Letters from the Issue of August 7, 2008

Nude Attitude

Not so much: "Naked Lunch" (Janine Zeitlin, July 24) shocking? Maybe for the reporter. I realize New Times is supposed to be the "cool paper," where you can curse and print the kind of sex stories that don't make it into the mainstream. But stripping in the middle of the day as "news" ... and a cover story? I wouldn't think so.

The reporter's writing style was enjoyable, but I was left wondering, What is the point of this story? There weren't any statistics about how many clubs are open during the day in Miami or in the state. There wasn't even a photo of one of the people she spoke to, or anything to get us to care about the subjects of the story.


day strippers

It's really not all that shocking to people that strip clubs would be open during the day. Think about it.

Now, if a county commissioner or the Dalai Lama happened to be in a strip club wolfing down some wings for lunch....

Jenny Miller

Boynton Beach

The view from inside: I just wanted to give you a little insight about your article "Naked Lunch." About four years ago, I worked as a stripper. To me it was fun and added a little extra income. But thank God I had a regular full-time day job. (I'm a truck driver.) You mentioned girls making $500 to $1,000 a day. Those are few and far between. What you failed to mention is that these girls don't "work" at these clubs. They pay to work there. They have to pay the club at the end of their shift and tip out bartenders, security guards, and DJs. I have seen girls leave at the end of a slow shift in tears because, after tip-outs, they end up with about $20 — not enough to pay for groceries or gas. Some are just addicts, supporting their habits, but many of these girls are single moms. It's a hard way to make a living. Try combining that with some cheapskate who doesn't want to part with a dollar at the end of a dance.



It Doesn't Stick

He's rubber, and he's glue: Something is burning and it smells like Fraternal Order of Police president Armando Aguilar's ass, no doubt resulting from the pot calling the kettle black ("Bailing Out Junior," Francisco Alvarado, in Riptide July 24). John Timoney, ethical breaches aside, has done more for this community during his tenure than the FOP has in its entire history. For the few criticisms Aguilar loudly directs toward Timoney, we, unfortunately, can point countless unexplained incidents of police corruption and abuses against us. Timoney might be many things, but one thing he is not is a phony, like so many we know in Miami — FOP included.

Dean Corso

Venetian Islands

Thanks for the Memories

Nice vice: Having moved to New York City five years ago, I try to keep up with Miami. Your recent story about the Black Tuna Gang ("Ganja of the Sea," Brantley Hargrove, June 26) caught my attention.

After graduating college in Boston, I moved home to Miami in '77. I spent the summer floating in my pool. I took a bartending class and landed a job at Club Alexandre, a place in the Omni Mall. I remember the night the club was raided and several of the owners were arrested. We were told it had to do with money laundering and an organization called Black Tuna.

I moved on to the Mutiny Hotel, which closed in 1989 — an appropriate year, since it was the last season of Miami Vice.

Owen J Band

New York, New York

Herewith, We Pat Our Own Backs

Miami New Times garnered a slew of honors (six, to be exact) from the Society of Professional Journalists' Green Eyeshade Awards contest. Lee Klein won first place in consumer reporting for "Eat Shit and Die"; Tamara Lush took first place in courts and law reporting with "America's Worst Cop." Our critics were singled out for some praise of their own: A first place in criticism went to Carlos Suarez De Jesus for his art reviews, while second belonged to Brandon K. Thorp for stage reviews. Isaiah Thompson got first place in nondeadline news for "The People Under the Bridge" and second place in business reporting for "Hecho in Miami."


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