Costa Rica


Hum on This One

The car is petite: Did you know the Hummer H3, described in "The Hummer of Justice" (Gus Garcia-Roberts, December 10), is actually shorter than a Honda Accord and is not a gas-guzzler? I get more than 20 miles per gallon on the highway, and that is comparable to most SUVs and pickup trucks. I can only assume this driver would have been an outlaw even if he was driving a Prius.


Via web commentary


The writer is a dork: A guy driving a tank hit a pedestrian in a parking lot and fled the scene. End of story. To make the incident into anything other than the driver being a dickhead is a reflection on the writer.

Danny C.

Via web commentary


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