Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Editor's note: We received hundreds of letters following the publication last week of "Tales of Teele," which consisted of verbatim excerpts from a police investigation into Arthur Teele, Jr. The investigative report had been released to the public on May 4, 2005, by the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. This sampling of messages has been restricted to local readers, but the sentiments expressed are representative of the overall response. Additional letters can be found further down on this Web page.

On Arthur E. Teele, Jr., and "Tales of Teele"

It is people like Francisco Alvarado, author of "Tales of Teele," who give reporters a bad name. How dare he say that, at the end of the day, he was just doing his job. In case he hasn't realized it, a man is dead. Arthur Teele shot himself because New Times and the rest of the media idiots portrayed him as some kind of monster. You took an already difficult situation and made it unbearable.

As far as "Tales of Teele" being a compilation of previous reports -- please. Any idiot understands that rumors can be repeated only so many times before they are assumed to be fact. Thank you for spreading rumors about a good man and contributing to his death. I hope your paychecks are worth a man's life.

Dominique L. Pierce


Francisco Alvarado, are you satisfied? I am amazed! You can call yourself a killer. You have no respect for anyone. Even less for yourself.

Julie Diaz


Mr. Teele's sudden suicide means he will not be able to defend himself against the vicious attacks by Francisco Alvarado and New Times. Mr. Alvarado should be ashamed of himself. Out of respect for his family and his memory, he should have pulled the plug on his article, or at least now make an attempt to apologize for it.

Mr. Alvarado should be feeling a little guilty tonight. I know he's not going to have a good night's rest. Shame on him!

Lourdes Pupo


I read "Tales of Teele" and want to congratulate New Times on a job well done. I am tired of politicians thinking they can get away with anything. If we had more reporters like Francisco Alvarado, maybe they would think twice before they act.

I heard that some are asking for a public apology from Alvarado. He should not give in. He has nothing to be sorry for. He reported the facts. If Teele committed suicide, it's not because of the article; it's because of a guilty conscience.

Thank you for keeping the public informed.

Nora Martinez


New Times strikes again. What a great record: Elian, the Catholic Church, Alex Penelas, Xavier Suarez, Joe Carollo, exiles, now Teele. Who is next on the list?

First you use them, then you strike them dead. It is disgusting to see where the press is taking us in the name of liberalism.

Joe Requejo


I'm assuming Mr. Teele's suicide brings home to New Times and Francisco Alvarado the fact that not only sticks and stones can break bones. I have lived in Miami-Dade County for twenty years and am as disgusted as the next person by the level of graft and public corruption that takes place here with seeming impunity. However, once a public official has been brought down, do we really need to know the details of his personal indiscretions? I don't, and I'm offended by the lack of decency that allows journalists like Alvarado to meet the demand for this type of National Enquirer crap.

I won't try to make Alvarado feel any worse than I'm sure he already does. I will assume he will give a second thought to writing an unnecessary exposé like this again. Somebody's life may depend on that judgment.

Sally Botts Mastos


I am writing in an attempt to clear up inaccuracies in the article "Tales of Teele," in which my name was mentioned. I never spoke to anyone at New Times, so I find it disturbing how carelessly and haphazardly my name was thrown around.

Specifically the article states, "Pierre believes that the [Community Redevelopment Agency] hired employees with big titles, but they lacked the knowledge or ability to perform their individual jobs." I did not say that. This was an inference made in the 2003 City of Miami internal audit report referring to past employment practices, prior to the current administration.

While I am not negating the poor performance of one specific former employee of the CRA (Catricia Alphonse), as I was quoted saying in the Miami Herald (October 19, 2003), which is where I assume New Times retrieved its information, I am concerned how information was misconstrued and disseminated through mass media without any merit and little foundation. I believe it is New Times's responsibility to be completely factual and to thoroughly check resources prior to publication to avoid erroneous information.

Also from the New Times article: "According to Pierre, it was a common rumor that Catricia Alphonse was having an affair with Commissioner Teele." Again, I did not say that nor would I comment on the personal life or affiliations of something I knew nothing about.

I am sure New Times always attempts to maintain the highest quality and integrity in its noteworthy journalism, so I was dismayed at its methods of retrieving information for this story. Therefore I am demanding a retraction of the above-mentioned comments, for they were in no way factual.

Last week's unfortunate event should remind us of the frailty of human life. It is a tragedy. My sincerest condolences go out to Mr. Teele's family.

Antranette Pierre


Editor's note: The comments attributed to Ms. Pierre in "Tales of Teele" were reprinted from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's report on Arthur Teele. Investigators interviewed Ms. Pierre at her CRA office on February 4, 2004.

Miami never ceases to amaze me. Payoffs, cocaine eightballs with transsexual hookers in seedy motels, manila envelopes, and drug dealers. As [prosecution witness] Evens Thermilus said of Art Teele: "You gotta pay to play." Last Wednesday night it was for keeps.

May he rest in peace.

George Aguilar


Francisco Alvarado, no deed in life ever goes unpaid. It is written in the word of God. I curse you and the rest of your family to feel the pain you have caused the Teele family. My sincere wish is that God sends you and each member of your family the most horrific calamity and natural disaster allowed to occur in a human being's life.

John Smith


Call me dumb if you so desire. Better yet, call me dumbfounded. I personally believe that this article pushed Arthur Teele over the edge. I never condoned his indiscretions or his manner of handling public monies. His "crimes" were a matter for the courts to decide, but not the media!

How would you like to wake up one morning, grab the paper, and see your name emboldened with "sleaze stories" connected to it? Wouldn't you, being under federal investigation, get a bit perky and want to deal directly with anyone lambasting you in the "press," as you call yourselves?

Personally I wouldn't go gunning for any one person and certainly wouldn't take the life God gave me, but I'd be pretty damn pissed off, feeling resentful and alone in the world. Francisco Alvarado's article did just that to one man. Look at the outcome.

Arthur Teele may not have been the best man for his position in public service, but he was a good man nonetheless. And you pushed him over the edge. What a waste.

Sven Bystrom


Your newspaper (if it even deserves to be called that) is the trashiest, most insensitive piece of garbage I have ever had the dishonor to read! You guys don't check facts and end up publishing bullshit!

A man kills himself, so you go ahead and post every single trashy article you have written about him. We all know you have no ethics, but at least show some consideration toward Art Teele's family. I won't be surprised if they sue you.

Many of your readers no longer care for your garbage. I hope this is a wake-up call. Fire Francisco Alvarado and get some real journalists.

Michelle Tinca


I really feel very disappointed with the way your newspaper spoke about the private life of Mr. Arthur Teele. Nothing that happened had yet been proven in a court of law, and until you are found guilty, you are not guilty.

I believe that anyone with ethics does not write about the private life of any citizen. Mr. Teele's family and the community are very upset with what your newspaper published. The only person who will judge this matter will be God.

Roberto Arriete


"Just doing my job" is what Francisco Alvarado claimed upon hearing of the death of Arthur Teele. Well, if doing his job means taking an already fallen man and writing such a mean-spirited article about him, then New Times belongs in a class with all the other "trashy" tabloid publications.

Could the article have been written with a lot less sleaze? You bet, but shamefully sleaze sells. I do hope Mr. Alvarado and other New Times writers will think twice about future articles that, in the end, do more harm than good.

Kathy Clayburn

Miami Lakes

Why would New Times print what a jailed prostitute has to say about anything when absolutely nothing can be proved? His answer to everything is: "I don't remember, I threw it away, I'm not from the area so I don't really know, I didn't see the person because they gave us the cocaine and walked away, I don't have a number because I always trash my cell phones." Blah, blah, blah. He doesn't even know what freakin' address he last lived at?

This is irresponsible reporting by New Times and now a man is dead. And Francisco Alvarado calls it a surreal coincidence? It was also very irresponsible for the police to include this in a report that at some point became public. What if I contacted the police with a load of accusations about you that I couldn't prove? Would you appreciate them being printed before you even had your day in court? Surreal coincidence? I think not.

Roxanna King


New Times should be held accountable for the unproven sensationalism that caused Arthur Teele to end his life. I read "Tales of Teele" looking for the facts, but all I found was very leading police questioning of a convicted drug felon and statements from an admitted prostitute and current inmate. No proof. No smoking gun, except the one Teele used to end the humiliation he felt from your article.

Maybe New Times could do an in-depth article about the sleazy world of strip clubs, escort services, prostitutes, and phone-sex providers. Just look to your own advertising section for a large selection of sources.

Jean Bier-Londono


Keep up your great work exposing corruption. Maybe with your continued diligence in reporting the crimes of our elected officials, Miami will function like that great city up north to which everyone here loves to compare it. If not, then Miami will more and more continue to resemble São Paulo or Mexico City in so many ways.

Whitfield Palmer

North Miami Beach

"At the end of the day, I was just doing my job." Francisco Alvarado's quote in the Miami Herald about his Art Teele photocopy journalism cover story reminds me of the excuses the Nazis used during the Nuremburg trials. Of course, like the guards and the commanders of the concentration camps, Alvarado didn't act alone.

What were you guys thinking when you decided to run such a piece? Selling more papers? What ever happened to that old American adage about not kicking a man when he's down? It's even more alarming when I look at the effort you took with the illustrations to hammer home your point. Such an effort for what? It's not like this information has never been made public.

You should all be ashamed. The best thing that could come out of this is if your readers stop picking up New Times. In the end, New Times has shown its true character, something not much different from the man it gleefully slimed. What Mr. Teele should have done is stop by New Times and take a few of you motherfuckers with him. I'm sure that would have sold more papers than the final, desperate act he pulled off at the Miami Herald.

DC Copeland

Miami Beach

Additional Letters from the Issue of August 4, 2005

Arthur Teele blew into this town in debt to certain people. He owed a commanding officer hundreds and thousands of dollars. He even owed the IRS almost a million dollars. But in the black community this guy is considered a hero and a great guy. It's time that the black community wakes up and gets some young fresh voices to represent us. People like Victor Curry, Georgia Ayers and the unctuous Paulette Sims Wimberly need to be put out to pasture with their racial garbage. Just because Mr. Teele was a crook, and a shyster they come out and defend him. Do you think that they helped pay his tax bills or his legal bills? Probably not! Teele lined his pockets, and didn't care about the risks involved. I enjoy your weekly, and will continue to do so, and for the record, I am black.

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

Huge kudos go out to Mr. Frank Alvarado on his brave story on the now deceased Art Teele. For Mr. Teele's supporters to say that the media is in any way at fault or might have contributed to his death is ignorant and irresponsible. The media's job is to report the news. And Mr. Teele might have done many good things in his lifetime, but to ignore the fact that he was a crook is inconceivable to me.

Whether the people of Miami want to believe it or not, Mr. Teele was a corrupt politician who used his power and intimidation to get just about anything he wanted in this city. To have certain members of Miami's community play the race game, or say that the Herald or the New Times were out to get him is simply unfair. To ignore that he was at the center of a ring of lies, deceit, and absolutely repulsive behavior is an injustice to members of this community who are hard working honest citizens. These are the kind of headlines that put this city at the center of global ridicule when it comes to politics and political corruption. It seems like we want our constituents to ignore the fact that he stole thousands and thousands of dollars from the CRA's funds to buy his "above the law" status he oh-so projected. The money he stole could have helped rebuild some of Miami's poorest black neighborhoods and given them hope of being a part of Miami's growing urban market.

I expect our public officials to be exceptional members of our community -- to be honest and to use the money they budget to serve the people of their communities in the best possible way. To look out for the people and conduct themselves in a reasonably dignified way. But to ignore that Mr. Teele's insatiable appetite for everything illegal and sick is an injustice to me. In its short history, this, his city has a long record of corruption: (C. Odio, A. Hastings, H. Hernandez, C. Lunetta, M. Alonso, D.Perez Jr., X. Suarez, J. Burke, B. Kaplan, M. Dawkins, M. Oliphant, A. Gutman, P. Reboredo, D. Warshaw) and every single time there has been a very vocal community crying foul. The media is not responsible for what they did. They committed the crime. We must realize that there are good and bad individuals in all communities and by not accepting that and playing the media game we are perpetuating injustice.

To blame this in any way on the media is a disgrace. Mr. Teele loved the media and the media spotlight. Why else would you shoot yourself in the lobby of the same paper you say brought you down? He was in control of the situation even at the very end. What a spinster. To say the media "hounded him down" is not accurate. I personally remember a picture in the front page of the Herald's Metro section of Mr. Teele at a groundbreaking ceremony with the shovel in his hand accompanied by an article on his involvement with the project. It was a positive article. I don't think he felt hounded then? But now, according to today's news, his family and friends say they are "sick of the media" and are not allowing them close to the church in Tallahassee. What a sinister twist.

Having just returned from a vacation abroad to the news of Mr. Teele's suicide, just confirms the fact that in this country most politicians all seem to have taken a course in Spinning 101. And, not the exercise type, but the kind of spinning that gets you so dizzy you are either hypnotized by the rhetoric, or too busy to care. Art Teele might have been a great man at one point but he leaves this world a disgrace, a disgrace he created all by himself.

Lucy Vega


Art Teele was a crook. We all knew that, but even Teele didn't deserve the hatchet job you did on him this week. Releasing unsubstantiated charges about his private life was bad enough, but the racist cartoon pictures that accompanied the article were disgusting.

This piece was not written and published to inform the public. This article had one intent: to humiliate, embarrass and degrade Mr. Teele. You and your paper set out to finally and publicly destroy Art Teele. In that, Mr. Alvarado, you certainly succeeded. I hope you are satisfied. Your family must be so very proud.

Robert Lawrence


Great job on the Art Teele story. Maybe now you can write a comparable story on Fidel Castro and get the same results.

I have read the paper you write for since it was called the Wave. Yes, I am a native Miamian which means that I have had the opportunity to watch as the New Times has gone from a hard-hitting investigative good source of information on many subjects to a slime ball advertising periodical. I will not even use your paper to line my cat's box or put in the newspaper recycling bin for fear that it might turn up again in an envelope that I might lick to close.

Mr. Alvarado, your writing style is shameful. Your editor is just as much to blame as you are for allowing you to write such trash. Who taught you to mix facts with allegations? Yes Mr. Teele was convicted of threatening a police officer, but to include "ten felony counts" at the end of the same sentence infers that Mr. Teele is or will be convicted of these allegations as well. Why not just come out and say that "I feel Mr. Teele will be convicted of these ten other counts" in a separate sentence? Would that be overly direct and leave you open to being wrong if he was not convicted? I really hope you have a run in with the Miami Police Department some day for something that you did not do. I am not saying that Mr. Teele is innocent, but for a newspaper to write in such a way that it makes a person look guilty beyond any reasonable doubt is just plain yellow journalism and wrong. Please clean up your act and become a real journalist who writes concise sentences that are either fact or opinion, not both mixed together.

In the future I can assure you that I will be taking three newspapers from the rack each week. I'll read one, use one as a foot mat at my front door, and pick-up my dog's poop with the other. I'll probably get more utility out of your paper as a foot mat and a poop picker-upper.

Lowell Kuvin

Miami Beach

Somebody who knows what goes on at the Miami Herald tell me if I'm close here. Jesus Diaz, Jr., Herald publisher, Cuban-American Republican, good Christian, voted Bush for governor and president twice, thought Elian Gonzalez should be kept in Miami, thought the feeding tube should be reinserted in Terri Schiavo, supports the war in Iraq, disliked DeFede's columns critical of the U.S. embargo of Cuba and Luis Posada Carriles.

Tom Fiedler, executive editor, wet-noodle of a liberal Democrat, fatally compromised any political principle to climb up the ladder with Knight Ridder, crows about the hiring of Jim DeFede and the firing bothers what's left of his conscience but long past time when he could stand up for anything.

Diaz and Fiedler, both cowards, fired Jim DeFede on the orders of their political masters.

J. Brown-Stevenson

North Miami Beach

Gutless reporting is the norm today. How about taking on Bush and the CorpoNazis.

Bob Manley

Via the Internet

Would like to know how you feel about the man killing himself? If your family member was in a rut as this man was, would you have allowed the nine-page spread for press release. Just a question. I am sure the transvestite story will sooner or later come out to be a lie and how will your newspaper feel then? I do not usually read the New Times but I did last week when I found out Mr. Teele killed himself. Hopefully the institution that I work at will discontinue to have a stand and ban your newspaper.



A smart parasite knows better than to kill its host.

Mike Poller

Writers like you are the primary reason I choose not to be a journalist anymore. The way you and your paper packaged and marketed that story was guaranteed to wound and humiliate and did far worse. I know you will rationalize and justify until the cows come in how all you did was expand upon what was already out there. What did this salacious hearsay have to do with the nuts and bolts of the case other than to destroy Art Teele in the court of public opinion? This male whore can't recall dates, places or phone numbers yet everyone is taking his word like gospel. I sure wouldn't want to be in your shoes because you have blood guilt that you'll carry for life.

Phyllis D. Huguenin

Former Columnist

I am appalled that you would stoop so low as to grovel through the mud like swine and make such a report without validation except through alleged police reports that were already known. Whenever you receive your paychecks remember that Art Teele's blood pays your salary. His private escapades had absolutely nothing to do with the charges against him. I guess that the corruption charges against him was just not enough so you dug through the mud for any sleazy tidbits to fuel your own appetite. As far as this transvestite, your story was so-o-o graphic that it would put you in the same room as a participant of the act.


Via the Internet

Just last week the media was wallowing in Mr. Teele's muddy demise like swine in a pigsty. Come 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, when he decides to take his life at the Herald building, he suddenly becomes a beloved leader of the masses and everyone, like Pilate, washes their hands, bestowing praises on the man everyone labeled a con. I am no longer enticed to keep on reading or subscribing to this newspaper and I can tell you many of my peers feel the same way. Furthermore, I felt that it was unfair that Mr. Jim DeFede was fired over the taping of the conversation he had with Mr. Teele.

[Herald publisher Jesus] Diaz's statement that Mr. DeFede's actions caused his firing and undermined public trust in the paper, is but a cover for the truth -- "The public's trust is at stake as a result of Jim's actions,'' Diaz said. "We have to make sure that the public understands that trust is the most important value that the community bestows upon us.'' If there was anyone at the Herald that I admired most and whose columns I enjoyed because they contained "in your face" reporting not meant to maintain or please the keepers of the status quo, that was Mr. DeFede. If there was anyone at the Herald whom the public trusted, that was Mr. DeFede.

Of course, when heads need to roll they must, and who better to swing the axe on the unsuspecting victim at the chopping block than the big honchos themselves under the excuse that he broke "ethical standards." This, as if there were no other punishments at hand or as if in day-to-day operations, there is not one reporter who commits these little peccadilloes in the name of reporting, but which go unnoticed or unpunished because they keep their sins to themselves! But for a paper, which at times had written negatively about Mr. Teele to then direct condolences to his wife in the front page next to a picture of the man in a puddle of blood, it's the most hypocritical mark and low point of everything that could come from such organization. Perhaps the condolences are just meant to soothe or avoid legal repercussions from Mr. Teele's wife and family over those taped conversations. You have lost many subscribers today!

Enrico di Parma

Miami Beach

The inflicted death of Art Teele is nothing short of poor judgment, bad taste on dissemination of news through the media and extremely poor journalism that drove this man to commit such an act. This is simply sensationalism to the highest bidder on any publication or so called journalistic, so much for the First Amendment.

Aida M Colavito


"Tales of Sleaze," the so-called exposé of Art Teele, I have one question: Where's the sleaze? You promised me "Male prostitutes and multiple mistresses..." but all I got was a jailbird transvestite (who claimed the ex-commish as a client after seeing him on TV) and a young Bahamian hootchie mamma.

I am appalled at the inconsistency, even for the New Times yellow-tinted journalism. I expected something to sink my teeth into. Please, if you promise sleaze, then have the courtesy to deliver.

David F. Cox II

Coral Gables

Great job on your Teele story. South Florida deserves to know how our politicians make their money and how their egos make them think they're untouchable.

Tonight Mr. Teele's world came crashing down and he did what any coward would that was uncovered. Hopefully this story is read throughout the world. I'm sure it's not just pertinent to Miami politics.

Phillip M.

Pembroke Pines

There is great tragedy in these final chapters of the life and times of Commissioner Art Teele. I see tragedy in that the local region has lost a valiant and valued City Father; Overtown and related areas have lost a true trusted and loyal advocate and advisor; the Miami Herald and local media professionals have lost a fine journalist with the sudden termination of Jim DeFede [for a possible alleged offense related to unauthorized recording of private conversations]. Similarly, the local Miami-Dade community has lost in much the same way.

All of us need to take a quiet moment, reflect on all that's occurred, give it some serious thought, and learn yet another aspect of what life has to offer, although through the sadness and sorrow of others.

Simon Hendrixx

Coral Gables

The least you could do is put something besides Teele's article itself on your home page. I mean, you can't actually think you can separate what happened from your story, can you?

Name withheld


How can you and Francisco Alvarado sleep at night knowing what both of you did caused someone to take his life? You people just don't know when to stop. "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job." Really feel bad? Hmmmm.

Timothy S. Uplander

Boca Raton

I'd like to quote an article then make my comment to the author of "Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories" (July 28). The quote is as follows: "The writer of the New Times story, Francisco Alvarado, told the Herald it was a ösurreal coincidence' that Teele shot himself the same day his article was published. "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job."

Normally I would read a story like this and go on, with my life, with my job. I'll confess I wasn't following the Teele case and in another time, I'd probably skip over the article but for some reason I stopped on this one. I am sickened by the experience.

The quote from Mr. Alvarado strikes a wrong cord with me at the end. It strikes me as saying I'd feel bad but it was my job.

Someone died. While not expecting anyone who didn't know the man to care as deeply as his relations would, I am furious that someone would dismiss their role in the death as "just doing my job."

When will people, especially reporters who have more power then the "average" person, take responsibility for their actions? I'm sure Mr. Alvarado expected Mr. Teele to take responsibility for his, that's why he wrote his story. Maybe someone should turn the tables on the press and start prying apart their lives? There is an idea for an article, research how many deaths are caused by the news! I doubt it would see print.

If claiming to do your job, helps you sleep at night great job Mr. Alvarado. I hope you get promoted for making more news.

Cheryl Richter

Kansas City, Kansas

I just read the story (online) on Art Teele, mainly because I was interested in reading the story after hearing about his death earlier today. I was not a fan of his and I can see that there is evidence that he was corrupt, but the section of the story about him and a male prostitute is out of line. I got the impression that the writer of the story doesn't even believe it. So, why print it! According to this article the prostitute gave nothing that sounded like real proof of a relationship with Teele; I can only guess you guys printed it to pad up your sleazy angle on the story for your cover art and title.

I know this story probably didn't contribute to his death or at least I hope it didn't. It's unclear to me at this time whether or not Mr. Teele had an opportunity to read this article before his death. Now that he is dead, in your future stories on him in the days to come, I hope you give these stories some more thought before you print something or at least give a more balanced explanation of this man's life, be it right or wrong what he did. If I'm wrong, or your newspaper believes you had a good reason for doing this, please let me know.

Carlos Correa

Via the Internet

Maybe the Miami Herald and Mr. Alvarado can spend some time reflecting on the way they do business. No wonder the media has no respect.

Aaron Weiss

Via the Internet

Do you honestly think of the consequences of your acts before you do such things. Based on your actions, you have not only killed Art, but have caused pain for his wife, mother, sister, and only son. His blood is on your hands. I only wish that he had waited for you before killing himself.


Birmingham, Alabama

After publishing the series of documents that contained a few references to the late Art Teele that were leaked by members of the Miami Police Department, I trust that you will launch an investigation into the allegations raised in those documents. They were obviously leaked to wreck the credibility of a man who can no longer defend himself.

The evidence contained in the police reports themselves would seem to be extremely tenuous, disingenuous and misleading as they do not clearly describe any major criminal activity whatsoever.

The allegations stemming from the convicted felons as reported in the documents seemed to be self-serving and fabricated in order to serve some purpose other than establishing the truth about the late Art Teele.

The statements attributed to the inmate, Frederick Davis, who was convicted of aggravated assault against a police officer do not appear to contain even the slightest whiff of truth, credibility or veracity.

In fact, the entire issue that was front-paged with the garish Tales of Teele artwork appears to be nothing less than mendacious slander and libel disguised as investigative reportage.

I note that today, even though Commissioner Art Teele died yesterday, there is no further coverage of this deeply troubling case. Why not?

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to publish the truth about what was apparently a vicious vendetta against Commissioner Art Teele that was being prosecuted by powerful political figures in Miami.

Michael Carmichael

Oxford, United Kingdom

Wow! A two for one story. You can now talk about how he is dead! Besides, you are only doing your job.



The firing of Jim DeFede by the Herald was bound to happen at anytime since they just needed the flimsiest of excuses to fire him since he was too hot to handle especially for a newspaper that has taken a turn to the extreme right. As you clearly know Jim was a "no holds barred" journalist and that is indeed a rare breed to find in a right wing environment that is the Miami Herald! El Nuevo Herald is probably celebrating after getting rid of hard hitting journalist such as DeFede and Max Castro. It is unfortunate for the readers and the community that a right wing Mafia does exist here and there are no challengers left. Also it is ironic that DeFede wrote heavily against Luis Posada Carriles the "Cuban terrorist," and we talk about freedom of the press...spare me!!

Asdur Triff


Art Teele was a man with very big problems, and because of sensationalist tabloidistic reporting is now very dead.

Carrie Newman

Ottumwa, Iowa

You went way over the line in your slanted, disrespectful coverage of Arthur Teele. Not that he was blameless, but you took such glee in your öexposes' that he felt had no choice but to take his own life. I hope this haunts you, and follows you, for the rest of your lives.

David Elliott

Palm Coast

Congratulations to your magazine on becoming the first schlub alternative weekly in the United States of America to gain national notoriety for somebody dying as a result of something you printed. I bet your are swelling with pride, like a proud parent cradling their newborn.

Francisco should be fired as soon as possible. The people of Miami should swiftly and immediately confiscate every single page of the next issue of your rag that you distribute citywide. Congratulations on proving the point even further that journalists in our country do not deserve a single ounce of the journalistic freedom that our nation provides.

Joshua Larson

Buffalo, New York

Nice job folks. I use to work for an alternative paper in the Bay Area (not yours!). Your organization always had a reputation for cutthroat tactics. Now you have contributed to someone's death. Nice going. New Times has no soul, your style sucks, even the layout of your pub sucks. Your masthead always reminded me of something that would have come out of WW2 Germany. you are the worst media organization by far in the country. I hope someone someday takes you down!

Lori Chitwood

San Francisco, California

How does it feel to take a man's life? A persons alleged personal life does not belong in a newspaper!


Orlando, Florida

So Francisco Alvarado, after his hatchet job on Teele, said "I was only doing my job." That's exactly what Adolph Eichmann said.

J.B. Robert

Murphy, North Carolina

This letter is to the author of Tales of Teele while I understand your job description, I want to make sure that you are fully aware of the outcome of the story you wrote. Has it ever occurred to you that certain aspects of a mans life remains his own? Since you did such a great job of collecting negative "information" on Mr. Teele you owe him the same respect to publish his positive contributions in the community which I would much rather read about than his personal sex life, etc. How would you feel if the sexual position of your wife and yourself became office chitter chatter? Think before you write next time or consider a career change because you suck, really.


Via the Internet

Rebecca Wakefield's article "Commissioner Who?" (November 14, 2004) was excellent. I moved here from Houston about a year ago. Unfortunately the New Times paper there would never publish an article that was as insightful and to the point as Ms. Wakefield's article about Commissioner Jeffrey Allen.

There are few things that I have found positive to say about south Florida life, in part because of the problems with a population that seems to thrive on conduct that Ms. Wakefield's article suggests. It has become apparent to me from my brief time here that the same rotten garbage Miami's city commissioners thrive on seems to be popular at far to many dining establishments up and down the South Florida coastline. While these stories are certainly depressing to read, hopefully the public will awaken from their sun induced fog, decide not to find an afternoon internet hookup and actually get motivated to demand better of their public officials and themselves. Thanks for trying and please keep it up.

Robert Rosenberg

Houston, Texas

It is of my opinion that no one should blame you or your paper for Mr. Teele's decision to take his life. You are right. Everything you included was just information that is made public. Although many times the media and newspapers just add to the stress one may have with certain issues, his problem was never going to go away. It is sad to see someone so capable of getting somewhere without the need of all the things he did, to go this road.

V. Walters

Via the Internet

In response to the article published in New Times: The article was a modern-day lynching of a black man. The information in the article was not substantiated with evidence from Frederick Davis. Carlton Adderly admits he never gave Mr. Teele money directly for profit. In fact he states he never profited from the money he gave out.

This is why we should allow the law enforcement personnel to do a fair and unbiased investigation. Let the law be enforced in the courtroom and not the newspaper and media. The United States says a man is innocent until proven in a court of law to be guilty. This is not true for black Americans, we are guilty until proven innocent. Arthur Teele's blood is on your hands. I hope you feel better, now find some other ethic groups to find corruption going on, there are plenty in Miami.

I could go on forever, but if I do I will sound as prejudice against other ethic groups as you do in this article. Hate black people as much as you like. We are not all going to kill ourselves. I don't know how you can sleep at night.

Concerned citizen

Via the Internet

I saw on the news today how he committed suicide. I recognize that sometimes exposing the "truth" can be difficult, especially since we are taking about real people's lives. Do you feel in any way responsible for maybe pushing him over the edge?


Via the Internet

I find your journalism to be professional and substantiated. Nevertheless, when you go for someone between the eyes you take on their karma. Regardless of Teele's sins, I think freedom of speech has gone way out of control when you can impact a person's life that leads to suicide. The gun rests in your hands, be more careful next time with your pen.

L. Gold

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Congratulations on your recent killing of Mr. Teele. I hope irresponsible journalists like yourself puff your chests up in pride when things like this happen. After all, "you were just doing your job," right? I bet you crawled into bed last night warm and fuzzy, feeling great about the article. What a coup! I bet it was a thrill to find out that a man died because of what you wrote. You make me and the rest of the United States sick.

Joshua Larson

Buffalo, NY

Where were you when Miriam Alonso, Demetrio Perez, Richard Menendez, Pat Tornillo, Humberto Hernandez, Roger Cuevas, and many others who violated the public's trust for their own gain? I did not read or hear sleaze about them in the newspaper or the media. You know that your sleazy tales will appeal and please all the coalition behind you which's goal is to bring down the black community. Therefore, you have picked and chosen another victim who was already under investigation and he did not need any help with your tales of sleaze to find him guilty. You the media caused more harm than good with your thirst for sensation!

What was your purpose for this article? I don't believe it was to help the prosecution, nor to help find a jury to give Teele a guilty plea. It was just to demonize a human being! Who are you to vilify a human's past deeds to nothing? Which one of you in Miami can cast the first stone as an exemplary citizen? Look around you and name me some politicians who do not have a skeleton in their closet.

Now, content yourself to have a job well done because a jury and a judge will not have to burden themselves for a verdict to Arthur Teele, you did it: a death sentence!

Be proud because the City of Miami Police Department and the judiciary system will not have to put the city into financial turmoil and deficit to continue their sleaze covered operations and tactics into an expensive trial and into sleazy and stupid surveillances.

The black community will rise above stupidity, greed and misinformation!

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

I recently lost a brother in a car accident, and the pain of losing a loved one is devastating. I am not sure if you have felt this type of pain, but recently I read a comment of yours "at the end of the day, I was just doing my job" and for a moment I sense that you really do not have a clue about how the family and friends of Arthur E. Teele Jr. feel at this moment.

I am sure that you are doing your job and that is why you are a columnist, but at the end of the day, the families of Arthur Teele are not responsible for his bad deeds. I am sure his family love him unconditionally, the same way your family loves you.

I really think the family and your readers deserve an apology for your insensitive remark.

Jose I. Hernandez


As I read and listened to the news about Arthur Teele's death, and then I heard about your article -- and my heart went out to you too.

As a writer, I wondered how I would feel, especially when I was "doing my job," and someone loses his life because of it. And it sounds like you did a laboriously detailed task of compiling all the public records. I don't have any answers.

I think if it were me, it might change the way that I approached future stories. Questions I would ask myself. Assignments I might accept or refuse. I thought about times that I have "reported" or helped reveal some bad behavior within certain systems.

I ask myself when is the whole truth necessary for the public good. What is important to tell, and what should remain unrevealed? I don't have answers. I just wanted to let you know that one thoughtful person in Miami was thinking about your situation.

C. Hoffman

Via the Internet

"But at the end of the day, I was just doing my job"? Could that possibly be your quote regarding a man you smeared in the paper who then shot himself? There is no way you can make me believe you were just reporting the facts when you put such a salacious title on your article -- I guess such a key part of just doing your job. Did you ever speak to that man? If so -- how could you have such little compassion for this man. I can't say you were responsible, but you couldn't have helped things -- and why can't you reporters ever see past the story to the person. You should feel awful.

Kathleen Murphy

New York, New York

I just wondered how you feel about hounding this man into suicide. Do you think it was worth your ten seconds of fame? You obviously had something big against him to write such an in depth expose. It's really sad to see the level to which "journalism" has sunk. That is why I don't read the print media anymore.



A personal note to Frank Alvarado: I heard your interview on PBS. What you said tells me you are a good reporter but you sure are a lousy speaker. In five minutes you said "you know" 25 times and sounded painfully inept, like a rookie interviewed after being sacked by Lawrence Taylor. Please consider a course in public speaking or give Toastmasters a try.

Nick Gatz

Columbus, Ohio

Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. The first for heroism, the last two for shedding his life's blood for his country. A decorated Vietnam Veteran who fought for democracy so that Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez's family would have a nation to flee to after escaping Castro's tyranny. And in the 1960s when Cubans began pouring into Miami, still a very southern city at the time, they were tolerated not welcomed. But right now, Alvarez is mayor. African-American people, Arthur Teele among them, fought for civil rights and opportunities for all minorities, opening up the door for Carlos Alvarez to sit behind the desk at the mayor's office he occupies today.

On this day, I am very disappointed in Mayor Alvarez. Although I'm not going to join the masses calling for him to resign over what he said about Arthur Teele, leadership is not just about being up front or right; it is also about showing mercy and generosity during a difficult hour for his family and his community.

Yet in an hour when Mr. Teele's family, especially his wife, who a month ago tragically lost her sister, could have heard kind words from Mr. Alvarez, he missed the mark of leadership. Mayor Alvarez was elected by the majority but serves all. Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferré recognized that and was very kind in his comments about Mr. Teele, and so was Mayor Manny Diaz. Kudos to them.

Arthur Teele may have had his faults but just in case Mayor Alvarez didn't know it, Mr. Teele brought talent, White House experience, and knowledge when he came to Miami nearly twenty years ago. Among many other things, he secured funding for a transportation system that brought clout to Miami at a time when this County badly needed it. Not only did he serve our country in war, and later serve President Reagan in the White House, but in 1990, against everyone's advice he challenged one of the grand dames of Dade County politics, Barbara Carey, and won a County Commission seat. He rose to the position of Commission Chair.

When he ran for Mayor of Miami-Dade, he had a record to run on. Vietnam veteran, head of Urban Mass Transit Administration, City Commissioner, County Commissioner, Commission Chair, a Son of Florida who grew up in this fine state and attended two of our fine universities. He earned a law degree from Florida State at a time when African Americans weren't exactly met there by the welcome wagon. That took tenacity and courage. In a colorless society, Arthur Teele would have defeated then little known and much less qualified Alex Penelas and become the first African American mayor of a Southern city larger than Atlanta. That would have been history making, but this is not a colorless society and Miami is not known for making history in a good way.

Every African American in this country 40 and over is familiar with the Jim Crow Motto "blacks get back, but browns can stick around and whites, always right." Perhaps after loosing that election, the sting of that statement struck a chord of anger and bitterness in him that he was never able to loose himself from -- even though he played the role well.

After all, he would have been Mayor had a certain group of voters in our community chosen a person's qualifications over cultural heritage as the basis for electing a mayor. With all he had achieved and with all he'd done for this area maybe being black, qualified, and yet denied took its toll on him.

He did come back and win a City of Miami Commission seat, some would argue, but serving on the Commission in a carved out historically "black seat" doesn't compare to being Mayor of Miami-Dade in an election that he should have won except, if we'll all be honest, he was the wrong skin color and wasn't bilingual. Nevertheless he had courage. In the nearly 10 years since he ran for Miami-Dade Mayor, no other African American has yet to run, let alone win in a popular countywide election save Miriam Oliphant in Broward, and we saw what happened to her. She wasn't destroyed by a collaboration between the Miami Herald and wealthy downtown developers in the same way that Teele was, but someone wanted her out of the way too.

If all that's been said and written about Mr. Teele is true, he made some very wrong choices that led to some pitiful transgressions and he'll have to answer for those with his maker just as all of us who've done anything wrong, including every blood-stained news reporter trying to rid themselves of guilt now by saying "I was just doing my job" will. In the meantime there will be plenty of time for his detractors to throw dirt at him, so what the Mayor should have done is shown some decency and at least waited until his family had a chance to bury him. Dirt usually goes on top of a casket at burial.

Denise Thornton

Miami Gardens

If it weren't for Arthur Teele committing suicide, I never even would have heard of your paper. Though your paper might not have standards quite as high as the community's standards, you ought to honor the community by dropping the Teele piece. It's in such bad taste. Your reporter said he was "only" doing his job when he wrote the piece. I read it (I assure you, it's the first and last piece I read from your paper), and it was not journalism. It was sensationalism. While Teele was no angel, the facts did not back up the allegations the reporter made. Art Teele would have gone down eventually on his own, it seems. He didn't need your writer to push him off the cliff.

Suzannah Gilman


Remove the online article about Teele, please, which is little more than Yellow Press, unamusing, and insensitive. Realize the antics of the publication drove a man to desperate measures. Miami New Times caters to a largely unintelligent readership that don't really read. You come across as an ambitious entity with your exposés at the expense of others in a corrupt and unsavory sort of way as Arthur Teele himself. Show some respect and transcend with a little sensibility and make this city better with imagination and talent.

I don't read your publication, but I witness it and I ask myself: Do you even have a vision as an editor? What subtle relationship does Veronica have with Teele?

Name Withheld by Request

Via the Internet

The drama and spectacle of Commissioner Art Teele's rise and fall has been played out as well as any Greek tragedy or Shakespearean play. When I first read the articles and saw the TV news stories I thought that perhaps the media was recycling old Joe Gersten stories.

How sad for Teele's family, friends, supporters and our community that this Act III had to end with such a violent and loud exclamation point. Many of his efforts did help Miami and his Overtown district. However, living a double life, in debt and with deception is no excuse for his many accomplishments.

How could an elected government official conceal his financial woes and IRS tax debts for so many years? How is it possible for anyone, especially an elected official, to be granted a personal loan by the Port Authority? Where were the checks and balances? Is it possible that former Arthur Anderson personnel are in charge of looking out for our city's best interest?

Why was DeFede fired for doing his job? Who would have believed the last conversation of Teele if DeFede had not recorded it? How would we have known the real Richard Nixon without those infamous secrets White House tapes?

DeFede felt guilty for recording the last words of Teele without asking permission. His conversation did not drive Teele to desperation and its final conclusion. The recording or lack of it would not have altered Teele's decision. DeFede could have concealed the fact that he even made a recording. But he felt that he owed it to his employer the Miami Herald to let them know the truth. The truth should not be punished. The truth, especially in media should be appreciated and applauded.

I suspect that the Miami Herald had other reasons for firing DeFede. Perhaps he ruffled too many feathers with his insightfully well-written exposés. Perhaps they were afraid of all of the many lawsuits that will be forthcoming very soon. Perhaps they made a bad employment contract with DeFede, where they had to pay his salary by the pound.

How dare the State Attorney's office release any information about a case before going to court! Depositions and investigations should be sealed until presented in a trial!

How dare the New Times print police logs and unproven testimonials, especially from criminals, even if they were made available to them legally!

Like all of us, I was shocked to learn that Teele had ended his Act III at the Miami Herald. I suppose that he could have received the same amount of media coverage if he had chosen another locale such as the New Times office, City Hall, or elsewhere. I am just glad that he did not take anyone out with him.

Let's hope that future Miami politicians and administrators that perform criminal acts will go more gently into that good night.

Harry Emilio Gottlieb

Coconut Grove

Shame on you, sleaze newspaper is what you are.

Teresita Bocanegra


You wanted the head of Arthur Teele, you got it! I hope that you are proud of the empire you have built by driving men to their deaths. In your all out quest for power and gold, you can now save on the cost of ink by printing your paper with the blood of those you drive to the slaughter. If there is any blood left, you and your media cohorts can use it to raise a toast tonight at the country club for the "one (literally) down."

Tell me this, what is the difference in the destruction you in the media cause with your vicious pens and what the other terrorists do with their evil (bomb) pins?

Mary Haywood

Camilla, Georgia

Hi, New Times. I've just finished reading your latest main book...errr...I mean main article -- this one about Art Teele and his passions of the flesh and other assorted foibles. I only wish you had made it longer. Your main articles are approximately the length of a James Michener novel - and that just isn't enough for me. When I pick up the New Times I don't want concise and cogent writing as exemplified by your latest Art Teele book...errrr...tell all article. I want length, length and more length. Thanks...Thanks...and Thanks again...etc.

Kate Sundkvistie

Miami Springs

This paper is sleaze. It should make a statement of the ownership of letters sent prior to individuals writing letters.


Via the Internet

How do we know that the Miami New Times was not paid to attack Arthur Teele?

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

The blood of Teele literally lies on the floor of The Herald Building; well, his blood also stains the fingers of New Times and its writers. The question remains: is this necessarily a bad thing? Journalists have their duties and these duties are as sensationalistic as any politician's duties. That's the truth. However, it is a politician's spinful lie (or a journalistic delusion) for Alvarado to call the connection between Teele's suicide on the day of the New Times' article a "surreal coincidence." The two events were definitely connected.

John Colagrande Jr.

Little Haiti

Editor, öJust doing my job.' As a bottom feeder I guess. I'm sure you've already rationalized what you've done. There was no need for all that irrelevant garbage except to sell papers. For the $$$. Congratulations. You are no better then the people & institutions you are forever öexposing.' Sleep well.

Reg Sermersheim


Upon reading the article written (and I use that word loosely) by Francisco Alvarado about the late Art Teele. I was appalled by the fact that the editors of the New Times permitted such a story to go to press with the raw data taken from unconfirmed police sources. Information that is published by newspapers, particularly in circumstances of investigative journalism, should be subjected to rigorous scrutiny to determine reliability. Incidents of erroneous facts making their way into the news have occurred all too often to warrant repeating. Not withstanding the need to confirm stories, verify tips and facts, the New Times chose to publish the most painful, sordid and lurid details which in this case were provided to detectives by an informant and others without even trying to confirm the accuracy of the reports themselves. Most tragically perhaps for Mr. Teele and those who wish to honor his memory, the New Times published sexual details about a person's life with what appears to be little or no regard for the possible consequences. How terribly irresponsible. Did anyone ever think to question whether Frederick Davis (if that's his true name) was just spinning a jail house yarn in the hopes of reducing a sentence? For the record I do not know Art Teele and am new to Miami, but I could not let stand what I feel was a serious journalistic error on the part of your newspaper which I enjoy reading very much.

Ivan Mercado

North Miami FL

I am a supporter of free press and expression as I come from a country which denies these rights, however, there are such things as integrity and professionalism.

I read your paper because it is available at my gym. I have always found it to be a little rough on the edges and lacking true reporting qualities but, I have not classified your paper as a real source of news. Entertaining and fun, yes!

Last night I saw interviews of the gentleman that wrote the article on various television stations. Now I understand the rough edges.

I am sorry to say that there was not a single intelligent, meaningful comment coming from his mouth. As far as I am concerned he is a shmuck off the street with a fake certificate claiming to be a journalist. He fooled you! You should do a background check on it.

He was sweating profusely, could not say two words without saying under his voice "you know," "I mean" etc. Where did you get this 6th grade journalist wanna be?

I think what was done with Arthur Teele was morally incorrect but, you should have at least given him the dignity of having the article that caused his demise to have been written by someone who has at least a high school education, pleasing conduct, appearance and manners.

I am sorry but he is physically disgusting. Hide him in some closet and give him the How to dress, speak and act for success guide.

Lilia Crespo


While I am not a resident of Miami, I feel compelled to comment on your östory' about Mr. Teele since it garnered national headlines. I would personally be ashamed of myself for sleeping with law enforcement and trying so hard to sell their side of a story to the general public and thus assisting in destroying a man based on allegations (not yet facts). Law enforcement gets free front page articles thanks to the trash you disguise as journalism. I believe our judicial system is designed to punish people for their wrongs, not our media. Journalism was once a respectable art; you are helping lead it to the level of bad used car salesman. I guess you'll be able to sleep knowing that you probably helped your circulation increase that week and Mr. Alvarado will probably get a promotion. I was under the false assumption that news journalism was based on reporting facts and/or trying to get to the truth through a system of checks and balances. One method to use is to place yourself in the shoes of the victim you are chasing/harassing and ask would it be fair for thousands of people to read östories (gossip)' about you that are not substantiated. Should we be entitled to know your history (especially your sexual history) since journalists' report important stories on public figures? (Your staff is already harassing the new commissioner, Mr. Allen, because they can't get an interview. I believe that should be considered abuse of power).

Here's an idea, why not report on the exploitation of the poor, research and report on the corporate class that don't earn the extravagant salaries they are paid, or the needs of less fortunate children in your community (too boring). There are thousands of interesting factual östories' that would be great front page articles if you use creative verbal and journalistic skills to present them to a public that still loves to read well-written articles other than filth and copies of police reports.

We will never know the outcome in a court of law of all of the allegations leveled against Mr. Teele and we have you (in part) to thank for that. Did Mr. Teele do anything right for his community and did you ever report some of the positive developments he was involved in?

Regardless of the many excuses you give now and will give in the future, Mr. Teele's blood will forever be on your hands.

Ron Veazie

Guadalupe, California

You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves for printing the exposé on Art Teele that "pushed" him over the edge. I am the brother of Former City Commissioner Cary Keno (Fort Lauderdale 1991-1997). A few years back he was indicted on some bogus "trumped" up charges, that the City Link newspaper ran with, and made him look like the next coming of Al Capone. He was eventually fully exonerated, when the single witness against him admitted it was all a lie, but unfortunately the papers never would print the truth, just sensationalism of it all. It ruined by brother's reputation, marriage and political career. Not to mention the amount of money for the legal fees he had to spend to prove his innocence. Did the press kill Teele? Yes! Because I've seen first hand what the press can do to good politicians...they did it to my brother (he's alive, but politically dead) but unfortunately Teele is dead forever. Thanks guys, give yourselves a big pat on the back, your mother(s) should be proud.

Bruce Keno

Fort Lauderdale

Cut this shit out..he's gone to a better place we all hope. So find something a little more productive or worth reading about. All this foolishness you're writing means absolutely nothing now that he's gone...i.e., go fetch some of the real criminals.

None of Yo Business


I chose not to be judgmental towards you for printing this story. I just feel that maybe this was the last and heaviest item to break Mr. Teele. I realize that as a reporter it is your duty to publish the truth, and the whole truth. My only question is, can you state without any doubts that all of this is the truth. I saw the video interview with the so-called homosexual lover of Mr. Teele, and honestly, I don't believe him. Any third grade psychologist could tell that he was lying by body movement, and eye contact (none) with the interviewer. Besides, if I'm in jail, why wouldn't I throw around a commissioner's name, to possibly get a deal to be released.

Any way, I don't blame you for his suicide. That was his decision and his alone. But I do hope and pray for your sake, that everything in this article is true, because if not, the community will never trust a word that you print again.

Snovia Slater

Duluth, Georgia

I would like to comment on this week's cover page story "Tales of Teele: Sleaze Stories." As you already know the article could not have been published at a worse time. In light of Teele's death & mourning your magazine has opportunistically taken this time to further exploit the situation. All the cover stories for your website's homepage showed nothing more than accusatory articles demeaning the man's character rather than an apology to his family or R.I.P to him. It's just bad timing & poor taste, after such an abrupt and unforeseen ending to Teele's life.

Until now, I regularly read the Miami New Times on a weekly basis but found this particular story to be border-line tabloid reading. There was no investigative journalism to it, just carefully selected police surveillance reports which would only lead the reader to believe the absolute worst of Art Teele. Furthermore, after logging on to your website today I shockingly see more "smut" and "biased writing" covering a decade's worth of articles aimed at Teele. Despite your depictions of him (good or bad) he at least deserves the respect and honor any man earns in death.

Although, your magazine may not feel there is a need to apologize for fact-based information within this article, I feel the main cause for apology is bad timing & poor taste. Regardless of the profuse media slander & accusations, he will always be loved, respected & remembered by his family and community. Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts, opinions and feelings on the matter.


Via the Internet

I will keep this fairly simple. I am not a resident of Miami but of course I've read about what has happened with former commissioner Teele. My opinion in it all is that he may have been wronged, but what pleasure are you all taking in dragging his name through the mud. Especially the individual who wrote the article about him. "Just doing your job" is one thing but do it with tact. Just as the Miami Herald columnist was fired so should the writer responsible for Teele's death. And, yes he was responsible.



Crossing the line in time we find things missing. It happens most of the times with the New Times. New Times' articles penetrate above and beyond the call of duty, some times good and some times hurtful. Art Teele was person who was being hit with a saga of depressing information being poured through all forms of media. Can we conclude from this outcome that empathy and understanding be exercised on what should be published. Further, New Times' "Sleaze Stories" are based on rumors and eager beaver concepts. Its so sad that a young Caucasian Cuban descendant as myself has to put Francisco Alvarado's story where it's leading to right about now, "Why oh why do you think you are so creative with your vice City theme, can you brain wash to comprehend concrete facts. People will never remember any of the good things, just the bad. You have surveillance in your article, time frames, the works."

Why don't you writers write a sleaze story on how forms of media pay off people to come forward or bargain information. Don't tell me it doesn't happen because I am pretty sure your crackhead informants, including the transvestite asked for some money. "And you the small time contractor paying them with your snuff attitude." I feel and prey for Art's family and friends that I cried about in this article because there will always be a sister, brother, father, mother, cousins, uncles, and all those linked to his passion. Closing, I mean no disrespect to the New Times. I want to see good articles with these creative ideas that focus on the positives of life. Step into the light and we can make Miami a place of respect and honor. "Love we must and must we learn."

Danniel Lozano


Your treatment of Art Teele was nothing short of appalling. If that had been your father or husband, I don't believe that you would have been so quick to destroy him the way you did. It is not a matter of guilt or innocence, but rather a lack of any professionalism or compassion on your part. But that is probably the reason that you are working at the level that you are.

Scott Ness

Via the Internet

Yes, the power of the pen is indeed greater than the sword. Is Mr. Teele's death enough? Are you now satisfied? You guys are some sick puppies.

Wilbert Hobbs


Mr. Alvarado you should be ashamed, a person's private life is nobody's business, how would you like for some reporter to dig into you or your family's private life. If Mr. Teele had affairs, was it with your wife or sister, then...



Is this your brand of journalism? I hope you and all the other irresponsible poor excuse for journalists are finally happy. I really hope you sleep well; his blood is on your hands.

Nadir S


That Teele story was better than any ever written with Miami Herald reporters and Herald ink. Now you have a warm up how about doing some of this same work with the other Miami political establishment? Why not start with the Dade County School Board? I understand it could be really juicy stuff even better than Art Teele. Or the Miami VA Hospital. Sock it to them!

Leonard Wheeler


When I saw it was a politician I knew either sex, construction, or money laundering was behind it. Too bad. And he was one of Reagan's boys.


Via the Internet

What disappointment and hell your story has presented to the resident of Miami and Mr. Teele's family. The blood of a human being is on your hands and you do need to repent and ask God for his forgiveness.


Houston, Texas

"...I was just doing my job." Now where have I heard that line before? You chose that job. At the end of the day, each of us must take responsibility for our actions.

Dee McConnell

Las Vegas NV

A story like that would cause a man to blow his brains out. I hope you explain your motives.

Name withheld

Via the Internet

Just read your little quote on CNN.com, "I really feel bad," he said. "I would never want anyone to harm themselves over something I wrote, but at the end of the day, I was just doing my job."

I have not read your article, but I am assuming it didn't truly lead to this man's death (since it was published the same day). However, I think your phrase, "...I was just doing my job." yikes...that was a bad choice. Just because you were "doing your job" doesn't mean you don't take responsibility for your actions (you probably already heard this too, but you know sometimes you gotta hear it more than once). I dunno, I am just a young guy who doesn't know what I am talking about, but American culture loves to gossip, even if it hurts someone else, boy am I glad that I am a nobody, sometimes. But hey, things can always change!



I'm sorry about the aftermath of your story and how you feel. Cheer up. Read what happened to me at www.timbullard.com with the Village Voice story. They just busted this whorehouse again, arresting an ex-county coroner. I'm a journalist, and I feel bad every time somebody threatens a lawsuit. You have to keep going. You have to keep your chin up. Don't get too drunk. Try to face it sober. This happens. It just happened to you. It's a great story. Award-winning. The mainstream media continues to be scooped by alternative rags like you all, and it's a good thing. When you get to feeling bad about all this, just keep your head high, don't apologize, be proud, pray, see a priest or a shrink but never say you're sorry. I know how crooked things are. I live in South Carolina. Take it easy. I have a newspaper column down here, and if you want to tell your story, let me know. Good luck.

Tim Bullard

Conway, South Carolina

Just doing your job? I guess if that helps you sleep at night. You disgusting, lurid, sensationalist hack.

Carlos Romero

Austin, Texas

You killed him. His blood is on your hands


Via the Internet

Hey Francisco -- good job. I'm serious. One less dirtbag ripping us off.

Jeremy Sapienza

Miami Beach

Congratulations you may have contributed to the death of Art Teele



This is a really sleazy story.

Adano Brown


Wow. What timing. Did your exposé cause this man to take his life? Did he see it? Is this why he shot himself in the head? We may never know.

I've never read any of your work before. I did not know Art Teele. I am not particularly saddened by his passing.

What saddens me is the crap you wrote and the way his wife must feel after: a) reading it and b) hearing her husband is dead.

What was the point? What good would it have done to write this? Even if it is true, isn't it still malicious gossip designed to "enlighten the public" while causing someone misery and grief? Did you know Art Teele? Is your past perfect? I agree, corruption in government, especially in Miami is out of control and should be stopped. But at the expense of human life? I think not. I do not wish you any ill will, but shame on you.

Kris Kilgore

Miami Beach

You must feel like shit right about now....


Miami Beach

YYo Yo Yo,.... Da Man... dat man.... dat man dat ... dat man put my man...... put my man Arthur Teel down ...... put im down to da fuzz chikkkin floor, ........It ain't dat nickle plated gun dat.... that snub nose aint....... put my man down....cause da MAN be puttin IM down.......you know da man be puttin im down.....man..... Da Man, dat put im down.... you know da man .......man dat man beez...FRANCISCO ALVARADO..... BIG frankie now..........frankie da man, now .....Da New TIMES HORE....... Da NEW TIMES BITCH.....You happy now Frankie? ....you proud now bitch?.......you put us down....you put us all down.......Good Job man.... Good job for da man.....you a man for THE man. Teele is down now man... down to da fuzz chikkin floor man.....ain't you fault man.....ain't just you.....you just a tool.....a tool for da man.....man be puttin us down. good job man. Alvareeze the sleeze

MAYOR ALVAREEZ all you seez ....all you says ..... WHEN DA MAN IS DOWN....."HE WAS ABRASIVE AND EGOTISTICAL"..... You happy now? bitch......you drove da man down, now..... you drove da man down .....da man beez down on da fuzz chikkin floe ..... you happy now man? ....alvareez BEEEZ....puttin us down. ALVAREEZ BEEZ.... puttin us down........Likee an abrasive WHEEL .....GRINDIN us down. ....grinding us down.....grinding,.... abrading......putting us........slapping us.....taking us......down man........Damn man!!!.... like to put da man down , man.....do you like to ALVAREEZ ?......do you like to SLEEZE. ......Political sleeze...... you like to sleeze? alvareez..... da sleeze... good job man....YOU THE MAN.

Phil Brinkman



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